Saturday, December 25, 2010

Let’s Heal the World: Part II

In Part I of this three-part article I wrote about my training in the mountains of South Korea and the opportunity to learn ancient Korean Taoist wellness methods that have been passed from generation to generation for well over six thousands years. Being the first African-American to be accepted into this very old and close-knit Taoist community in recent times has allowed me to become very close to many of the Korean masters who now practice in America.

The reason I wrote “in recent times” is because ancient Africans played a major role in the development of the Taoist philosophy. A reference is made in Runoko Rashidi and Ivan Van Sertima’s outstanding historical text: African Presence in Early Asia of Tieguai, one of the nine immortals of Taoism. There's a wonderful picture of this accomplished martial artist, known in his time as the Iron-Staff Immortal, in the book - taken from hand painted silk dating back to thirteenth century China’s Golden Age during the Yuan Dynasty. This picture of Tieguai leaves no doubt about his African heritage.

One of the Korean masters that became a close friend is master Sung Ho Cha. I helped master Cha get his green card so he could remain in America to practice his healing art and raise a family. His first son’s American name is Anthony – given in gratitude for my support. This past October master Cha came to New York to help my wife and I open our Harlem Ki Energy Center, and assist at the Ki center exhibit during the October New Life Wellness Expo weekend at Manhattan’s Hotel New Yorker.

At the New Life Expo master Cha introduced me to master James Min, a Korean wellness practitioner he worked with in California. Master Min was recruiting wellness masters, doctors and practitioners - both national and international - to serve as the foundation of a program he developed called: Let’s Heal the World. After learning the concept and philosophy of the program I agreed to be the East Coast representative for the Let’s Heal the World program (LHTW)

The LHTW concept is very timely. It addresses two major factors in our current and future quality of life strategies: health and finances. The LHTW wellness site hasn't officially launched yet, it will be ready by late spring or early summer, but you can visit it now. The site will provide information and products that have been used for thousands of years. It will provide information on ways to help yourself and others. You can visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers to read part-one of this article. I'm also pushing to have my book, Reflections on Self-Empowerment by an Urban Taoist Ki Master available by Kwanzaa.

As we move into the final stages of the current universal energy shifts (see part I) stress reduction and internal balance will be necessary factors to stay on the positive side of the selective forces of the “mind of the universe” by 2012.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let’s Heal the World: Part I

For the past fifteen years I have had the opportunity to study methods that provide ways to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit in others as well as myself. Taoist philosophy has been the vehicle that the mind of the universe has allowed me to use as a guide on this path. A path that has allowed me to spend time in the mountains of South Korea, learning healing strategies that have been passed on from generation to generation for well over six thousand years.

The concept of a drastic change in the energy of the Universe taking place in 2012 was predicted thousands of years ago, but in the past few years the 2012 concept has been commercialized to such a degree that the fact that this change started eleven years ago in the year 2000 has gone almost unnoticed.
In 2001 my training in a South Korean mountain region, where most Koreans have not been, moved many of the senior masters I studied with to view my being there as a sign of the beginning of that change. At that time I just figured it was because, for many, I was the first Africa-American they had ever known.

The most important thing that I learned on my path over the years is that all things happen for a reason, there is no such thing as a coincidence. My journey from the streets of Harlem to the mountains of Korea had a reason. It was no a coincidence that I was trained in methods that provide wellness by balancing the mind, body and spirit; three factors necessary for being on the positive side of the human evolutionary change that will become more pronounced beginning in 2012. Individual, proactive, wellness healthcare will be a determining factor for one being on the plus side of nature’s selective process.

If you visit my blog at I write about this.
If you are interested in learning more about individual, proactive, wellness healthcare visit my wellness web page at
Until the end of the year I will still conduct free Ki Energy treatments on Wednesdays, from 1pm to 4pm, at the Harlem State Office building. No appointment is necessary. Call 646 329-6727 for more information. You can also call the Harlem Ki Energy Center at 917 806-1801 for an individual Ki wellness treatment appointment.

