Monday, June 27, 2016

The Legend of Tehuti

The Legend of Tehuti
During the golden area of ancient Egypt known then as Kemet the knowledge and use of astronomy, architecture, geometry, and medicine created achievements that still baffle the finest minds of today. During this time there was a scholar/teacher who historians believe was the foundation of this advanced wisdom, his name was Tehuti or Thoth the Greeks called him Hermes.

Alexandria the Great’s conquest of Persia, Egypt and India created one massive empire where all the great minds went to study in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. The work of Tehuti was studied and preserved in the great library of Alexandria. It is said that the library housed over half a million scrolls; a great deal of Tehuti’s philosophy inspire some of the greatest intellectual achievements of the ancient world.  

The Christian Roman Empire viewed the knowledge stored in the library of Alexandria as pagan philosophies and eventually destroyed much of the scholarly documents stored in the library. Many of the students of Tehuti were Greek which is why Tehuti was rename by the Greeks to Hermes and much of the work that survived the library of Alexandria was classified as Hermetic philosophy.

The teachings of Hermes was a well-guarded secret for centuries you had to be initiated into a secret society or organization to have access to it. Some of the world’s greatest minds were influenced by the writings of Tehuti/Hermes; Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Benjamin Franklin and Carl Jung to name a few.

In 1908 the “Kybalion” published by the “Three Initiates” (who were initiates of a secret society and never gave their names) was one of the first publications that exposed the teachings of Hermes to the masses.

Now you can purchase books like “Hermetica” on you can also get “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes” on Amazon. Wayne B. Chandler’s Ancient Future provides an excellent introduction to Hermetic philosophies. Why is this important to you? If you are reading this you now know the name Tehuti known also as Hermes.

If you take the time read the Kybalion, The Hermetica and Ancient Future you will have the opportunity to tap into an ancient wisdom that has changed the world and could very well change your life. Every major religion has been influenced by the writings Tehuti. When we talk about subjects like thought manifestation, the power of attraction and mind over matter we are talking about subjects found in the ancient teaching of Tehuti. 

You now have access to this knowledge, and I am sure it is for a reason. All things happen for a reason according to the teachings of Tehuti also known as Hermes.
I have a brief overview of the Seven Hermetic Laws found in the Kybalion on my blog at if this dialog is interesting to you send me an email at

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Illusions of Reality

The Illusions of Reality
“Fantasies change reality. That is their purpose. They cannot do so in reality but they can do so in the mind that would have reality be different”. This quote from the text section of “A Course in Miracles” is a profound way of addressing the illusions of reality. Reality is truth according to the teaching of A Course in Miracles which is a study of philosophical thought promoted by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

We live in a socially programed society; much of our concept of reality is perceived facts which create illusions of reality. What do you fear, what is it that you don’t like about yourself or your environment why do you feel a certain way about certain people, places or things? The answers to most of the above questions rest on a foundation of perceived facts that have nothing to do with the truth.

What happens when you allow yourself to become depressed? A story is played over and over in your mind. Something happen or something did not happen. The reasons that justify the depressed state are illusionary perceptions that create mental facts. The path towards deprograming is learning to question the reasons for your anger, depression, sadness, loneliness or any feelings created by an illusion of reality or a perceived truth.

The truth cannot be perceived, the truth is what it is. Perceptions of the truth can only create an illusion of reality, an illusion that can become a psychological prison and a danger to self and others.

Stress is the foundation of most illnesses. Fear and doubt are the two main elements of stress; the perceived truths about self and others manifest from thoughts influenced by fear and doubt.

It is not easy to admit that most of us see our world through the eyes of a socially programed being with perceptions of truth based on illusions of reality. Meditation, Tai Chi, Ki Training and treatments can be useful tools in deprogramming because these types of exercises can allow you to spiritually, mentally and physically step outside of the matrix.    

You cannot realize being in the matrix until you are able to step out of it. When you step outside of the mental matrix you are in the Now. All illusionary thoughts of the past and of the future disappear when you are in the Now.

We are moving into a period of human development were survival skills necessary to evolve to the next stage will be skills learned outside the matrix of socially programed perceived truths and facts derived by illusions of reality.  Nature is selective which side of the cut do you want to be on.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Month of June

The Month of June
June is my favorite month many of my mile stones in life experiences have taken place in June including my birth. June has always provided me with both happy and sad reflections. June 2016 will be no different I shall always remember it to be the month that the Greatest transcended.

