Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DNA the Key to Life

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick announced their discovery of the genetic code to the world. Interestingly, Wayne Chandler, author of The African Presence in Early Asia, notes that their discovery, consisting of 64 binary triplet figures called DNA codons, corresponds directly to the 64 binary triplet hexagrams of the I Ching. While modern day science is just learning about the key to life, research is showing that ancient wisdom has answered questions we’re still asking today. Questions like who are we, and what is our purpose in life?

In his book, Eat Right for Your Type, Dr. Peter D’Adamo writes about the different foods that each blood type should or should not eat. According to D’Adamo, a single drop of blood contains the entire genetic code of a human being. This DNA blueprint contains eons of genetic memory passed on from our ancestors that effects each of us today. There are many who believe that DNA research can also be used to address health, wealth and relationships. In her book, The DNA of Healing, Margaret Ruby writes about ways to reprogram your DNA with positive patterns.

It was only eight years ago, in 2000, when J. Craig Ventor and Francis Collins announced the sequencing of the entire human genome. Their project, known as the Human Genome Project, created data files of 20,000 to 25,000 genes in human DNA, and the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA. In 2003, scientists finished mapping the sequence of human DNA. This has allowed for advances in health research, and also police and legal work. Ruby also suggested that there is now research proving that our DNA is not a fixed code, and that our genes can be affected - and even altered - by our emotions and experiences.

The belief that the memory locked in DNA passed on by our ancestors not only determines the color of our eyes and hair, but actually influences our behavior patterns is not new. In Asia, Africa and South America, ancestor healing has been going on for thousands of years. I had to do a great deal of ancestor training when I was training in the ancient Taoist Ki Energy System I now call Ki-Do, or the Way of Ki (www.kienergycenter.com). Ancestor training, like many other ancient ways, such as energy healing, is now becoming recognized in the scientific community. Better late then never.

Margaret Ruby’s book gives a number of interesting ways to neutralize the negative unconscious programming that we all inherit from genes passed on from generation to generation. This negative programming can affect our ability to make money, to have strong loving relationships, and our health. I always say that there is nothing new under the Sun. The more we learn, the more we understand that what we learn is not new. If you find this subject interesting, send me an email at info@kienergycenter.com, or call my office at 646 329-6727. You might also want to visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers.com.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Noetic Sciences

Many of you who follow my Urbanology column know I truly believe the spiritual science movement that’s reconnecting ancient spiritual concepts with modern day science may be the future salvation of life as we know it on earth. People around the world are starting to understand that ancient knowledge can be useful today. We’re in a time of human evolution leading to a better understanding of our power within. If you’re new to this thinking and reading this column for the first time - don’t believe it’s a coincidence. There’s no such thing. What some consider coincidence is actually the mind of the universe talking to them.

We’re experiencing a greater understanding of the oneness between energy and matter, our oneness with the universe - and the universe with us. This understanding has led science to a new respect for ancient wisdom in addressing health related issues, and improving human potential. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), www.noetic.org, is taking a leadership role in legitimizing the spiritual science movement. The institute was founded in 1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and industrialist Paul N. Temple. The mission of IONS is to encourage and conduct research on human potentials.

IONS researches topics such as spontaneous remission, meditation, consciousness, alternative healing, spirituality, human potential, psychic abilities, survival of consciousness after bodily death, and others. In his new international best seller, The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown (author of The DaVinci Code) features the noetic sciences in this exciting tale combining fact with fiction, with a plot structured around actual research being conducted by IONS. It will indirectly expose millions of readers to the spiritual science movement. Some will say the timing is coincidental…but we know better.

I joined IONS because of the institute’s extensive research in alternative healing practices, such as energy healing and spontaneous remission. I was trained in an ancient Korean Taoist Ki energy stress management system that I now call Ki-Do, or the way of Ki. Chunsoo is the most public part of this Ki training and treatment system. Ki masters and practitioners use sound vibrations and touch to relax the body, open harmful energy blockages and reduce stress. IONS scientists are developing scientific research to complement ancient wellness techniques like Chunsoo. I conduct free Chunsoo sessions on Wednesdays from 12 - 3:00pm at the Harlem State Office Building at 163 West 125th Street on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (7th Avenue).

Stress is a silent killer and the basis of most illnesses. The holiday season is the most stressful time of the year. Chunsoo treatments have been known to reduce stress, address high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, depression and insomnia. Between now and Wednesday, December 30th, I’ll keep records of people treated, and the effects of this stress management system on the quality of their lives. Perhaps IONS will be interested. I’ll keep you updated. For more information on Ki treatments and training visit www.kienergycenter.com or my blog at www.theartofwarogers.com, you can also call 646 329-6727.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2012: A Matter of Time

The internet, TV and Hollywood are buzzing with 2012 predictions. Some say the world will end. Others say it’s the mark of a new beginning. All agree that something is happening, and that the Mayan calendar predictions this date is based on aren’t to be taken lightly. The Maya civilization was one of the most culturally dynamic societies in the world, according to Alexandra Bruce in her book 2012: Science or Superstition. Mayan culture was so advanced in astronomy and timekeeping many have theorized they were influenced by extraterrestrials. How could such an ancient civilization have such an understanding of the heavens and how the movements of planets affected the Earth?

