Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mental Transmutation

Mental Transmutation
The Principle of Mentalism is the first principle and what many believe to be the foundation for the seven Hermetic Principles (see Kybalion The Three Initiates, who introduced to the masses, the teachings and wisdom of Hermes; in their world famous publication “The Kaybalion”; believed that this secretly guarded ancient wisdom should not be keep from the masses,. They also believed that “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding”. 

When ancient Kemet (Egypt) was at her pick in the study and practice of science, psychology, astronomy, philosophy and architecture, the legendary master teacher Hermes was considered the greatest of the great. It was true then and it is true today “the study, understanding and practice of the seven Hermetic Principles can open the door to a universe only a few have experienced”. Understanding the principle of mentalism is the first step to that journey.

According to the Kybalion “The understanding of the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism will enable an individual to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and apply them to their wellbeing and advancement”. It goes on to say individuals will be enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws, instead of using them in a haphazard manner”.

The Universe is Mental according to Hermetic Philosophy, the underlying reality of the Universe is mind, and we are all connected to the mind of the universe. Our ability to manifest material reality from mental thought is because of that connection.
The Kybalion states that “If the Universe is mental in its nature, Mental Transmutation is the art of changing the conditions of the universe, along the lines of Matter, Force and Mind; mental transmutation is the magical art used by the ancients that we know so little about”.

We are just beginning to understand the power of thought manifestation; many still use this ability unwisely. What you think about often will manifest itself into your material reality. This fact is now more important than ever, our socially programed mind is programed to keep us believing in the illusions of a matrix that is changing.
We are moving into another level of human evolution; survival will soon depend on a different way of thinking of yourself, of your abilities, of your environment and of others.

We now know that there is a circular pattern to all things, there is nothing new under the sun. The concepts that I am writing about are not new they are ancient, but will become important survival tools for our journey into the future.
I recommend reading the KYBALION a few times; it will be a great start to a mental journey towards enlightenment.

Turmeric the Super Spice

Turmeric the Super Spice
I have a few articles on my blog ( about the amazing healing properties in organic Panax ginseng. Warning all ginseng is not the same. Only organic Panax ginseng has the ability to build resistance and reduce susceptibility to illness among many other benefits. 

The commercial ginseng most people have access to can actually be harmful if it is not organic and some commercial ginseng is grown with pesticides and manufactured with chemicals. Our Ki wellness center is one of the few locations in New York City that distributes organic Chinese-Korean Panax ginseng.

If organic Panax ginseng is the most powerful healing herb, Turmeric is the most powerful healing spice. I was first introduced to the healing power of turmeric many years ago when I was training to become a certified Ayurvedic practitioner. Turmeric or “haldi” as it is known in Hindi; has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Turmeric is the most powerful antioxidants you can consume, it is one of the strongest fat-burning, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial spices in the world. Turmeric grows in India and in many tropical areas in Asia. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric its color is bright yellow. Its unique pungent taste can be found in many Indian dishes.  

My Ayurvedic training allow me to learn how turmeric can be used to address fevers, infections, weight loss, liver and gall bladder issues; plus the prevention of Alzheimer’s and heart disease. The curcumin in turmeric has been known to reduce the oxidation of plaque on the artery walls. Do to my recent injuries I use it as an anti-inflammatory aid.

According to the Nutrition and Anti-Aging Health News Letter, studies have shown turmeric to be a powerful weapon against cancer cells. Not only has research proven that this special spice can prevent cancer cells from growing but can also slow the growth and spread of cancer in patients. The curcumin in turmeric was proven to be more than twice as effective as known cancer drugs like paclitaxel.

Turmeric is can be used as a dye, if cooking or using turmeric never let it get on your clothes it will leave a stubborn stain. Curry contains turmeric but it is combined with other spices and is not as powerful as pure turmeric. If you use turmeric try to buy it in an organic form. I use turmeric capsules by Science Natural Supplements which we carry at our wellness center.

There is a great deal of research on the health benefits of turmeric on line if you are in a healing mood like I am organic ginseng and turmeric should be a part of your wellness and healing strategy. Just as I mentioned with the use of ginseng make sure you know how the turmeric you consume is manufactured it should be organic if possible.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's All in Your Head

It’s All in Your Head
Taoist author and Master Wu Wei gives a wonderful explanation on how all that we see is in our head, according to master Wei “everything we see is inside of our heads. Inside of each eye are over one hundred million rods and cones. These rods and cones are stimulated by the rays of light that enter your eye which, in turn, create impulses that travel along the optic nerve system to the brain.”

The brain receives those impulses and forms a picture. That picture is inside your head-formed by your brain, within your brain. Master Wei writes “We never actually see an object, the only thing we see are light rays being radiated by, or reflected from objects. The view you have of the world is simply a picture that appears to be outside, but actually is inside your head”.

From a very early age we have been socially programed to see things in a certain way. Consider this if what we see is in our heads, and if we have been taught to see things in a certain way, there may be more to life then what we see and believe to be true; about ourselves and others. Two individuals will see a glass of water but social programing will make one see it as half full and the other see it as half empty.

When discussing this concept at the Ki Center or in workshops I often use the Magic Eye 3D computer-generated illusions as an example of how the brain only sees what it has been programed to see. When you look at a Magic Eye 3d picture for the first time you will only see an arrangement of color patterns. If you are never told that there is more then what you see you will never experience the magic.