As a young man growing up in the 60’s and 70’s Muhammad Ali was a hero and inspiration to me and too many young Black man during that period in American history. It was a time of redefining and discovering who we were and who we were not.

When you have the courage and faith to believe in yourself, you can achieve what many consider greatness. Ali taught us by example that we all had the ability to be great if we truly believed in ourselves; this is why he will always be the Greatest.

June is also the month when summer begins. In Taoist wellness strategies the heart (Yin) and the small intestine (Yang) are the two vital organs affected by June the month that represents the element of fire and the red planet of Mars. Hearts of fire create love desire is a very appropriate theme for the month of June. 

The 2016 Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic will take place on June 19th the day that I was born a few decades ago. This historic event was created by an African-American police officer David Walker. In the beginning the cycling even was focused on bicycle racing and cycling safety awareness programs for community youth.

In a few years this annual June event which is always held on Father’s Day became a premiere attraction of the United States Cycling Federation attracting national and international cycling champions as well as local cyclist from Harlem and the greater New York area to compete.  Nelson Beasley Vails was one of the local cyclists who competed in this event. 

Nelson was a bike massager who lived in the projects on 115th street and Lenox Avenue. Nelson’s success in riding as well if not better than many of the professional cyclists each year at the Skyscraper Classic, allowed him to be discovered by scouts and become a national and international champion himself. 

He went on to become the first African-American to win an Olympic medal in cycling. He won a silver medal at the 1984 summer Olympics and came very close to winning the gold.  

For further information on this historic international event contact Richard Cox at 347 948-6479. The June 19th classic will start at 12:00 noon at 122nd Street at Marcus Garvey Park. There will be food and entertainment and an opportunity to meet Nelson Vail. Who knows you might see the next Nelson Vail. It may not be too late to register perhaps you might be the next Nelson Vail.

The Harlem Arts Festival will close out the wonderful month of June with the annual free festival featuring dance, theater, & visual arts during the last weekend in June. The Harlem Arts Festival will also take place in Marcus Garvey Park. For further information send an email to

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water
We all know that water is very important for our health; the like of water can be deadly. There are many types of drinking water options available but it is important to understand some drinking water can be more helpful to your overall self-health strategies then others.

I believe the best water to drink to maximize your health is ionized alkaline water. On a pH scale from 3.0 to 10, ionized alkaline water is between 9.0 and 10. Most commercial bottled water is in the 5.0pH range; New York tap water is around 7.0 the higher the pH value in your drinking water the better it is for your health.

New York City has some of the best tap water in the country but the many chemicals used to make it safe has taken away much of its natural health value.  Many of the chemicals used in our water system have been found to be harmful and toxic; chlorine is one of those controversial chemicals. There is a strong movement currently trying to get New York to reduce or eliminate the use of chlorine in the treatment of the cities tap water due to research showing harmful health reactions to chlorine treated water.

Ionized water machines will filter out chemicals and toxins in regular tap water  transforming normal tap water into healthy ionized alkaline water with a point 9.0 or better pH value. The best machines will produce the highest pH value of 10 in the ionized alkaline water that they transform from tap water. The reason why the high pH value is so important in preserving health is its ability to reduce the acidity in the body. Excess acids in the body will attack and destroy healthy body tissue, the body protects itself from this by creating fat cells.

Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body and the high pH value in alkaline water will reduce the bodies need to produce fat and cholesterol to protect itself from harmful acids. Most people who drink and cook with ionized alkaline water will experience weight loss another benefit. When detoxing the use of alkaline water can address the toxic effects of mercury and other harmful metals found in the body due to the air that we breathe and our diet.

As we grow older stress caused by the aging process can increase the acidity in our body one of the ways our immune system defends itself is to take calcium from our bones to develop an alkaline buffer to naturalize the acidity. Once the calcium in our bones becomes depleted osteoporosis will develop.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease because bone damage can occur without outward signs or symptoms until something brakes. There is a great deal of research that shows drinking alkaline water can reduce bone loss and become a useful tool in addressing osteoporosis.

My family has used water ionizers for years we currently use the Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer at our Ki wellness center. A good water ionizer in an investment in your health and in time you will find it more cost effective to make your own drinking water. for additional information on this dialog send me an email at