2012 will not begin with the catastrophic destruction of the world that Hollywood as promoted. But it will project a clear sign of the beginning of the end of selfish, individual external materialistic drives being the foundation for human survival. Health and wellness will become determining factors in the elevation of the human race. And the change has already started. Those who do not learn how to connect with the mind of the universe by balancing the mind, body and spirit will find it difficult to maintain good health.

In part II I will write about the concept of Let’s Heal the World.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power of the Cosmic Chant

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia ( defines chant (derived from the old French word chanter) as a rhythmic speaking or singing of words. Many cultures of the world have different forms of chanting in their spiritual and religious evolutionary development. Quantum physics has provided scientific proof of what is ancient wisdom: Everything in our universe is in constant vibration. It's now a known fact that different types of sound vibration will have different affects on solid mass vibrations - the human body included.

Ceremonial chanting has been used over the ages to allow humans to change their external and internal environments, whether it be for courage to do battle or communicating with the invisible world. The spiritual/science movement has now provided both scientific and spiritual proof of the healing power of sound. Cosmic chanting is a self-healing sound vibration ability that we all possess and can be taught to use.

Taoist sages have used different forms of sound vibration as a healing tool for centuries. Mantak Chia, the renowned Taoist author, writes about the six universal healing sounds in his book Chi Nei Tsang. Each sound has a direct relationship to different vital body organs. If you visit my blog at you'll find an article on the six healing sounds and how they work.

Members at the New York Ki Energy Center learn a number of cosmic chants that are used to cultivate the mind, body and spirit. Chants like Gi Do Chon Mun are used to influence a person's spiritual and physical environment. Chanting is a vehicle that allows the human spirit to use an ability that was a gift of birth: the ability to manifest through the power of intentional directed thought. Like the power of prayer, chanting can allow a believer to utilize an internal power that has often been misinterpreted and used for the politics of religion.

We all have the power to connect with the mind of the universe, but we must believe we have that ability. The important thing to understand is that no one system of cosmic chanting or prayer should be considered superior to the other. I do believe, however, that the powerful frequency of unconditional love is a major factor necessary to connect with the frequency of the mind of the universe. This, I admit, is my personal belief. but I'm convinced that without the ability to truly find love within - you cannot truly tap into the frequency of our creation. The universal frequency that can make all things possible.

Taoist chants provide a vehicle to nurture that ability. The sound vibration experienced in cosmic Ki chanting at the New York center, which is now in Harlem, can provide both groups and individuals an opening to the universal vibrational frequencies that will assist in self healing and, in many cases, manifestations of reality from thought.

For more information about cosmic chanting sessions at the New York Ki Energy Center call 917 806-1801, or call me directly at 646 329-6727.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude II

We are entering into the holiday season, which for many is a time of joy. But for many others it is a time of sadness and depression. A common cause for depression is a lack of gratitude. Some are more focused on what they don’t have than on what they do have. If you’re reading this article you are blessed. No matter what your social or economic situation might be - it’s better than thousands throughout the world. We often take blessings for granted.

The more you focus on thoughts that are depressing, the more those thoughts will manifest into reality. It’s a vicious cycle and having gratitude is a sure way of breaking that cycle. With gratitude comes faith. If you believe you can manifest reality through thought, try real hard to think about what you want. Faith plays a big role in this. Faith gives you the endurance and ability to make your visions come true. Gratitude comes from understanding that you are born with that divine ability.

I write about this a lot because too many people in the world allow their thoughts to manifest the opposite of what they want. They misuse their ability to create through thought. Those same people often lack gratitude. Without gratitude their faith is misdirected. How often have you heard someone say, “We will never get out of this mess.”

I often quote Wallace D. Wattles. In his book “The Science of Getting Rich” the following two statements sums up the above nicely: “If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into close harmony with the creative energies of the universe, consider it well, and you will see that it is true. The good things you already have come to you along the line of obedience to certain laws. Gratitude will lead your mind out along the ways by which things come; and will keep you in close harmony with creative thought and prevent you from falling into competitive thought”.

