Monday, July 28, 2014

A Greater Power

A greater Power

Is there a greater power, and if it is how do you tap into it? Many of the great prophets said we should look inside of self for the answer. Most of those prophets, were put in prison, put in exile, or put to death by the powers that developed philosophies based on controlled versions of their teachings.  After a time the philosophies became a religion, and in time many of the religions became more political then spiritual.  
Know Thy Self, was a statement the early Egyptians used to provide a clue to the question we still cannot answer concerning their scientific and architectural accomplishments.  In ancient Khemet (today known as Egypt) every academic and scientific learning center had the phrase Know Thy Self placed on the entrance.  
I now firmly believe that there is a greater power, I call it the mind of the universe, it is a part of us and we are a part of it. Taoist Master and author Wu Wei explains this clearly in the following statement: “It is of utmost importance that you become aware that you and your Universe are in constant communication. Some of us communicate knowingly, others unknowingly”.

You most have faith to knowingly communicate with the Mind of the Universe. You most first believe that you have the ability and that you are a part of a greater power. You most also believe that this power within you can manifest a material reality from your thought.You cannot truly communicate with the Mind of the Universe, without deactivating the matrix energy of the material world. You can only tap into the energy of the Mind of the Universe internally.  Meditation, Tai Chi, Ki Training and treatments are vehicles that can help you tap into the energy of the Universal Mind.

I am optimistic about the idea that the next stage of human development has begun. All things move in cycles, day to night, young to old, summer to winter.
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The Iron Staff Immortal

The Iron-Staff Immortal
In August of 2000 I found myself in the mountains of South Korea training to become a master in an ancient Taoist healing system that I now call Kido (Ki meaning energy and Do meaning the way) The Way of Energy. The Taoist concept of the principles of polarity can be traced back to the ancient Xia Dynasty (1900-1700 BC) which was one of two early Chinese dynasties founded by black tribes from West Africa living in ancient China.
The Shang/Yin Dynasty (1700-1050 BC) was also founded by black tribes from West Africa according to many scholars if you Google Bak Tribes you will find a great deal of research information on this subject. Noted historian and scholar Wayne B. Chandler often writes about Tieguai one of the eight immortals of Taoism who played a major role in disseminating the I Ching and Taoism philosophy throughout China. The popular picture of Tieguai also known as the Iron-Staff Immortal was a hand painted silk design from the early thirteenth century Yuan Dynasty.

The African Presence in Early Asia by Runoko Rashidi and Ivan Van Sertima and the Ancient Future by Wayne B Chandler has excellent research on the journey of Taoism from West Africa to China. The picture of Tiguai can be found in both texts. Tieguai was a martial artist and a Taoist energy healer. I understand better now why many of the elders would tell me that doing my master training was no coincidence. My master training involved many hours of ancestor training; where you learn to connect with the energy of your ancestors.

It is the lifelong journey of a Taoist master to learn how to control and use the power of their ancestors to positively affect the lives of the people that they encounter. .
Following the guidance and energy of my ancient African ancestors I write articles such as this as well as the articles on my blog at  as part of an ongoing movement to address historical exclusions of the African influence to the Taoist philosophy.   For further information on the Taoist Kido stress management/wellness treatments and training at the Harlem Ki Energy Center call 646 329-6727

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Psychic Energy

Your Psychic Energy

 We all possess a healing energy Taoist call it Chi or Ki the Rosicrucian’s call it Psychic Energy. This healing energy when nurtured will give one the ability to self-heal and to also heal others. I have become very interested in the similarities between Taoist healing strategies and Rosicrucian healing strategies they both see the human connection to the universal energy source as being the foundation of ones healing ability.
The universal energy source or psychic energy is in all things and all things are a part of it.  Joseph J. Weed describes psychic energy in his famous Rosicrucian classic “Wisdom of the Mystic Masters”, this way “It is the energy that creates and supports life. It can be said that all disease is the result of, or exist because of, an insufficient supply of psychic energy. Weed goes on to say that “The true art of healing consists, therefore, in releasing psychic energy that it flows through all of the organs and parts which constitute any physical form”.