The dates of the predicted changes Earth will experience are in question. December 26th, 2012 is when the Maya calendar ends after 5,200 years. It’s the last of five calendars, each lasting 5,200 years. Scientists now suggest the Sun has not been as close to our galaxy in 26,000 years, which is 5,200 times 5. According to Mayan predictions, we’re moving into the world of the fifth Sun. Others believe that December 21, 2012 is when the Mayan long count calendar signifies the end of a World Age and the beginning of a new one. Others believe October 28th, 2011 is that date.

Whatever served as the foundation of the amazing Mayan culture that combined science and spirituality came to an end around 1502. That’s when the Spaniards began the genocidal campaigns that destroyed much of the culture and literature, similar to what happened in Egypt after the Greek invasion. There are many who believe the Mayan calendar is a warning that the whole world will not end - just that part of the world that’s turned its back on nature and separated science from spirituality. Perhaps it’s time to determine if we want to be part of the material world of old - or the new age of spirituality?

Something is happening. NASA scientists speak of a puzzling surplus of high-energy electrons bombarding Earth from an unknown origin. There’s also been a sharp increase in gamma ray bursts from stars close to the galactic center. According to Bruce, “The weakening of both the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic shield coincides with a time of an abrupt increase in gamma ray bursts from relatively close stars. The Earth is receiving 1,000% more cosmic radiation than at any time ever recorded, much of which we don’t know anything about.” There are those who view this massive influx of new energies to be spiritually beneficial while keeping the powers that be off-guard.

I strongly suggest that we don’t buy into the Doomsday predictions of 2012. Fear and doubt are the greatest deterrents to personal and spiritual growth. Look around you. Change is becoming more and more obvious. We’re moving away from the competitive mind back to the creative mind. But remember, nature is selective. If you continue to live in a world without compassion…it will just be a matter of time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Harlem Holistic Wellness Collective

The Harlem Holistic Wellness Collective (HHWC) was developed after a number of talks between me and Dr. Robert Woodbine, president of San Bao Holistic Care in Harlem, concerning the need to organize the wellness practitioners we know into a body that provides health treatment and maintenance options for Harlem residents and others seeking alternative ways to address health problems.

HHWC was introduced during the Harlem Day 2009 Health Village exhibit. That day, wellness practitioners under the HHWC banner joined other health care providers and hospitals to provide hundreds of people with treatment and alternative ways to address health problems. Willie Walker, director of the Harlem State Office Building (HSOB), was so impressed with the experience that he suggested creating a wellness program at the HSOB. Consequently, Mr. Walker, Dr. Woodbine and I developed a working foundation for a community wellness program.

Every Wednesday, between 12 - 3pm, I’ll give free Ki Energy Chunsoo demonstrations in room 806 of the HSOB. These treatments are known to reduce stress, high blood pressure, back pain, depression, insomnia and other stress related health challenges (go to: www.kienergycenter.com or my blog at www.theartofwarogers). Dr. Woodbine will conduct a community acupuncture program - for times and dates call 212 234-9125.

The current HHWC members are: Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, N.D., M.AC.O.M., who’s formal medical training includes a doctorate in naturopathic medicine (N.D.) and master of acupuncture and oriental medicine (M.Ac.O.M.). He’s licensed in both disciplines. He’s also studied Qigong and Taijiquan in the U.S., China, Thailand, France and Switzerland.

Aswad Foster is trained in auricular acupuncture and works with Acupuncturist Without Borders. He holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate and is a certified Integral Hatha Yoga instructor, teaching New York Public school children yoga for over ten years.

Norman Spiller is a 1998 graduate of the Swedish Institute of New York, specializing in Swedish, Shiatsu and Clinical massage techniques. He’s studied at the Upledger Institute, specializing in Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Norman is also a Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner.

Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson, owners of Raw Soul, a full service vegan, raw restaurant and juice bar located at 348 West 145th Street. Raw Soul also offers fresh, unique organic juices and smoothies.

Ruth Spiller is a teacher/Reiki Master who’s also a certified Yoga therapist. She’s taught Harmonic Movements (a rehabilitative movement form) for 10 years in Harlem and Chelsea.

I have trained in the martial arts for over thirty years, hold a six degree black belt in Goju Karate, and was inducted into the World Professional Martial Arts Organization in 2008 at Madison Square Garden. After training in the mountains of South Korea, I became the first African American master in the ancient Taoist Ki Energy stress management system called Chunsoo.

Together, The Harlem Holistic Wellness Collective’s goal is to provide effective and affordable care to address the root causes of chronic illness in communities of color. For more information on HHWC call Dr. Woodbine at 212 234-9125 or my office at 646 329-6727.