Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fear and Doubt

Fear and Doubt
Fear and doubt have been major tools used by a few to manipulate and control the mental, spiritual and creative development of the masses for centuries in every developed society in the world. The true concepts of faith and compassion have not been truly practiced by the majority in modern day society as a result. This will change as we enter into the next stage of human evaluation.  
The year 2012 was considered by some to be the end of the world and that theory was communicated to the masses but most did not truly understand or care what was really predicted to happen in the time we currently live in.  I am a student from the school of thought that supports the theory that 2012 marks the time when the start of a new human evolutionary cycle will become apparent. We are now in a human development cycle where faith and compassion will become a stronger motivating human survival force then fear and doubt.
The human ability to manifest a material reality through focused thought was kept a secret from the masses until the turn of the century when writers such as Charles F. Haanel The Master Key System, Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich: Financial Success Through Creative Thought, and the internationally known publication of Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill outlined the training secrets of thought manifestation.
Everyone reading this article has used their ability to manifest reality from focused thought, unfortunately many have used this ability to manifest the reality that they do not want; due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of their ability. We are now at the beginning of a cycle of universal energy where faith will be a necessary tool used by those who wish to prevent fear and doubt from stopping the improvement of the quality of their lives.
Compassion for others will be another necessary tool in this new cycle of universal energy a cycle that will become very selective. Many of my left brain thinking readers will not embrace my predictions that those who rule by the energy of fear and doubt will soon self-district and be replaced by a universal energy of faith and compassion. Health and wealth will become the major reasons that will influence change.
The concept of improving ones health and wealth by having faith in one’s ability to manifest a positive reality with focused thought as long as that reality is also improving the quality of life for others (compassion) will never be accepted by many. Nature has always been selective only those who learn to adept will move to this higher level of human evaluation. 2012 will show the beginning of  a visual destruction of those who continue to use fear, doubt and a lack of compassion to prevent the mental, spiritual and creative development of the masses and for themselves.
Whole brain thinking has been a well-kept secret for a very long time as it was supposed to be, all things happen for a reason and at the time they are supposed to happen. We are now in a time where our ability to manifest our reality through focused thought has never been greater; be careful of what you think about often use your ability wisely.

Whole Brain Thinking

Whole Brain Thinking
Scientific research has shown that two different sides, or hemispheres, of the brain are responsible for different manners of thinking. Modern society has programed the average person to favor the left brain modes of thinking that focus on logic, accuracy, rational, and an analytical approach to life. The right brain thinking modes of aesthetics, creativity and feeling have not been considered the most effective pathway to financial and professional success over the past century.
In the last twenty years science and spirituality have grown closer together due to scientific evidence that supports the ancient wisdom of thought manifestation through creative mental imaging. Today we see more individuals understanding and practicing whole brain thinking to improve the quality of their lives. The secret is out, but it is old news to some of the most powerful business, scientific and political leaders in American history who used whole brain thinking to influence the lives of millions in this country.
Whole Brain Thinking is using both the lift and right brain to strategically address areas such as health, wealth and peace of mind. When Andrew Carnegie one of the most wealthiest men of his day disclosed his formula for personal achievement to Napoleon Hill in early 1900’s it inspired Hill to write his famous personal achievement book “Think & Grow Rich”.
In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles published “The Science of Getting Rich: Financial Success Through Creative Thought” and in 1912 Charles F. Haanel published “The Master Key System”. Each of these timeless classics provides the reader with detailed instructions on ways to use the creative strategy of whole brain thinking for personal achievement.

The lift brain thinking majority might not logically accept creating wealth and personal achievement through thought manifestation, which is why many will allow the objective conditions of everyday life and the lack of understanding of their mental abilities prevent them from achieving personal and financial success. Fear and Doubt will be the two major factors in their failure to reach their highest potential.
Whole Brain Thinking will be the master key system to the science of getting rich in the 21st century and beyond. We must learn to use the powers of both our right and left brain to visualize and manifest our dreams into reality. We must learn to think and grow rich.
I f you visit you can learn how to productively use the left and right brain to improve your life I would also suggest picking up the three book I listed if you have not read them. You can also email me at tonyrogers@urbanologysystems.con or call my office at 646 329-6727 for more information on this subject.