Most are not aware that they have been blessed with a vital psychic energy that can be used for self-healing and the healing of others. They often misuse or deplete there vital healing energy due to negative thinking, such as fear, worry, anger, envy, and doubt. Negative thinking creates stress and over 90% of dis-ease can be traced to stress. When you reduce negative thinking you reduce negative stress related illness by increasing the flow of psychic energy, chi or ki.
At our Harlem Ki Energy Center Ki energy treatments, and/or training will help one to reduce stress and increase internal vital life energy. There are many ways to increase your internal vital life force psychic energy. Joseph Weed gives an example of an exercise for increasing vital energy, that we have also used in our Ki training program, you can do this exercise at home or in the office at any time.

You should stand with your weight evenly balanced between both feet. Take a deep breath to the count of five. (Remember to expand the stomach when you inhale and contract the stomach when you exhale). Slowly relax and exhale allowing the air out slowly for the count of ten. Repeat this ten times consecutively. While doing this exercise close your jaws firmly and clench each hand into a fist. Keep all of the body relaxed except the hands and jaw. As you breathe in and out think to yourself that each breath is bringing a great surge of energy and power which you are storing within you.
If you can do this exercise four to five times a day for a month you will greatly increase your body’s ability to fight of illness and disease. It is always important to learn to heal yourself before you can effectively heal others with your psychic energy; but not always necessary. A loving touch can be healing, because unconditional love is the highest form of psychic healing energy. Korea Taoist have another name for Chunsoo (heavenly hands) the Ki energy treatment that we give, it is also called mother’s hand.


Life's Illusions

Life’s Illusions

An illusion can be considered a misleading visual image; another way of putting it is “things are no always what they appear to be.” How many times have we heard the statement “This is not what it looks like.”
 Much of what we see is due to social programming. Two individuals can observe a situation and walk away with two different interpretations of what they saw. Some will see the glass half empty and others will see the glass half full.

Scientifically speaking everything that we see is in our heads. Inside of each eye are about one hundred million rods and cones. These rods and cones are stimulated by the rays of light that enter your eye which, in turn, create impulses that travel along the optic nerve system to the brain.
The brain receives those impulses and forms a picture. That picture is inside your head formed by your brain, within your brain. We never actually see an object, the only thing we see are light rays being radiated by, or reflected from objects.

This is also true spiritually, perhaps you have heard of the concept of the “Third Eye”. Taoist view the third eye when opened, allows one to see beyond ordinary sight.  It is the gate that leads to the energy of the mind of the universe, and a higher consciousness, it allows one to see the path to enlightenment.
Heaven and Earth is the name of a Ki Energy training exercise that I teach on Wednesdays at the Harlem Taoist Ki Energy Center. This ancient Taoist training exercise allows the student to focus on opening the third eye by using breathing and Qigong movements. The concentration is on the area between the eyebrows with closed eyes.

I often use the Magic Eye book, which has a number of colorful 3D illusions by N.E. Thing Enterprises in my workshops on this subject. When we talk about opening the third eye, enlightenment and seeing past the illusions of life, The Magic Eye illusions provide a useful teaching tool. The colorful designs at first glance seem to be just that, colorful designs. After concentrating on the design for a minute or two a three dimensional picture will appear.
It may take more time for some then others, but if you have faith that you can see past the obvious a different picture will appear before your eyes. I use this example to help students understand the illusionary world that we live in, and how opening the third eye has a similar affect as finding the hidden image in the Magic Eye illusion.
It is very important to understand that we have all been programed starting at a very early age, we interpret much of what we see based on our programed mind. To deprogram yourself you must first accept the fact that you have been programed and much of what you think is only illusionary visions of programed thought.

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