Wattles warns, however, that “The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You fix attention upon the common, the ordinary, the poor, and the aqualid, and the mean; and your mind takes the form of these things. Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the formless, and the common, the poor, the aqualid, and the mean will come to you.”

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letting Go

Most medical experts now agree that a major cause of illness is stress, which has opened the door to alternative methods to treat stress. For over 2000 years Taoist wellness practitioners have studied the harmful affects of stress. The methods they developed to treat stress were, and still are, based on internal energy training and treatment: Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Chunsoo, Acupuncture and Acupressure are but a few. The Spiritual/Science movement has brought ancient wisdom and modern science together to treat stress. Anyone reading this article can address a great deal of their stress by learning the art of “letting go”.

Letting go of your emotional story is not an easy thing to do. You have to work at it all the time to improve your ability. That is why I consider it an art. First, you must accept the fact that most of your emotional stress is due to a story that plays over and over in your head. Something happens and after it happens it's over - but the story in your head can carry on for years. Our emotional thoughts have a direct relationship with our vital body organs: sorrow and grief will affect the Lungs and Large Intestine, worry will affect the Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach, anger/frustration will affect the Liver and Gallbladder.

The ability to forgive is an excellent way of letting go - because the story that you carry will make you sick and can shorten your life. Eckhart Tolle gives us a delightful vignette on the issue of not letting go when he writes about two Zen monks in his book A New Earth. The monks were walking along a muddy road after a heavy rain. Near a village, they came upon a beautiful woman trying to cross the road, but the deep mud would have ruined her beautiful kimono. The senior monk picked her up and carried her across.

The monks continued to walk on in silence. Five hours later the junior monk could not restrain himself any longer. “Why did you carry that girl across the road?’”, he said, “Monks are not supposed to do things like that.” The senior monk smiled and said, “I put the girl down five hours ago. Are you still carrying her?” Ego is usually what stands in the way of letting go.

Ego is who we are programmed into believing we are. We then carry the baggage associated with that belief, which triggers negative emotions of judgment, anger, envy, grief, worry - all associated with a story in our head about something that happened. Something we cannot or will not let go. Chunsoo Ki energy treatments allow you to experience the spiritual, physical and psychical relief of letting go.

I give free Chunsoo treatments every Wednesday at the Harlem State Office Building, between the hours of 1-4pm, to give anyone interested the opportunity to experience the relief of letting go. For more information on Chunsoo treatments and training call 646 329-6727.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Here After

Over the past few years I've been fascinated by the development of the spiritual science movement, and the life-changing potential it is bringing to the ongoing evolution of the human race. Scientific research is now collaborating with timeless spiritual wisdom to assist in the demystification of our existence. It's now an accepted fact that all things are made of energy, and energy never dies - it just changes forms. There is now a great deal of scientific research that is focused on the age old question of: Is there life after death?

Last Tuesday I interviewed Dr. John L. Turner on my Urbanology radio program on WHCR 90.3 FM ( Dr. Turner is a neurosurgeon, now living in Hawaii, who's the author the best selling book Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near –Death Experiences, and Universal Energy. Dr. Turner is one of many scientific researchers who are developing evidence that consciousness persists after the death of the physical body. A great deal of this research will be the subject of a 2011 television series called Proof.

After my interview with Dr. Turner I did a little research on my own and was surprised at how much research has been done on the subject of consciousness functioning independently of the body. Dr. Raymond Moody has two books that are case studies on near-death-experiences (NDE’s) and shared death experiences (SDE’s). The first book, Life After Death, gives a great deal of information and research on NDE’s, and the second book, Glimpses of Eternity: Sharing A Loved One’s Passage From This Life to The Next, focuses on interviews of families who experienced the mysterious phenomenon of shared death experiences. Experiences that allowed more that one person to see things such as beautiful lights, or hear music upon the death of a loved one.

We have been programmed to fear death. Books, movies, and perhaps even religion, has developed a mindset that may very well change in the near future. This may not be easy for many to digest, but it is something to think about. If a TV is broken the TV signal is still alive. If humans are but a solid form of energy, who is to say that after the body is gone the consciousness signal cannot continue to exist?

