Monday, February 19, 2018


By: William A. Rogers

Water has always been an important symbol of Taoism. The legendary Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu wrote in the “Tao Te Ching” (a book considered the foundation of Taoism) that “nothing under heaven is more yielding, but when it attacks the hardest substance cannot prevail”. Over 70 percent of the earth is covered with water, and 70 percent of an infant’s body consists of water.

Taoist consider water to be the element of the winter season. The positive emotions of water are gentleness and happiness the negative emotions of water are fear and sadness. Studies have shown that water responds to thought and the emotions connected to that thought; we cry when we are happy and we cry when we are sad.

The average adult male’s body is about 60% water the average women’s body is about 55% water, if emotions can influence water, negative emotions can be unhealthy, since water is the most abundant molecule in the body. Masaru Emoto has conducted years of research focused on how water responds to music, words, and thought. With the use of high-speed photography of magnified water crystals, Emoto’s research shows how water crystals can change based on positive or negative influences.

In his many books on water, Emoto shows pictures of how music and even thought can change how crystallized water drops appear. Two of my favorite are “Love Thyself: The Message from Water” and The Hidden Message in Water”. If you consider how music, thought, and words can affect crystallized drops of water, imagine what they can do to the water in the human body.

The Kidneys are the yin organs of winter and the bladder is the yang organ of winter both organs have a very close relationship with the water in our body making them sensitive to the emotions of happiness and sadness which many experience during the holiday season which is celebrated by many cultures during the beginning of the winter season.

Drinking too much during the winter season especially during the holiday season can cause an imbalance in the Kidneys. The kidneys can only move about six cups of liquid per day, if the kidneys become overloaded with toxins due to drinking too much during the holidays the immune system can weaken, it would be wise to keep this possibility in mind whether your drinking is due to happiness or sadness.

Water is a very powerful element it can be considered the mother of life. On June 20, 2009 at 8:03pm ET, reported that NASA had found evidence of water on Mars. If water is truly the mother of life, water on Mars maybe the first sign of life outside of our universe.

As we move into the New Year try to maintain a positive attitude full of gratitude. Your ability to balance your mind body and spirit will improve your quality of life, you will feel a sense of internal peace because the water in your body will respond to your mood and your winter water organs of the bladder and kidneys will be healthy.

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