Thursday, September 22, 2011

Consulting the I Ching

The I Ching also known as the Book of Change has been used by political, business, scientific and philosophic leaders for thousands of years and has influenced medical and scientific advancements that will take the human race will into the 21st century and beyond. I have studied the Taoist philosophy for a number of years and I continue to be intrigued by the concept that energy is all things and all things are energy. Energy can be viewed as vibrations with many different frequencies. The Taoist concept of life being nothing more then the interaction between Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energy is now a universal scientific fact.

Everything in the visible world and invisible world is vibrating and in constant movement. Scientific research has shown that a concentrated control of the frequency and vibration of an object can move it into a dimension outside of our understanding of space and time. The frequency of the subconscious mind of humans also has the ability to move outside our understanding of space and time. Perhaps this is why consulting the I Ching has been practiced for thousands of years; and why it has served as a source of guidance to some of the most vital questions in the continued evolution of the human race.

Gottfried Von Leibnez, the German mathematician and philosopher was able to confirm his system of binary mathematics which served as the foundation for computer science; after being introduced to the I Ching in 1675. In 1953 Dr. James Watson and Francis Crick announced the discovery of the genetic code consisting of sixty-four binary triplet figures called DNA; that corresponds amazingly with the sixty-four binary triplet hexagrams used when consulting the I Ching. In 1949 Swiss psychologist Carl Jung wrote the foreword in one of the best known Western translations of the I Ching by C.F. Baynes and Richard Wilhelm. Jung theorized that consulting the I Ching allowed the subconscious mind to move past our understanding of space and time.

As part of the New City College Continuing and Professional Studies program starting Tuesday October 4th at 6:30pm I will conduct a four week workshop titled Consulting the I Ching I will use both the coin and the traditional yarrow stalk method to show how you can use this ancient oracle to assist in finding guidance to vital questions and decisions. If you would like to learn more about how the Taoist concept of energy can improve your health please contact me to make an appointment at the Harlem Ki Energy center at 646 329-6727. If you would like to be introduced to one of the world’s most profound sources of universal wisdom I invite you to register for my October CPS workshop on consulting the I Ching. You can register on line or call 212 650-7312.

C. G. Jung first used the term synchronicity in his foreword for the Wilhelm/Baynes book. Synchronicity meaning in short, that there are no coincidences all things have purpose perhaps that is why you are reading this dialog.

The Tablet of Destiny

Author Paul Carus, in his book “Chinese Thought” writes about a Babylonian tablet found in the Library of Ashurbanipal (700 B.C.E.) called the “Tablet of Destiny” which is said to contain the Mystery of Heaven and Earth. Carus speculates that the I Ching and the Tablet of Destiny are the same and since the tablet predates the I Ching by several centuries it is not difficult why many scholars now consider the foundation of the I Ching to have been developed in Africa.

Wayne Chandler also writes in Ivan Van Sertima and Runoko Rashidi’s wonderful text African Presence in Early Asia” that the I Ching was constructed by the Black Akkado-Sumerians of Elam-Babylonia and is dated circa 2800 B.C.E. Wayne goes on to say that this theory was substantiated by philologist Terrien De Lacouperie in his translation of West Asian language, Chinese cultural custom and various historical documents.

The Tablet of Destiny and the I Ching also known as the Book of Change connect the genetic patterns of DNA and RNA which according to Chandler links the past of the human family to its current expressions. I will conduct a four week workshop on consulting the I Ching starting October 4th as part of the City College of New York’s Continuing and Professional Studies program The workshop will introduce two ways of consulting this ancient oracle. The most common method using three coins and the less known traditional method of using fifty yarrow stalks.

The yarrow stalk method is not commonly used in the West because it takes longer about thirty minutes to obtain a response to a question presented. The advice is more accurate using the yarrow stalk method. Science is now becoming aware of the abilities of the intuitive powers of the human mind which is not bound by our understanding of space and time. Consulting the I Ching has provided universal wisdom to those who consult it for thousands of years; it has been use for centuries by some of histories greatest minds. I have a number of articles on my blog at about how the I Ching has influenced the advancement of health and technology in the world community.

If you would like to learn how to tap into your intuitive self-conscious mind to assist in making important decisions I invite you to register for my October 4th Consulting the I Ching workshop. I will also address how the Taoist Yang/Yin principle of polarity the foundation of the I Ching, can be used as a strategy to improve the quality of every aspect of your life. Your personal life, your career or business can improve by learning to use ancient methods that have survived the test of time. You can get more information about the October workshop by going online or calling The CCNY/CPS office at 212 650-7312

If you would like to understand how your health can improve by using ancient Taoist wellness methods call me at 646 329-6727 and make an appointment to visit the Harlem Ki Energy stress management clinic.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Search of Self

In Ancient Egypt the philosophy of self knowledge was the foundation for creating wonders that can not fully be explained today such as the ability to build structures that had an astronomically precise link to the movement of the planets in our solar system. How could a people have this type of Architectural and scientific knowledge thousands of years before the history of inventions such as the telescope? Perhaps the answer of this Egyptian mystery can be found in this well known Ancient Egyptian saying, “ The Kingdom of Heaven is within you; and who so ever shall know himself shall find it.”

If you Google Know Thyself Egypt you will find a link to my blog at I posted an article in 2010 about the power in understanding self. Know Thy Self is a powerful message found on and in the same ancient Egyptian temples whose architectural wonders still remain a mystery to most of today’s leading experts in science and technology.

There are some who theorize that the wisdom and abilities to create such architectural wonders was given to the early Egyptians and other ancient civilizations by visitors from another world. I have a few articles about this on my blog also. There is a very good possibility that beings with a greater intelligence then ours have and perhaps still visit earth. The point is the message is the same. Know ThySelf. A message that I strongly believe is the foundation of the beginning of a new cycle in the continued evaluation of the human race.

We have all been socially programmed to believe that we are someone who we are not. The first step for those who are interested in the search for self is to acknowledge this programming. We are moving into a time where external human material motivation will become a self destructive frequency that many will sub come to. To truly know thy self is to understand the universal creative power of love and compassion for yourself and others.

The search for self has been measured by material equations for centuries; the power of internal motivating thoughts to bring about material manifestations was lost or became a secret. I will conduct a four week workshop on consulting the I Ching also known as “the Book of Change” in October as part of the New City College Continuing and Professional Studies Program .

The I Ching is the foundation for the Taoist Yin and Yang theory of energy. I have used this path in my search for self. It is a life long journey and there are many paths but to find one you most first acknowledge that you have been programmed to believe in the human limitations that your external environment has convinced you to accept.