Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion
By: William A Rogers
We often read about the power of attraction it is no longer a secret. What we think can manifest into a reality. What we do not read about often is the power of suggestion. Our subconscious mind is our link to the mind of the universe. Our subconscious mind is our second mind it is the power given to humans at birth to acquire health, wealth, success and happiness.  

 Our conscious mind controls the actions of our subconscious mind, we are what we think, and our world is what we believe it to be.Our subconscious mind can also function independently from our conscious mind, it works 24/7 all of our internal body functions work without our conscious thought. What is not commonly known is the influence that external suggestion can have on our subconscious mind.   

A hypnotic suggestion to a person can harm or heal that person. “Almost any disease can be induced in hypnotic subjects by suggestion” writes Dr. Joseph Murphy in his wonderful book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. Many have experienced the miraculous phenomenon of faith healing. The reason why one should be careful about their thoughts is due to the power of suggestion.

There is an old Taoist tale about a healer with two patients one with a terminal illness and one with a simple virus. The healer’s helper mixed up the notes for each patient, so the healer told the patient with the simple virus that he could not help him but he would give him a few herbs to make his last few days less painful.  The patient who was terminally ill was given a few herbs and was told that they would cure the illness in a few days. A month late the patient who was terminally ill came to visit the healer to thank him for making him well. The healer asked his helper about the patient with the simple virus, and was informed that the patient died a few days after his last visit.

If you believe you cannot accomplish something you will always fail. If you have faith that you can accomplish something and remove fear and doubt what may seem to be impossible can become possible. If we read the newspapers or watch the news on TV we are constantly being subjected to negative suggestions of fear and doubt. Many believe that fear and doubt has been used as major tools to control the masses. The power of suggestion can have a negative or positive influence on your internal and external environment.

The treatments and training at our Ki Energy center in Harlem can provide options that address the negative internal and external suggestions that create illness and dis-ease. If you call my direct line at 646 29-627 we can schedule a visit. Remember if you are not happy with your external and internal environment remove fear and doubt and replace them with faith and compassion your thoughts will then create the internal and external environment you desire.