I find this subject interesting because I understand the healing power of energy. I also know that love is the highest form of healing energy that humans possess. You must have an open mind and faith in something greater than yourself to utilize this energy.

This is why I believe it is possible to communicate with a loved one who is no longer with you if you truly believe that you can. Do not allow fear of the unknown to prevent you from exploring the possibilities of life after life. I suggest you visit Dr. Turner’s website, It could open a new world to explore here - and the here after.
Universal Energy

The connection between humans and the universe has been studied by Taoist practitioners for thousands of years. Mantak Chia describes universal energy in his book, Chi Nei Tsang:Internal Organs Chi Massage, this way: “The first force of nature is the Universal Force, also called Heavenly Energy. It manifests itself as the energy of the stars, planets, and galaxies”. According to Chia, and most Taoist practitioners, this vast, all-pervading force nourishes the mind, soul, and spirit of everything in the universe.

Thousands of years ago Taoist sages taught their students about the unique relationship between the Earth and the Moon that creates a powerful magnetic force which attracts the energies of our galaxy's stars. This universal energy is the foundation of the Taoist belief that human organs are the essence of the stellar and planetary energies. They also believe that our organs are the connecting points between the microcosm and macrocosm universal energy influence.

The concept of a universal energy force having a direct relationship between our body organs and the movement of stars and planets provided Taoist healers tools to connect the movement of planets to the observation of imbalances of vital organs in their patients. The movement of Jupiter energy towards the East in the spring can affect the Liver and the Gall Bladder. The movement of Mars energy towards the South during summer can affect the Heart and Small Intestine. The movement of Saturn energy towards Earth in late summer, sometimes called Indian Summer, can affect the Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach. The movement of Venus energy towards the West in autumn can affect the Lungs and Large Intestine. The movement of Mercury towards the North in the winter can affect the Kidneys and Bladder.

The foundation of true forms of martial arts comes from the healing knowledge of universal energy in relationship to the movement of the earth. There are many ancient documents that speak to the movement of blood in the body during certain times of day. Special herbs and cures were developed based on this knowledge. Many secret martial arts systems like the Twelve-Hour Dragon Breath Time Charts for Blood Gate Attacking were also developed from this knowledge. Fortunately this type of information is not available to the average person. The point, however, is that the human body and the universe are connected by a vital energy call Ki , Chi, or Prana, to name a few familiar terms used to define the vital universal energy that is part of all things. Albert Einstein proved that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. This knowledge has been a major factor in the growing partnerships between science and spirituality to address health issues caused by stress.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The spiritual-science movement has created a partnership between today's scientific community and ancient wisdom adherents that's centered on the concept of the manifestation power of thought. For many it is still difficult to accept the fact that our thoughts control and influence our reality. Though we have the power to change our reality with our thoughts - most of us lack the faith to effectively use this ability. All too often, our ability to create the existence that we want escapes us, because we tend to place more focus on what we don’t want, or cannot do.

If I asked you to raise your right arm, or take five steps forward, it would not be difficult to do. The main reason is because you believe that you can do it. There are many people who, for a host of different reasons, do not believe that they can raise their arm or walk - and thus they cannot. Perhaps, due to an accident or a mental issue, physical therapy is needed to help restore those abilities. In line with that same principle, a form of mental therapy is needed to restore one's positive thought manifestation ability.

Positive thought manifestation is the ability to create exactly what we want our physical and mental reality to be. If you are not getting what you want out of life, you need a form of spiritual therapy to restore your ability to positively shape the universal energy that will allow you to achieve your goals. Negative thought manifestation will attract physical and mental energy that will prevent you from creating the life you want.

Spiritual therapy should not be confused with religion. It is based more on the scientific and spiritual concepts which maintain that energy is the connecting force to all things. There is a force that is a part of everything in our universe, and faith will allow you to tap into that force and use it to attract all that is necessary to positively affect your mental and physical reality.

Unconditional love is an important factor that is necessary for tapping into the positive energy force of thought manifestation. You must first love and accept yourself for who you are, and who you are not. The difficult part is learning to love others as you love yourself. Then you must accept the fact that true and lasting happiness cannot be obtained externally - it has to be developed internally. It is then necessary to embrace the concept of doing for others as you would do for yourself.