If you have someone you trust tell you to keep looking at the picture until your brain allows you to see a 3D image appear. In time you will see that hidden 3D image appear. When that happens for the first time, you realize there is more than meets the eye. I find this a wonderful metaphor to use in addressing the concept of enlightenment. 

A deprogrammed mind will see more possibilities then a programed mind.
The first step in deprogramming is to accept the fact that most of your core thoughts about yourself and others are programed illusions of your reality. You then have to work on changing your brain frequency from Beta to Alpha. At the ki center a Chunsoo treatment will allow your brain frequency to change from Beta to Alpha.

I invite you to visit our Harlem Week Ki Center exhibit and experience a Chunsoo treatment. on Saturday August 20th and Sunday HARLEM DAY Aug 21st we will be located across from the 32nd Precinct on 135th street between Fredrick Douglas Blvd and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. You can always call 646 329-6727 to schedule an appointment for a Chunsoo treatment. A relaxed brain will allow you to see what a stressed brain will not allow you to see; it’s all in your head.

Birth Death and Reincarnation

Birth Death and Reincarnation
The age old question of “what happens when we take our last breath?” has eluded the masses from the very beginning of time. Organized religions created philosophical explanations that usually contained instructions for living that would be necessary to enjoy happiness and peace in the afterlife.   

The politics of early Western religious orders made following theories and philosophies of life other than theirs a sin punishable by death.
Concepts of reincarnation, mysticism and the occult were considered pagan beliefs. This concept created a division between science and religion. Many of the great minds in early Europe secretly continued to practice and study ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Secret societies like the Rosicrucians continued to study this religiously outlawed ancient wisdom. Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln even Walt Disney were all Rosicrucians; who studied and practiced wisdom that can be traced to ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt.

The early Egyptians believed in reincarnation, the third ancient Hermetic Principle is Vibration (see Kybalion modern science has proven that all things in our universe vibrate and vibrated energy never dies, it just changes form. What many do not know is this current scientific fact, is based on ancient wisdom.

Rosicrucian teaching speaks of a soul personality that enters the body at birth and leaves the body upon death to persist through many other physical lives. “Birth, Death and Reincarnation” is a title of a chapter in “Wisdom of The Mystic Masters” a book written by Joseph J. Weed to introduce, the basic principles of Rosicrucian philosophy to those who were interested.

Weed gave the early Greeks credit for much of his Rosicrucian teaching to this day many members of societies like The Rosicrucians and Free Masons are not fully educated on the origin of their teachings. None the less I believe Weed’s basic interpretation of reincarnation is worth reading. Rosicrucians are taught to connect with their soul personality.

It is not easy to embrace the possibility that a part of you has experienced other physical lives. There is a reason why only a few have learned to connect with their soul personalities to make extraordinary accomplishments in their life time. It is human nature to fear the unknown. The fear of death (an unknown) and what happens when you die has played a major controlling factor in most organized religions.

If you are reading this dialog it is for a reason, consider the possibility that your concept of death is programed thought, which means your concept of life and your abilities have also been programed. If you can open your mind to this possibility and begin the journey of deprograming yourself you will be able to create unlimited possibilities in your life and perhaps in the next life as well.

There is a Rosicrucian learning center in Harlem located on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. between 135th and 136th streets on the north side of the block. If you can’t get to Harlem pick up the Weed book. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Fear and Doubt III

Fear and Doubt III
There is an ancient wisdom that tells us that learning takes place with repetition; it is for that reason I often right about the danger associated with Fear and Doubt. Fear and doubt have been major tools used by a few to manipulate and control the mental, spiritual and creative development of the masses for centuries in every developed society in the world. The true concepts of faith and compassion have not been practiced by the majority of modern day society.

We all were born with the gift to change our reality using thought manifestation. There are many theories that try to explain why this gift was kept secret from the masses for so long. Most agree that control was a major factor. Ancient Egyptian and Mayan calendars predicted that 2012 would be the visual beginning of the next cycle of human development; the beginning of the end, to the illusory concepts of limitation. Fear and doubt will slowly be replaced with faith and compassion.

Compassion for others and faith in one’s ability to change reality using positive thought manifestation will become necessary survival tools in this new cycle of universal energy. With all that is happening in the our local, national and international communities many of my left brain thinking readers will not embrace my belief that those who rule by fear and doubt will in time self-destruct; to be replaced by a universal energy of faith and compassion. Health and wealth will be two major reasons that will influence this change in many.

The concept of improving ones health and wealth by having faith in one’s ability to manifest a positive reality with focused thought; a reality that also is focused on improving the quality of life for others(compassion) will never be accepted by some. Nature has always been selective those who learn to adept will move on to the next level of human evaluation. Fear and doubt will keep you from becoming all that you can be.

The social programed matrix of fear and doubt has been injected into your psychic from early childhood. There are many reasons why the major news networks concentrate on news that create fear and doubt; control is one of them. Unless you can find ways to step outside of the matrix you will in time self-destruct. Many have no idea that they are living in a matrix, a major reason why stress is the foundation of most illnesses.

Fear and doubt keeps us from learning how to step outside the matrix, to deprogram ourselves and discover who we really are. We have this gift of thought manifestation we us it, but all too often in nonproductive ways. What you think about often will come to you. If you always focus you’re thinking on perceived limitations and the lack of power to determine your future; that will be the reality that you manifest for yourself.

There is a reason for all things including your reading of this dialog, remember nature is selective do not allow fear and/or doubt prevent you from learning new ways of thinking about self and others; thinking and actions that can improve your quality of life and perhaps the quality of life for others.