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The Legend of Tehuti

The Legend of Tehuti
During the golden area of ancient Egypt known then as Kemet the knowledge and use of astronomy, architecture, geometry, and medicine created achievements that still baffle the finest minds of today. During this time there was a scholar/teacher who historians believe was the foundation of this advanced wisdom, his name was Tehuti or Thoth the Greeks called him Hermes.

Alexandria the Great’s conquest of Persia, Egypt and India created one massive empire where all the great minds went to study in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. The work of Tehuti was studied and preserved in the great library of Alexandria. It is said that the library housed over half a million scrolls; a great deal of Tehuti’s philosophy inspire some of the greatest intellectual achievements of the ancient world.  

The Christian Roman Empire viewed the knowledge stored in the library of Alexandria as pagan philosophies and eventually destroyed much of the scholarly documents stored in the library. Many of the students of Tehuti were Greek which is why Tehuti was rename by the Greeks to Hermes and much of the work that survived the library of Alexandria was classified as Hermetic philosophy.

The teachings of Hermes was a well-guarded secret for centuries you had to be initiated into a secret society or organization to have access to it. Some of the world’s greatest minds were influenced by the writings of Tehuti/Hermes; Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Benjamin Franklin and Carl Jung to name a few.

In 1908 the “Kybalion” published by the “Three Initiates” (who were initiates of a secret society and never gave their names) was one of the first publications that exposed the teachings of Hermes to the masses.

Now you can purchase books like “Hermetica” on you can also get “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes” on Amazon. Wayne B. Chandler’s Ancient Future provides an excellent introduction to Hermetic philosophies. Why is this important to you? If you are reading this you now know the name Tehuti known also as Hermes.

If you take the time read the Kybalion, The Hermetica and Ancient Future you will have the opportunity to tap into an ancient wisdom that has changed the world and could very well change your life. Every major religion has been influenced by the writings Tehuti. When we talk about subjects like thought manifestation, the power of attraction and mind over matter we are talking about subjects found in the ancient teaching of Tehuti. 

You now have access to this knowledge, and I am sure it is for a reason. All things happen for a reason according to the teachings of Tehuti also known as Hermes.
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