Understanding these things will infuse you with the courage and motivation to continue to use your positive thought ability to create the life that you want - and the faith that there is a power greater than you that will attract all that is necessary for you to achieve your goals. Most importantly, you will forge the faith not to give up. Because all things will happen at the time that they are supposed to happen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Metal: The Element of Autumn

Chinese and Korean Taoist Natural healing schools have used the concept of the Five Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - as a major part of their diagnosis and treatment practice for over two thousand years. Each element is related to a season, a yin organ, a yang organ, and many other areas in the human experience. All relate directly to the task of balancing mind, body and spirit.

Metal is the element of Autumn. As we move into this change of season there are many things that we should be aware of from the Taoist wellness point of view. The metal element is related to Lungs, which is a yin organ, and the Large intestine, which is a yang organ. Mantak Chia provides a very clear description of how the Autumn metal energy frequency effects our well being in his book Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage.

Master Chia writes about ancient Taoist concepts of Autumn metal frequency being linked with the planet Venus as it approaches from the West. It is strongest during the Fall season. Its energy is most active between 3-5 AM. The Lungs are the yin organs connected to the metal frequency and are considered the body’s energy force. They control Ki, also known as Chi, both terms meaning breath and energy. They control both breathing and energy circulation. Lung conditions are reflected in the skin. Taoists consider the skin as “the third lung”. Taoist internal energy training techniques allow Ki energy to be drawn directly through the pores of the skin.

The Large Intestines are the yang organs connected to metal energy. Taoists consider both the Lungs and Large Intestines internal extensions of the skin. The large intestines includes the cecum, the appendix, colon, anal canal and rectum. During Autumn there are exercises that help balance the metal energy of Autumn to prevent or address unbalances in metal energy such as skin problems, respiratory ailments, constipation, depression, bloating and lack of energy.

I have asked Grand Master Abdul Musawwir to join me this fall at the City College Adult and Continuing Education Program (ACE) to teach an internal energy training class on Saturdays in October from 11AM-1PM. The name of the class is Introduction to Internal Energy Training for Health, Longevity and Self Defense. Master Musawwir is considered one of the most knowledgeable internal martial arts instructors on the East Coast. His workshop will include exercises that address the Autumn metal energy frequency. I will conduct Part II of the Tao of Health, Happiness and Longevity workshop. My workshop will focus on both the Autumn element of metal as well as the Winter element of water, which is related to the Kidneys and Bladder. My workshop will be every Tuesday in October from 6-7:30PM.

For best results I suggest you register for both workshops. For information and registration call ACE at 212 650-7312. You can also view the workshop descriptions at, in the personal development section.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Six Healing Sounds

There are many different schools of thought in Taoism, but most agree that sound plays an important role in healing. Taoists believe that there are six universal healing sounds that assist the human body to expel negative energy. Each sound has a direct relationship to a body organ and each organ can be affected by negative or positive thought. Mantak Chia, writes about the six healing sounds in his Taoist healing books. His book, Chi Nei Tsang, details how to use the six healing sounds for self-healing.

The Lung's sound is associated with the Large Intestine. The negative emotions that affect these two organs are Grief, Sadness, and Depression. The sound used to address this negative energy is “SSSSSSSSSS”. Standing with your hands over your head with the palms facing up and your fingers facing each other - inhale as you look up - exhale through your teeth while making the “SSSSSSSSS” sound.

The Kidney's sound is associated with the Bladder. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Fear. The healing sound is “WOOOOOO”. In making this sound, form your lips in an O shape has if you're blowing out a candle while contracting your Abdomen, pulling it in towards your Kidneys.

The Liver’s sound is associated with the Gall Bladder. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Anger. The healing sound is “SHHHHHH”. When making this sound your eyes should be open wide because they're the openings of the liver.

