Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Super Vitamin

The Super Vitamin
I often write about Atomy  a company developed by the South Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea a private sector medicine and cosmetics R&D Company to produce super fusion technology organic herbal products for commercial use. I have a number of articles about this on my face book page under Atomy and on my blog at
South Korea has a very long history of having the Taoist philosophy play an important role in the country’s political and scientific development. The South Korean National flag has the Taoist Yin/Yang symbol along with four the of the Taoist Eight Gates which are the foundation of the I Ching a famous Taoist classic book of advice and wisdom.
My training as a Korean Taoist master has allowed me to remain close to Korean Taoist masters that I trained with in Korea, Canada and the United States. I was introduced to Atomy by my good friend master Sung Ho Cha. I agreed to help introduce Atomy products to the United States and the Caribbean after using them and learning the philosophy of the company.
Atomy has a wonderful new organic herbal fusion technology enhanced Multi-Vitamin called Atomy Beauty. It is the world’s first multi-vitamin and mineral product produced by state of the art fusion and bio technology in conjunction with ancient Taoist herbal wellness strategies.
Atomy Beauty has 12 vitamins (C, E, B1, B2 ,B, B12 ,D, Biotin, Niacin, Pantothen, Folic Acid and Beta Carotene) 6 minerals (Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, and Chromium) 7 organic herbs (Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, Oregano, Spearmint and Lemongrass). This super multi-vitamin also has a seven berries powder, an organic fruit powder and a 20 vegetable concentrate powder all in two tablets per day.
It is necessary for the human body to have a balanced intake of all of the basic vitamins and minerals to function perfectly, something most of us never do. We often do not have the opportunity to eat a balanced meal. Atomy Beauty is a wonderful solution to that problem. If you would like to visit my Atomy web-site at please use my ID 731219 and my guest password 0919 you will not be able to make a purchase only members can do that; but you can read about the many other Atomy Herbal products. If you would like to become a member at no cost send me an email at or call 646 329-6727
If you visit the HNG exhibit at the WBLS Circle of Sisters Expo October 6th and 7th  I will provide more information on Atomy products and membership. Our Harlem Taoist Ki Energy Center will also have an exhibit at the New Life Expo October 19th  20th and 21st
We have a special discount for Atomy members at our Harlem Ki Center for treatments and training. I will also provide information on this product and other Taoist wellness strategies during my four week workshop The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity during the Fall semester of the City College Continuing and Professional Studies Program from October 13th to November 2nd. For more information on this workshop visit or call 212 650-7312

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Consulting the I Ching

Consulting the I Ching
The I Ching also known as the Book of Change is well over six thousand years old, philosophers, warriors, political and business leaders have used this ancient classic to shape the development of human evolution. The mapping of human DNA and the foundation for information technology are but two areas influenced by the 64 six-line Yin/Yang hexagrams that form the bases of the I Ching.  Knowledge of the human DNA code and information technology have yet to reach their peak in developing new awareness in human development.
 If you read the I Ching articles on my blog at  you will understand my fascination for how the ancient wisdom found in consulting the I Ching is still playing a major role in human development and abilities. Many Western scholars did not take the value of consulting the I Ching seriously until the translation published by Wilhelm/Baynes in the mid 1940’s.
 One of the world’s most famous psychologist Carl Jung was so impressed after being introduced to the I Ching he helped Richard Wilhelm raised the funds to publish (Princeton University Press) his translation. Jung also wrote the forward for what is considered one of the best Western translations of the Book of Change.
Jung realized that consulting the I Ching was a way to tap into the wisdom of the human subconscious mind. R.L. Wing writes in The I Ching Workbook that in consulting the I Ching you develop your powers of intuition; you begin to evolve your subconscious into a more sophisticated instrument of perception, able to penetrate the true forces at work in your life.
The Wing book can serve as an excellent introduction to the I Ching and I use it in my introduction to the I Ching workshops. Wu Wei has also written a number of books on the I Ching and I find his translations the easiest to understand. I also learned how to use the Yarrow Stalk Method for consulting the I Ching from Wei’s popular book The I Ching; The Book of Answers. The yarrow stalk method gives a more accurate consultation than the more common three coin method.
I now only use the yarrow stalk method in my personal I Ching consultant sessions and when working with others. I provide one hour I Ching consulting sessions at our Harlem Taoist Ki Energy Center by appointment. If you are interested please call my office at 646 329-6727.
 The use of the I Ching is wonderful strategic tool that can be used for advice in both personal and business matters. Like Carl Jung and many others I too believe that the subconscious mind is our connection to the mind of the universe. The power of the subconscious mind is unlimited and the I Ching has served as a key to unlocking the wisdom of the subconscious mind for centuries. After one or more session of consulting the I Ching you will understand why.
I am one of the few Korean trained Taoist urban masters that use the yarrow stalk method for consulting the I Ching on the East Coast. All things happen for a reason there is no such thing as a coincidence. If you are reading this article and have a personal or business issue you would like advice on, perhaps I can help you.


Prayer Therapy

Prayer Therapy
When we pray who are we praying to? Most will say that we are praying to God for help, guidance and abilities. Over the centuries organized religion has confused the concept of prayer due a confused concept of God. Wars are still being fought to prove whose God is the greatest. Man’s interpretation of God has all too often been used to determine when and how one prays. Many have moved from a religious interpretation of God to a spiritual interpretation of God; making prayer therapy more of an act of faith then a religious act.
A spiritual interpretation of God allows one to understand that God is no different than gravity there is no discrimination; if a Jew, a Muslim and a Christen jump off a roof the universal law of gravity will apply to each one. The ancient Egyptians considered God to be energy or The All. Modern science has proven that all things are energy and that energy is all things. Ancient profits considered the human body to be the Temple of God. Most where put to death and temples were built to worship them. 
In prayer therapy the subconscious mind is considered to be the human connection to God or the mind of the universe. Joseph Murphy describes prayer therapy in has book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, this way: “Prayer therapy is the synchronized, harmonious, and intelligent function of the conscious and subconscious levels of mind specifically directed for a definite purpose”.
Murphy goes on to say “In prayer therapy you consciously choose a certain idea, mental picture, or plan which you desire to experience. You realize your capacity to convey this idea or mental image to your subconscious by feeling the reality of the state assumed. As you remain faithful in your mental attitude, your prayer will be answered”. The key word is faith.
In prayer therapy which is also called scientific prayer one must have faith that humans were created with a gift of thought manifestation. If you can allow yourself to believe that you have this ability your concept of prayer will change. The most important thing to understand is that you have used this ability all your life. The mental pictures that you convey to your subconscious based on your beliefs have often manifested in your life. All too often many of our mental pictures have been based on fear and doubt rather than faith and compassion.
Prayer therapy is an important self-healing tool. Murphy states that “Any method which causes you to move from fear and worry to faith and expectancy will heal”. I find that when working with people who come to our Ki Energy wellness center in Harlem that the Taoist method of prayer therapy plays an important part in the long term journey of understanding how to self-heal.
I invite you to call me at 646 329-6727 to schedule an appointment to visit our wellness center to learn more about this subject. You can also visit my blog at