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Birth Death and Reincarnation

Birth Death and Reincarnation
The age old question of “what happens when we take our last breath?” has eluded the masses from the very beginning of time. Organized religions created philosophical explanations that usually contained instructions for living that would be necessary to enjoy happiness and peace in the afterlife.   

The politics of early Western religious orders made following theories and philosophies of life other than theirs a sin punishable by death.
Concepts of reincarnation, mysticism and the occult were considered pagan beliefs. This concept created a division between science and religion. Many of the great minds in early Europe secretly continued to practice and study ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Secret societies like the Rosicrucians continued to study this religiously outlawed ancient wisdom. Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln even Walt Disney were all Rosicrucians; who studied and practiced wisdom that can be traced to ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt.

The early Egyptians believed in reincarnation, the third ancient Hermetic Principle is Vibration (see Kybalion www.theartofwarogers.info) modern science has proven that all things in our universe vibrate and vibrated energy never dies, it just changes form. What many do not know is this current scientific fact, is based on ancient wisdom.

Rosicrucian teaching speaks of a soul personality that enters the body at birth and leaves the body upon death to persist through many other physical lives. “Birth, Death and Reincarnation” is a title of a chapter in “Wisdom of The Mystic Masters” a book written by Joseph J. Weed to introduce, the basic principles of Rosicrucian philosophy to those who were interested.

Weed gave the early Greeks credit for much of his Rosicrucian teaching to this day many members of societies like The Rosicrucians and Free Masons are not fully educated on the origin of their teachings. None the less I believe Weed’s basic interpretation of reincarnation is worth reading. Rosicrucians are taught to connect with their soul personality.

It is not easy to embrace the possibility that a part of you has experienced other physical lives. There is a reason why only a few have learned to connect with their soul personalities to make extraordinary accomplishments in their life time. It is human nature to fear the unknown. The fear of death (an unknown) and what happens when you die has played a major controlling factor in most organized religions.

If you are reading this dialog it is for a reason, consider the possibility that your concept of death is programed thought, which means your concept of life and your abilities have also been programed. If you can open your mind to this possibility and begin the journey of deprograming yourself you will be able to create unlimited possibilities in your life and perhaps in the next life as well.

There is a Rosicrucian learning center in Harlem located on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. between 135th and 136th streets on the north side of the block. If you can’t get to Harlem pick up the Weed book. 

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