Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Other Side of Zero

The Other Side of Zero

We live in a three dimensional slower than the speed of light world of form. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Energy=Mass and the Speed of Light Squared (E=MC2) proved that everything in our universe is vibrating energy. An energy mass vibrating slower than the speed of light can have form which allows it to become a part of our three dimensional world. Einstein’s Theory enhanced the early discovery by Nikola Tesla of Zero Point Energy, the energy source that creates our three dimensional universe.

The question of what is on the other side of Zero Point Energy is, bringing Quantum Physics and Ancient Spiritual Philosophies together, it is called the Spiritual Science Movement. The invisible world is a term often used in Taoist writings. The invisible world or Spiritual world is considered to be a dimension where individuals can consciously or unconsciously tap into.

With the discovery of Tachyon Energy in 1977, we now know that energy can move from a formless zero point energy dimension into our three dimensional world of form. The possibility of the existence of other dimensions is a growing line of research in Quantum Physics. Energy never dies, it will only change form. In Taoism, the energy of your ancestors exist in the invisible or spiritual world, science is now saying that the energy of your ancestors could possibility exist in a different dimension.

I do not believe that the death of a loved one is the end, I believe that we can consciously or unconsciously tap into the energy of a loved ones who are no longer in our three dimensional world of form. I often like to share these thoughts around the holiday season. We often think about friends and family who are no longer in this dimension around this time. For some it can be a time of sadness, but it should not be.

The energy of unconditional love has a very high frequency it is the foundation of our Ki Energy treatments at our center. It is also your way to move from this three dimensional world into the spiritual world. You can connect to the energy of your ancestors when this happens. It could be during meditation or in a dream but many people have experienced a form of communication with their ancestors and loved ones who have transitioned. 

I have learned that fear and doubt can prevent us from accepting the possibility that communication can be made with spiritual energy outside of our world. Up until recently many would find it difficult to accept this as a rational conversation. Science is now saying there are unlimited possibilities waiting to be discovered on the other side of zero.

I believe during this time of year the ability to tap into different dimensions of energy is intensified and can cause depression for those who are not aware. I suggest this is the time to embrace the memories, and feelings we have of loved ones who are no longer with us in this world. We are all vibrating forms of energy, and energy never dies it just changes form, I truly believe that there is life on the other side of zero, a place where there is no beginning and no end. With love and faith all things are possible.

Tachyon Energy 21st Century Healing

Tachyon Energy 21st Century Healing

In the late 1800’s Nikola Tesla demonstrated proof of the existence of new kinds of electromagnetic waves of energy that exist in the empty space between the atoms of our bodies and the empty space above the earth and between the stars. Tesla named this new discovery Zero-Point Energy.
In the 1920’s Albert Einstein expanded the understanding and study of Zero-Point Energy which became the foundation of Quantum physics. Research has found that Zero Point Energy waves can be coaxed to crossover into our 3-dimensional world from their 5-dimensional realm.

In 1977 Columbia University physicist Gerald Feinberg, defined a faster-then-light, subatomic particle of Zero Point Energy that had form, as Tachyon energy. Further research showed that Tachyon energy could positively influence the cellular structure of the body and could be used to heal the body of disease.
In 1990 David Wagner developed a process called Tachyonization, which is a way to infuse objects with Tachyon energy, a process that will in time change the approach to health care.

 Tachyon energy healing is based on the idea that the body knows what frequency of energy flow is appropriate for each organ, system and cell. This knowledge is controlled by the bodies Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF’s).
When all of the bodies SOEF’s frequencies are in balance we are healthy, if the SOEF’s frequency attached to our liver is weak we have liver problems, as with all other vital organs controlled by SOEF frequencies.

 Research has now proven that Tachyon energy has the ability to heal by stimulating the energetic frequencies to bring balance to the bodies SOEF’s which will stimulate healing. This is not Sci Fi it is real.
A few weeks ago I wrote about energy tools made with ancient Egyptian cubit measurements that can positively influence the SOEF’s frequencies in the body for healing and protection (see blog Internal energy balancing techniques such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Ki training and treatment also stimulate energetic frequencies in the body for health; and have been used for over 5000 years.

Zero Point Energy is a scientific fact; it is also called the source energy, all energy sources we currently know of flow from it. It has no form it is a part of everything and everything is a part of it. Tachyon is a part of Zero Point Energy that has form and can be used as a tool for healing.

I have a number of articles on my blog about the Spiritual Science movement. Tachyon energy and Ki energy are examples of this movement that provides scientific research that supports the ancient wisdom of energy healing.  I know many of the readers of this article my not visit the Ki Energy Center for a lack of understanding of what we do. I would advise you however, to learn more about Tachyon energy products.

It is all about energy, Ki energy treatments, Tachyon energy products, or Ancient Egyptian energy tools; I will continue to bring new and old energy wellness, options to you. If you would like more information on energy healing options visit my blog, send me an email at or call 646 329=6727

Is Your Cell Phone Use Safe?

Is Your Cell Phone Use Safe?

Cell phones play an important part in the communication options in today’s universal society. There are not many places that one can go in the world without seeing one. There has been a tremendous growth in cellphone use in the past ten years. Which brings the question of safety, a worldly concern; the major concern is the possible risk of brain tumors and brain cancer. Studies have been conducted in every major country in the free world. 

To date there is no objective published research that can show a direct link to brain damage and cell phone use; there is however a growing concern.
What we do know is, cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves). Radiofrequency is a form of Electromagnetic Radiation. This type of radiation can be categorized into two types; Ionizing (x-rays, radon, cosmic rays) and non-ionizing (radiofrequency, microwave ovens and radar). Exposure to Ionizing Radiation has been known to increase the risk of cancer. 

There is no consistent evidence that shows exposure to non-ionizing radiation can increase the risk of cancer, as of yet.
The radiofrequency energy emitted from cell phones can be absorbed by the tissue near where the phone is held. This radiation also travels and the amount of cell phone use is still growing. In 2000 there were about 110 million cell phone users in America; according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. As of 2010 the organization reported over 303 million. The International Telecommunications Union reports over 5 billion international users. That’s a lot of electromagnetic radiation in the world environment.

Last week I wrote about energy tools that can naturalize the growing exposure to electromagnetic radiation (see  This week I would like to talk about an energy tool that I now use on my cell phone, to naturalize the radiofrequency energy emitted from it.  It is called the Bio-Field Shield. I was introduced to this tool by Herbert Rosa, the American distributor of the Bio-Field Shield.

The Bio-Field Shield is a small  metal device that sticks to your cell phone that has been enhanced and empowered with Tachyon Energy by German Physicist.  The use of Tachyon Energy will revolutionize health care in the near future. In 1977 Columbia University physicist Gerald Feinberg defined Tachyon Energy as a faster-then-light subatomic particle. In 1990 David Wagner created the first device that could concentrate and focus Tachyon Energy.

The Tachyon Energy in the Bio-Field Shield converts radiofrequency energy emitted from cell phones into beneficial negative Ions that have proven to be healing to the body.  The concept of Tachyon energy and the healing potential will be the focus of next week’s Urbanology article.

Most of the people reading this article use a cell phone; many will purchase cell phones as gifts over the holidays.  If you have young people using cell phones they maybe of a greater risk being exposed to radiofrequency energy over a period of time. For these reasons and a number of others I suggest you reach out to Herbert Rosa at to learn how to put a Bio-Field Shield on your cell phone.
I will interview Herbert on my WHCR 90.3FM Urbanology radio show in January, you can also call my direct line at 646 329-6727 to learn more about the Bio-Field Shield.