Friday, July 12, 2013

Sex and Longevity

Sex and Longevity

There have been numerous scientific studies on the benefits of healthy sexual activity. Longevity has been one of the most encouraging outcomes in much of the research reported on this subject. A recent study on the positive relationship between sexual activity and longevity was conducted by Dr. David Weeks a British psychologist and former director of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

After over 10 years of research Dr. Weeks concludes that sexual pleasure is a crucial factor in preserving youth. At a speaking engagement at the British Psychological Society, Dr. Weeks stated that his findings suggest that: sex releases a human growth hormone that helps keep the elasticity in the skin which prevents wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow, sex can improve the circulation of the blood, which is good for the heart. Week’s research also showed evidence that sex burns fat and can release chemicals that strengthens the immune system.

Taoist masters have studied the health benefits of sexual energy for thousands of years. In my workshops on this subject I often use Daniel P. Reid’s book titled “The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity. I also use three other important books that provide detailed information on the use of sexual energy to preserve the quality of life, especially for older people. The three books are “Taoist Yoga” by Lu K’uan Yu, “Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn:” and” Heal Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy” by Mantak and Maneewan Chia.

It is important to understand that the Western Judeo-Christian programed concept of guilt and sin attached to sex has prevented many from associating sex with health and wellbeing. Research done by Dr. Weeks and many others in the medical and scientific community, is now challenging the traditional Western hypocrisy towards sex; which is opening the doors to a positive approach to the health benefits of human sexuality.

There are many techniques that individuals can learn that will allow for the cultivating of human sexual energy which is your vital life energy force, without it your quality of life will deteriorate. Learning ways to cultivate and use your vital sexual energy is important for both young and old. The above listed books can provide a more detailed outline of ways to cultivate and use this vital energy to improve the quality of your life.

If you would like more information on this subject I suggest first picking up the Reid book. I will cover this subject in my fall workshop at City College titled the “Practical Use of Taoism for Health and Longevity” call the college at 212 650-7312 for dates and time. You can also schedule an appointment with me at the Harlem Ki Energy Center by calling my direct line at 646 329-6727

The direct or indirect attachment of guilt and sin with human sexual energy has prevented many, the ability or desire to learn how to cultivate and use their vital human sexual energy to improve the quality of their lives. All things happen for a reason if you are reading this dialogue I suggest you research this subject further with an open mind.





Acknowledge, Intent and Faith Part II

Acknowledge, Intent and Faith

Part II

In part one of this dialogue, (see I talked about research that provides strong evidence that the conscious mind can exist outside of the human body. This research also provides scientific support of an age old theory that humans can be influenced by the energy of their ancestors. Many cultures, customs and therapeutic philosophies view ancestor training as a method that can be used to improve the quality of an individual’s life. 

The three basic concepts necessary for opening a line of communication with the energy of ones ancestors is to acknowledge the possibility, learning the methods for communicating with intent and having  the faith that will allow you to understanding, that you were created with this ability. Fear and Doubt have been the two major obstacles that prevent a greater acknowledgement of the therapeutic power of ancestor training. 

There are many different theories on exactly what ancestor energy is and how it can influence the health and wellbeing of a connected individual. In our Ki Energy Center’s ancestor healing program, forgiveness, and gratitude or two important concepts to learn and understand. From an earthly perspective many may find it difficult to have gratitude or forgiveness for their ancestors; for a host of reasons.

There are many earthly theories about who we are and how we got here and what happens when we die. The concepts of fear, doubt and punishment can be found in most of these theories. I believe that earthly theories are limited to earthly knowledge and understanding. I also believe that the concepts of negative and positive energy are also earthly, which is why one man’s heaven can be another man’s hell.

I have been attracted to the school of thought that considers all ancestor energy to be positive. I now believe that the energy source of creation is the highest frequency of love and compassion. I believe when the conscious mind leaves the human body it becomes fully connected to that creative energy source of all things.

 I am sure that many of the people who will read this article have communicated with their ancestors in some way; perhaps in a dream, during meditation, or in prayer.  I would like this article to be directed to individuals, who have never considered ancestor training, as an option for improving their quality of life. Acknowledgement is the first and for some the most difficult first step. It may take a period of deprograming to accept and acknowledge the presence of ancestor energy.

Learning to use ancestor energy to improve one’s life takes time and patience but it can be done. Acknowledgement of ancestor energy is ancient; acknowledgement from members of the scientific community is relatively new.  I feel this point is important in helping to reduce the energy of fear and doubt about ancestor training.

Once you acknowledge the possibility of ancestor energy, you will be able to learn how to communicate with intent. Having faith in your ability, will allow you to be intuitively guided, on what method of ancestor training will be best suited for you to connect with the energy of your ancestors. Perhaps reading this article is not a coincidence.  Call the Harlem Ki Energy Center at 917 806-1801 or visit for more information on Ancestor training.