Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fighting the Big C

Fighting the Big C

As many of you know I became interested in holistic health during an eight year battle with Cancer that my late wife Carmen Tatum-Rogers lost in 1998. I write about this in my book Reflections on Self-Empowerment, ( and on my blog . My current wife Laura Abadsantos-Rogers introduced me to a Korean Taoist wellness system that we both practice at our Ki Energy wellness clinic in Harlem.
The last words that Carmen said to me was; “I know why this happen to me, it is to prepare you for what you will have to do”.  I am not sure if I will ever understand what she meant, but I have dedicated life to providing information and options for people who are interested in finding non-toxic ways of addressing dis-ease.  When you battle Cancer sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.
Chemotherapy or Chemo and radiation are the two basic medical procedures for fighting Cancer and Cisplatin is the most widely used drug with Chemo because of its ability to kill malignant Cancer cells. The problem with Cisplatin Chemo treatments are the side effects. Chemo not only kills malignant cells it also attacks healthy cells including red and white blood cells. Chemo also suppresses the production of white blood cells the term used to identify this problem is called Neutropenia (new-tro-pee-nee-uh).
The most common side effects from Chemo treatments are Nausea, vomiting, hearing lost, kidney and nerve damage. Chemo can close down the innate immune system’s ability to defend the body. Stress is a major cause of cancer. Stress will over tax the immune system by over powering the body’s NK cells. NK cells or Natural Killer cells are the body’s first line of defense. They kill cells that are infected and attack tumors. Without NK cells the body becomes venerable to disease.
If you are reading this article and have a family member or associate taking Chemo treatments I strongly suggest looking into a natural herbal based tonic called HemoHIM. The Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)developed this herbal compound by combining advanced fusion technologies with traditional Chinese and Korean Taoist herbal wellness formula’s using herbs  from Asia, Africa and North America such as Angelica Gigas Nakai, Cnidium Officinate and Paeonia Japonica also known as Peony.
HEMOHIM has been scientifically proven to be an anti-cancer substance. If you go to you can read a study (not easy reading) on how HemoHIM used with Cisplatin reduced the side effects of chemo and decreased the size of tumors in rats at a faster rate.
Atomy is note only an anti-cancer tonic but by making the immune system strong it also address fatigue, stamina, chronic fatigue, and male impotency. If you would like more information on HemoHIM visit and use my ID 731219 and my guest pass word 0919.  You can also call my office at 646 329-6727 or send me an email at  to learn how to become an Atomy member which will allow you to make a purchase from the site. Membership is free.
  Atomy natural herbal personal and homecare products also can provide an outstanding business opportunity, visit the site and give me a call.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Being Thankful

Being Thankful
We are moving into the holiday season and a time where it is socially correct to be thankful and giving to loved ones and friends. Yet many people who are reading this article many not feel the spirit of gratitude and giving.   For anyone reading this article who maybe dealing with negative or depressing feelings and/or thoughts this is a message to you.  All things happen for a reason, which means there is no such thing as a coincidence the mind of the universe is sending you a message. In this case the message is we have the ability to create our reality and that is something to be thankful for.

Wu Wei a noted contemporary Taoist author often writes that “All things are beneficial” this may take some time to understand but consider this if something bad happens to you can address it in two ways; why did this happen to me or how can I learn from this. The ability to overcome obstacles is the foundation for personal growth. We often miss the message and the ability for personal growth because we only focus on the negative or depressing emotions attached to the obstacle we face.

The commercialism of giving during this time of year has been a major factor in the feeling of depression and low self-esteem for many who are experiencing economic challenges which is truly unfortunate because giving unconditional love is a priceless gift that is free and we all have the ability to give it and for that we should be thankful.  
The frequency of unconditional love gives us the ability to forgive and not to judge. Unconditional love always starts with oneself which then allows for the negative frequency of envy, jealousy and hatred of others to be channeled into positive internal energy that encourages health and personal growth.

It is difficult to truly experience unconditional love without have faith.  A faith, that allows you to believe that you have been created with a gift that gives you the ability to manifest your thoughts into reality.  This is something to be thankful for. It is not necessary to believe you have the power of manifestation it happens anyway.  It is very important to monitor your thoughts what you think of most becomes part of your reality it is the power of attraction.  The spirit of being thankful is gratitude which is a major factor in personal development. 

