Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds
Sound vibration is an important element in most Taoist healing techniques. At our Taoist Ki Wellness Center in Harlem, sound vibrations play an important role in both Ki Training and Ki Treatment. Part of the first training exercise during our Wednesday night Ki Training program is learning a special chant that clears the mind and balances the body and spirit.

In Ki Treatments the Ki Master will use the liver sound SHHHHHH, this sound benefits the Master as well as the person being treated. It allows the master to maintain focus and intent; it also helps the master to transform negative energy into positive energy. The sound helps the person being treated to relax and decrease stressful illusionary thoughts.

Taoist master and author Mantak Chia, writes about the six healing sounds in his famous book Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organs Chi Massage). Each sound corresponds with a vital organ. As mentioned above the SHHHHH sound is used to improve the function of the Liver and Gall Bladder. The SSSSSSS sound is used to improve the Lungs and Large Intestine.

The WOOOOO sound is made to improve the function of the Kidneys and Bladder. The HAWWWWW sound is made to improve the function of the Heart and Small Intestine. The WHOOOO sound is made to improve the function of the Spleen. With practice this sound can also be used to eliminate indigestion, nausea and diarrhea.

The HEEEEEE sound is the sound that brings balance to the Triple Warmer. Many are not familiar with the Triple Warmer which is the three energy centers of the body. The upper section (brain, heart, and lungs) is hot; the middle section (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and spleen) is warm; and the lower section (large and small intestines, bladder, and sexual organs) is cool. When the three temperatures are balanced the immune system is reinforced to combat illness.

Master Chia describes the positions one must take when making the six sounds in easy to follow steps along with other vital organ massage techniques that can be very useful for self-healing. You can also call my direct line at 646 329-6727 to make an appointment for a Ki treatment or training class at the Harlem Ki center.

The Life Principle

The Life Principle
In 1926 Robert Collier published a book titled “The Secret of The Ages”, Collier’s book continues to influence readers seeking to understand the power of thought manifestation. I hope someone reading this dialog will discover Collier’s book and explore ways to improve the quality of their lives by learning wisdom that has been keep secret for ages.  Collier described an energy that is responsible for the development and survival of all living creatures on Earth from the beginning, as our life principle.

According to Collier the Life Principle is your principle to survive it is behind your every act. Its ingenuity and resource are without limit. It is Mind. It is thought. Whatever is necessary for you to know, and whatever is necessary for you to do; you can know and you can do it if you but seek this gift given to you at birth and learn to work with it in the right way.

Your health, wealth and peace of mind are controlled by the way you think. The only reason you have not been able to achieve these things is you have not correctly used your life principle that is always with you and is activated by thought.
Everything around you was first a thought in someone’s mind. You have the ability to change your life if you truly believe that you can. It is necessary to remove fear and doubt from your creative thinking. You are what you think that you are, never let negative thoughts of limitations keep you from being all that you can be.

The power of positive thinking is what will allow humans to participate in the next phase of human evolution. We are continuing to evolve and nature is selective if you continue to allow external material energy to define your existence your health, wealth and peace of mind will suffer and your ability to move to the next level of consciousness will be blocked.

Only those who learn to use their life principle in a productive and creative way will positively influence their lives and the lives of those around them. Do not allow your life principle to work against you because of negative thinking.  Your external environment can and will be determined by the energy of your thoughts. If you would like a deeper understanding of this dialog visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers , or call the Ki Energy Center at 646 329-6727 to schedule a visit, you can also send me an email at    

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What the Bleep Do We Know?

What the Bleep Do We Know?
In 2004 the ground breaking film “What the Bleep Do We Know? (  became an international sleeper hit and a major factor in the growth of the Spiritual Science movement. The focus of the film documented how quantum physics research has proven theories that ancient spiritual philosophies such as Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism understood to be true centuries ago. “All matter is vibrating energy and humans can influence internal and external matter with thought”. 

The Spiritual Science movement is now reconnecting science with energy balancing practices like Ki Energy training and treatments, meditation, tai chi,  Reiki and yoga as options for addressing wellness. There was a time dating back to early Egypt when spiritually and sciences were one. Social Programing fueled by economics have limited the understanding of  many about their internal abilities to self-heal and to seek options to address health and wellness outside of main stream medical advice and pharmaceutical drugs only.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has taken a leadership role in allowing science to understand and respect ancient wisdom in addressing health related issues and improving human potential. IONS’ ( scientific research in topics such as alternative healing, meditation, psychic abilities, consciousness after death and spirituality; has made a huge impact on the growth of the Spiritual Science movement’s relationship to health and wellness.

