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Consulting the I Ching

Consulting the I Ching
The I Ching also known as the Book of Change is well over six thousand years old, philosophers, warriors, political and business leaders have used this ancient classic to shape the development of human evolution. The mapping of human DNA and the foundation for information technology are but two areas influenced by the 64 six-line Yin/Yang hexagrams that form the bases of the I Ching.  Knowledge of the human DNA code and information technology have yet to reach their peak in developing new awareness in human development.
 If you read the I Ching articles on my blog at  you will understand my fascination for how the ancient wisdom found in consulting the I Ching is still playing a major role in human development and abilities. Many Western scholars did not take the value of consulting the I Ching seriously until the translation published by Wilhelm/Baynes in the mid 1940’s.
 One of the world’s most famous psychologist Carl Jung was so impressed after being introduced to the I Ching he helped Richard Wilhelm raised the funds to publish (Princeton University Press) his translation. Jung also wrote the forward for what is considered one of the best Western translations of the Book of Change.
Jung realized that consulting the I Ching was a way to tap into the wisdom of the human subconscious mind. R.L. Wing writes in The I Ching Workbook that in consulting the I Ching you develop your powers of intuition; you begin to evolve your subconscious into a more sophisticated instrument of perception, able to penetrate the true forces at work in your life.
The Wing book can serve as an excellent introduction to the I Ching and I use it in my introduction to the I Ching workshops. Wu Wei has also written a number of books on the I Ching and I find his translations the easiest to understand. I also learned how to use the Yarrow Stalk Method for consulting the I Ching from Wei’s popular book The I Ching; The Book of Answers. The yarrow stalk method gives a more accurate consultation than the more common three coin method.
I now only use the yarrow stalk method in my personal I Ching consultant sessions and when working with others. I provide one hour I Ching consulting sessions at our Harlem Taoist Ki Energy Center by appointment. If you are interested please call my office at 646 329-6727.
 The use of the I Ching is wonderful strategic tool that can be used for advice in both personal and business matters. Like Carl Jung and many others I too believe that the subconscious mind is our connection to the mind of the universe. The power of the subconscious mind is unlimited and the I Ching has served as a key to unlocking the wisdom of the subconscious mind for centuries. After one or more session of consulting the I Ching you will understand why.
I am one of the few Korean trained Taoist urban masters that use the yarrow stalk method for consulting the I Ching on the East Coast. All things happen for a reason there is no such thing as a coincidence. If you are reading this article and have a personal or business issue you would like advice on, perhaps I can help you.


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