The Heart’s sound is associated with the Small Intestine. The negative emotions that affect these organs are Arrogance, Over Excitement and Cruelty. The healing sound is “HAWWWWWW”. Open the mouth, round the lips, and slowly exhale the sound sub-vocally without actually vocalizing it or vibrating the vocal chords.

The Spleen’s sound is associated with the Pancreas and Stomach. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Worry. The healing sound is “WHOOOOOO”. Unlike blowing out a candle, this sound starts from the depths of the throat rather than from the mouth; the vocal cords vibrate to make this sound.

The Triple Warmer refers to the three energy centers of the body: The upper section (brain, heart, and lungs) is hot; the middle section (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and spleen) is warm; and the lower section (large and small intestines, bladder and sexual organs) is cool. The sound “HEEEEEEEE” balances the temperatures of the three levels. You should exhale this sound sub-vocally also.

I use the healing sound “SHEEEEEE” when giving a Chunsoo stress management Ki Energy treatment, this sound originates from the lower abdomen. The sound allows me to remove toxins created by negative emotional stress. I'll continue to give Chunsoo treatments on Wednesdays at the Harlem State Office building located at 163 West 125th
street on the 8th floor, from 12noon to 3pm, until June 31. For more information call 646 329-6727.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Beginning

April is the first full month of spring, the time for new beginnings in nature. It’s the season of wood, which is one of the five elements used in Taoist wellness practices. Great care should be given to the nurturing of the liver, a yin organ, and the gall bladder, a yang organ, during this time of year. This is also the time for networking and recharging the mind, body and spirit. I would like to share a few upcoming events that will help accomplish this.

As the strategic network development advisor to 1209 Enterprises, I am happy to join 1209, and a host of business and cultural organizations, in welcoming the legendary George C. Fraser, CEO of FraserNet, Inc., to Harlem on Wednesday April 21st. Mr. Fraser’s organization is considered to be the #1 networking organization for black professionals in the world. This event will take place at the beautiful Dwyer Cultural Center, located at 258 St. Nicholas Avenue. Mr. Frazer will talk about his upcoming conference in Atlanta in June. He will also endorse the 1209 social/business web site, If you would like to attend this event go to the site and register, it’s free.

The 1209 site is the fastest growing site of its kind in the country. Over 50,000 people from around the corner, and around the world, visit this site every month. It is a wonderful place to network and advertise to a growing market. You can also RSVP for the 21st by calling 212.537.9118.

On Saturday, April 24th, I will join Dr. Robert Woodbine, Tai Chi Grand master Abdul Musawwir, and a host of Urban wellness practitioners to celebrate World Tai Chi and Chi Kung day. This event is also free, and will take place in St. Nicholas park, which is located at 135th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, between the hours of 10am to 12noon. I invite you to come out and learn basic Tai Chi and Chi Kung movements. I will also be giving Ki Energy Chunso treatments on that day. This is the 12th year of this special event, where people worldwide in their time zones practice energy work and collectively focus on world peace and health. For more information on this event call Dr. Robert Woodbine at 212 234-915

Don’t forget that April 22nd is Earth Day, a time to reflect on mother earth - something that we don’t always do. This will be the 39th anniversary of the efforts of United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, and a number of concerned Americans, to bring political awareness to environmental issues. Try to go to a park or some natural place and give thanks to the earth for providing every thing we need to stay alive.

Spring is here and it is time to spring to life and start a new beginning, as the saying goes. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. I hope to see you at one of the above events.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Life

For the past 20 years people have discovered methods to create new ways of living by participating in The NewLife Expo, which returns to New York Friday, March 26th - Sunday March 28th . The NewLife Expo is the largest Mind, Body and Spirit event in New York City. If you’ve ever wondered about the best wellness/holistic approach for you and yours, this is the place to be. Over 150 exhibitors and speakers will be at The Hotel New Yorker, at 8th Avenue and 34th Street, this weekend.

The New York Ki Energy Center will have a Ki Energy stress management exhibit at booth # 530. We’ll give Ki treatments that address back pain, high blood pressure, stress and a host of other health issues. Laura Abadsantos-Rogers (Master Ji) will also give energy constitution analyses that can help address the root cause of most health issues. Other exhibits will focus on areas like Aromatherapy, Energy medicine, Herbology, Vibrational healing, Ayurvedic medicine, Holistic Cardiology, and a number of exhibits focusing on other holistic medicines and products.