Many were kept ignorant of IONS’ work until Dan Brown featured noetic sciences in his international best seller “The Lost Symbol”. Brown combined fact with fiction in a plot structured around actual research being conducted by IONS. As a Korean Taoist master and wellness practitioner at the Harlem Ki Energy center ( ) the growth of the Spiritual Movement allows me to better explain how Ki Treatments and Training work from both a scientific and spiritual point of view.

In the late 1800’s physicist Nikola Tesla proved the existence of an energy vibration in empty space which was a source of all energy he named it Zero Point Energy. In 1977 Columbia University physicist Gerald Feinberg discovered a faster then light subatomic particle of zero point energy that had form he call it Tachyon energy. Further research showed that healing tools made with Tachyon energy could positively influence the cellular structure of the body to heal. The power to heal from human touch is also influence by the same energy connection.

Many in today’s Science and medical communities have started to embrace the fact that they have been socially programed to think in a certain way, a major reason why “What the Bleep Do We Know?” was the title of the 2004 film. 
For further information on this dialog call 646 329-6727 or send an email to

The Three Minds

The Three Minds
A common belief among many Taoist wellness practitioners is that we have three minds the Conscious Mind, the Sub-Conscious Mind and the Super Sub-Conscious Mind. The conscious is the mind of identity it is how we see ourselves, others and external things. The sub-conscious mind controls the inner workings of the body; its understanding of the external world is influenced by the conscious mind. The super sub-conscious mind is our connection to the mind of the universe it is our spirit it is also the source of manifestation.   

The conscious mind interprets reality, a reality influenced by social programing and the power of suggestion. From early childhood the conscious mind is programed; right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, your self-image, are judgements and opinions resulting from social programing and life experiences. The emotional experience attached to negative thoughts created by a socially programed conscious mind is a major factor in stress related illness.

The major function of the sub-conscious mind is to keep the body safe and well. The sub-conscious mind responds to the thoughts of the conscious mind. All healing is influenced by the sub-conscious mind. Positive thoughts towards healing can make a tremendous difference in the healing process and wellness. Negative thoughts fueled by fear and doubt will have a negative effect on the healing process and over all wellness.

The super sub-conscious mind is connected to the mind of the universe, when conscious thought has the energy to pass the sub-conscious mind and influence the super conscious mind, manifestation can occur. It is for this reason both negative and positive thoughts can be manifested into your reality. It is wise to be careful about what you think.  Psychic Spiritual Wellness Therapy is a deprograming system that I have created to address options for the replacement of negative socially programed thinking with positive thinking.

When the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super sub-conscious mind can work as one with intent influenced by positive thoughts, one can enhance their quality of life with their power of thought manifestation.  The reason I use the word intent is because our thoughts always create our reality. Many feel that they have limited control of the reality which they unknowingly create. Your health and quality of life depends greatly on your thoughts. If your health or quality of life needs improving perhaps deprograming can help.

There are many options available that can be used in the deprograming process which will be the focus of my next book “Psychic Spiritual Wellness Strategies. For further information call 646 329-6727 or send an email to  

Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings
We are all spiritual beings a gift given to us at birth, most are not aware of their spiritual ability to manifest material objects from thought.  Social Programing teaches fear and doubt two major factors that force us to accept the illusion of limitations. Spiritual power emulates from the Super Sub-Conscious Mind.  The Super Sub-Conscious Mind is our connection to the Mind of the Universe.  We cannot truly use our spiritual abilities until we deprogram our Conscious Mind, a programed mind that traps us in the illusory matrix of the three dimensional material world that we live in.

A socially programed mind believes that happiness can only be achieved by acquiring external material things. Yet all material things are manifestations born from an internal thought. It is for this reason there is a great difference between a Spiritual Being and a Religious Being. Material gain has been the foundation of all wars created and supported by organized religious philosophies interpreted by socially programed leaders motivated by power. Spirituality is the energy of compassion and unconditional love.

The prophets and sages we read about had a common dialog “true happiness cannot be achieved by the acquisition of external things” it was for this reason most of the great prophets and sages were put to death, put in prison or forced into exile; by socially programed leaders who altered their teachings to suit their purposes.  It takes a great deal of deprograming for the Conscience mind to truly embrace unconditional love, compassion, the love of self and others; the foundation for becoming a spiritual being.

It makes no difference who or what you are, you have the capacity to become a spiritual being. This is when the mind, body and spirit can work in harmony, allowing creative thought to manifest health, wealth and peace of mind. When you can understand that you don’t need anything, faith in your spiritual abilities can bring you many things.  It has been said that “thinking is spiritual” it creates our reality. You must always be careful about what you think. Be aware of the internal and external dangers of negative thinking.