Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Psychic Energy

Your Psychic Energy

 We all possess a healing energy Taoist call it Chi or Ki the Rosicrucian’s call it Psychic Energy. This healing energy when nurtured will give one the ability to self-heal and to also heal others. I have become very interested in the similarities between Taoist healing strategies and Rosicrucian healing strategies they both see the human connection to the universal energy source as being the foundation of ones healing ability.
The universal energy source or psychic energy is in all things and all things are a part of it.  Joseph J. Weed describes psychic energy in his famous Rosicrucian classic “Wisdom of the Mystic Masters”, this way “It is the energy that creates and supports life. It can be said that all disease is the result of, or exist because of, an insufficient supply of psychic energy. Weed goes on to say that “The true art of healing consists, therefore, in releasing psychic energy that it flows through all of the organs and parts which constitute any physical form”.

Most are not aware that they have been blessed with a vital psychic energy that can be used for self-healing and the healing of others. They often misuse or deplete there vital healing energy due to negative thinking, such as fear, worry, anger, envy, and doubt. Negative thinking creates stress and over 90% of dis-ease can be traced to stress. When you reduce negative thinking you reduce negative stress related illness by increasing the flow of psychic energy, chi or ki.
At our Harlem Ki Energy Center Ki energy treatments, and/or training will help one to reduce stress and increase internal vital life energy. There are many ways to increase your internal vital life force psychic energy. Joseph Weed gives an example of an exercise for increasing vital energy, that we have also used in our Ki training program, you can do this exercise at home or in the office at any time.

You should stand with your weight evenly balanced between both feet. Take a deep breath to the count of five. (Remember to expand the stomach when you inhale and contract the stomach when you exhale). Slowly relax and exhale allowing the air out slowly for the count of ten. Repeat this ten times consecutively. While doing this exercise close your jaws firmly and clench each hand into a fist. Keep all of the body relaxed except the hands and jaw. As you breathe in and out think to yourself that each breath is bringing a great surge of energy and power which you are storing within you.
If you can do this exercise four to five times a day for a month you will greatly increase your body’s ability to fight of illness and disease. It is always important to learn to heal yourself before you can effectively heal others with your psychic energy; but not always necessary. A loving touch can be healing, because unconditional love is the highest form of psychic healing energy. Korea Taoist have another name for Chunsoo (heavenly hands) the Ki energy treatment that we give, it is also called mother’s hand.



  1. Psychic energy and its' ability to heal is still very underrated but it's wonderful to see blogs such as this one getting the word out there. This was a very informative and well written post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some of the best psychics in the industry also use energy work to heal their clients. Reiki is probably one of the most well known energy healing modalities, but I have heard of psychic energy being used as well. I'll share this on our social networks. It makes a good read. Namaste.