This Expo is famous for presenting some of the best known speakers in the wellness community, such as Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, and Lisa Vandeboom from the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). As many of you who read my articles know, I write a great deal about this organization - which was featured in Dan Brown’s new bestseller The Lost Symbol. IONS is providing very interesting research that’s closing the gap between science and ancient wellness knowledge and practices such as energy medicine and vibrational healing. Visit the NewLife web site for a complete listing of speakers and presenters.

Mark Becker, the person behind the success of the NewLife wellness Expo brand, has been around for many years. Baby Boomers who remember the Tree of Life bookstore that was on 125th Street and 7th Avenue know it was the center for the birth of Harlem’s wellness movement in the 60’s and 70’s. The lectures and programs there was a training ground for Mark Becker and others who’ve become international leaders in the wellness movement.

America will truly benefit by having new health legislation that focuses on preventative health care. Events like the NewLife Expo will become more popular as the collective consciousness of America becomes aware of the value of being proactive rather then reactive when addressing healthcare issues. I predict a greater interest in natural ways to stay in good health to address most, if not all, health issues.

I agree with Mark Beck when he states: “After 20 years, the NewLife natural wellness message’s time has come.” I invite you to stop by booth # 530 for an energy treatment - or to just say hello - and to experience three days of the most innovative speakers and wellness exhibits in the country. For more information call 516 897-0900. For media inquiries and passes call Tracy Henry at 212 226-3175 or fax 516 897-0585.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Reinvent Oneself

A few years ago I participated in a year-long personal development program called the Landmark Forum ( There are three basic stages in the Forum’s curriculum, each consisting of three full weekends of what is called transformative learning. I often think of it as an exercise in deprogramming. Concepts of who we are and who we are not have become very popular throughout the world, making books like Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth international best sellers. Like most new age concepts Landmark is based on ancient wisdom: the key to life is to understand oneself.

Forum exercises allow individuals to experience what’s called a breakthrough: that moment in time when you realize you can create new possibilities in your life. From a very early age we’re programmed to think of ourselves and others a certain way. Some of the programming we’re aware of - most of it we’re not. Much of it started at birth and continued until about six years old. A great deal of our current emotional stress is due to past programming. Something happens - and then the story of what happened is played over and over in our head. The emotions connected to our interpretation of that story affects our whole lives.

Limitations which develop due to this programming can affect relationships, careers, and happiness. One of the most meaningful lessons I learned during my Landmark Forum experience is that we all have the ability to reinvent ourselves. Any time we choose. Have you ever wondered why situations that create negative emotions in you such as anger, fear or sadness, may not have the same affect on another person? In most cases it’s not the situation, but the story that plays in your head relating to the situation that’s activating your negative emotional response.

We’re programmed to carry emotional stories in our heads most of our lives. An inferiority complex, hatred of someone or something, fear of someone or something are, in most cases, due to past programming. Programming learned at an early age due to race, religion, social environment, geographical location and individual experiences. People don’t make you mad - you make yourself mad. If you’re unhappy it’s because you allow yourself to be. Many believe that programmed unhappiness is addictive. Tolle calls it “the pain-body addiction to unhappiness”: something within us that feeds on emotional negativity, and seeks unhappiness like an addiction. According to Tolle, this energy form has a dormant and active stage when triggered by something somebody says or does. Anger and unhappiness not only overtakes you - but you try to make everyone around you miserable to satisfy your pain body addiction.

It’s all emotional programming. And the first step in the deprogramming process is to become aware that it’s all in your head. The next time you become extremely upset over something, consider the possibility of reinventing yourself. You can create the possibility of happiness and peace of mind if you learn to move your Self out of the way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tao of Health

Taoism, also known as The Tao, or The Way, has over 3000 years of history relating to the study of how the balance of mind, body and spirit can affect health. When all three are in balance we are well, when they are not in balance we become ill. For a host of reasons people are now rediscovering natural ways to empower their ability to self heal. For those of you interested in beginning this path I would like to recommend the following two books: Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage by Mantak and Maneewan Chia, and the Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing by Daniel Reid.

In the first book Chi Nei Tsang Mantak Chia and his wife Maneewan write about how ancient Taoist sages observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in their abdomens. It is now common knowledge that over 80% of human illness comes from some type of emotional stress. The negative energy caused by negative emotional stress, such as fear, worry, hate and anger can impair both physical and spiritual functions.

This negative emotional energy turns into toxins that affect our organs. Worry affects the heart, depression affects the lungs, fear the kidneys and anger the liver. Ancient Taoists developed the art of Chi Nei Tsang to recycle and transform negative energies that obstruct the internal organs and knots in the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage will provide a clear understanding of ways to self-heal using ancient healing techniques which focus on abdomen and organ massage. The Korean Taoist Ki energy stress management technique of Chunsoo also starts in the abdominal area. The Chia book will teach you ways to address many different types of common ailments.

In the Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing Daniel Reid provides an easy to follow guide to the traditional Taoist approach to self-care, including basic principles of physical and emotional health, nutrition and diet, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, meditation methods, sexual yoga and energy control techniques. The list of therapeutic food recipes and herbal tonics can provide an excellent option to prescription or over-the- counter drugs that can, over time, become harmful to the immune system.

In both books you will learn how to bring balance to the flow of the body’s vital energy known as Chi in China and Ki in Japan and Korea. If you would like to start taking control over your ability to self-heal, you should have these two books in your library. I will teach a four-week workshop this spring under the City College of New York’s Adult and Continuing Education program entitled: The Tao of Health, Happiness and Longevity. If you are interested you can register online at in the personal development section, or you can call the college at 212 650-7312. If this subject is of interest, but you are not in New York, you can visit my blog at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Know Thyself

If you Google the phrase Know Thyself you’ll get a lot of information that could lead you to believe the term was created by the Greek philosopher Socrates. But if you Google Know Thyself Egypt you get a whole different story. The phrase was used in Egyptian Temples thousands of years before Socrates. Many of the famous Greek philosophers studied Egyptian mysteries and assimilated the knowledge they learned. What’s not as well known is that, in their day, these Greek philosophers were criticized for teaching this knowledge by the same people who later immortalized them. George G.M. James writes in his famous book Stolen Legacy that Socrates was put in prison and later executed. Aristotle was forced into exile and Plato was sold into slavery.

Know Thyself was a phrase that was a foundation of early Egyptian philosophy which viewed man as the microcosm of the universe. According to Stolen Legacy, this next Egyptian thought captures this meaning by stating that: the Kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it. History has shown that many philosophers have been put to death for preaching this power within philosophy to the masses. I believe the human race is slowly moving to the next stage of evolution, where this knowledge of human potential is no longer perceived as a danger by the powers that be…because it will no longer be a secret. This may not be obvious if you only read the dailies or watch TV news, but we’re in a time of change.

Life is what you make it. And to truly Know Thyself is to truly understand how important the above statement is. You have the power to change both your internal and external environment, and you’re doing it whether you realize it or not. Organizations like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) are conducting scientific research on human abilities and potential, creating scientific acknowledgement of ancient wisdom thousands of years old.

The human mind has the ability to manipulate matter through thought manifestation. Why is this important to you? It’s important because if you do not understand this ability you have - the power of your thoughts – you’ll never understand who you are, who you can be, and who you don’t have to be.

Too often, we allow our environment and what others think of us to be an obstacle on our journey towards freedom and happiness. We’re often our own worse enemy because we don’t have faith in our ability to improve the quality of our lives through focused thought and action. Life has its peaks and valleys. When we’re at our lowest point it’s our faith in ourselves that allows us to understand our tremendous God-given ability to reach the mountaintop again - to change our reality. We’ve been blessed with a gift that can only be realized by understanding the power within. Faith and knowledge of self can create miracles. Maybe that’s why this knowledge has been a guarded secret for so long.