 I am very thankful for the emails, calls and text messages about the Atomy site for those that missed last week’s column I will post it on my blog at but here is the site address and info again to login use this ID 731219 and this pass word 0919 as a guest you will not be able to make a purchase but you can view the products.
 If you would like to try some of the products which I think you should membership is free send me an email at and I will show you how to register.  This too will be something to be thankful for the Atomy natural herbal products are wonderful.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

If you follow my articles in this column or on my blog at you know that in 2000 I completed my training in the mountains of South Korea to become the first African-American Korean Chundo Taoist Ki Energy master. South Korea has a strong foundation in the Taoist philosophy if you Google the South Korean national flag you will see that it has the Taoist Yin-Yang symbol along with four of the Taoist Eight Gate Fire, Water, Heaven and Earth.
Over the years my relationship with Chundo Taoist masters who live in America has been extremely helpful in introducing Korean wellness products to those who read my articles or visit the New York Ki Energy Center which is now located in Harlem.  The latest products that I have been talking and writing about come from a Korean company named Atomy. The foundation for the Atomy products comes from over 10 years of research conducted by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI).  The focus of the ten year research project was to use high level scientific experiments to create natural practical use products. 
I have been using the Atomy products for a little over a month and I plan to start replacing my home care, and skin care products with the scientifically developed natural herbal based Atomy products.  I will talk a little about them but first I would like to talk about an Atomy wellness product called HemoHim.  This herbal health tonic was produced to boost the human immune system making, it a patient natural anti-cancer activity agent that also protects the body from oxidative damage.
Answer Bag explains oxidative damage this way if you cut an apple in half and wipe lemon juice on half and let both half’s set in the open the apple without the lemon juice will turn brown. The apple with the lemon will not turn brown because of the lemon’s anti-oxidant properties. Oxygen exposure burns the cells in apples and humans. HemoHim works like the lemon for the human bodies external and internal cells. In other words research has shown that the HemoHim tonic can slow down the human cell ageing process; making this anti-cancer/anti-ageing tonic very popular with the baby boomer community.
Other Atomy products include an herbal non-irritative dish washing detergent that can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables. An herbal based aloe vera and avocado based shampoo that removes contaminants from the hair. A honey and herbal based tooth paste and a number of other scientifically developed natural herbal products.
If you would like to learn more or try some of these products visit you will need this user code :731219 and guest pass word: 0919 to get into the site it is free to join to get member discounts.  Atomy is a multi-level marketing  company that might be of interest to some do to the reasonable prices for such unique high quality products.  I am more interested in the product then the business opportunity although everybody that has tried one of the products has joined to purchase more. I strongly suggest you take a look at the Atomy site.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Korean Connection

My Korean Connection
I have learned to understand that all things happen for a reason.  For the past ten years I have trained in an ancient Korean Taoist healing system that dates back over 4000 years. I am sure it is no coincidence I have this column and a radio program on WHCR 90.3FM that provide the opportunity to pass on the information that I have learned and still receive from Korean Taoist masters.
My wife Laura and I run a Taoist Ki Energy center in Harlem where we provide Ki Energy treatments and training and I also have a blog that has articles on many of the things that I have learned on my ten year path. Each year the Ki center has an exhibit at the New Life Wellness Expo that was just at the New Yorker Hotel last weekend. Last year my good friend Master Sung Ho Cha came to help and introduced me to Bamboo Salt. For over 160 years 9 times roasted bamboo salt has been used as what Koreans call a “Divine Medicine”.
Herbalist and Taoist healer Grand Master Insan Kim developed a formula that purified all toxins, gas, chemicals and waste from salt by roasting drained sea salt in bamboo tubes, capped with red mineral- rich clay up to 9 times in a pine wood-fired furnace. If you visit you will find a host of natural bamboo salt products  that can improve your health. I tell everyone to only use 2 or 3x roasted bamboo salt for cooking and eating. The 9x roasted products is for health issues. If you visit this site and make an order use the following 10% discount code (20110615ny).
This year Master Cha introduced me to another Korean site  this is a site for a company that has natural home and health care products that have become the marketable products created from years of research conducted by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute and Sun Biotech Co. the first research company approved by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
You will find unique products like an Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent that can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables. A special energy tonic called HemoHim designed to improve the Immune System and to also serve as an anticancer agent. You can also find special nano technology toothbrushes that can self-clean and kill bacteria plus a host of other natural products that have become leading wellness products in Korea, Japan and China. If you visit the Atomy site you will need the following pass word and I.D. to login 731219 is the I.D. and 0919 is the visitor pass word. It is free to join this site to get discounted member prices on some of the most unique items for home and health care on the market today.  Another good thing about this site is the low cost of the products due to the involvement of the Korean government.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Consulting the I Ching

The I Ching also known as the Book of Change has been used by political, business, scientific and philosophic leaders for thousands of years and has influenced medical and scientific advancements that will take the human race will into the 21st century and beyond. I have studied the Taoist philosophy for a number of years and I continue to be intrigued by the concept that energy is all things and all things are energy. Energy can be viewed as vibrations with many different frequencies. The Taoist concept of life being nothing more then the interaction between Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energy is now a universal scientific fact.

Everything in the visible world and invisible world is vibrating and in constant movement. Scientific research has shown that a concentrated control of the frequency and vibration of an object can move it into a dimension outside of our understanding of space and time. The frequency of the subconscious mind of humans also has the ability to move outside our understanding of space and time. Perhaps this is why consulting the I Ching has been practiced for thousands of years; and why it has served as a source of guidance to some of the most vital questions in the continued evolution of the human race.

Gottfried Von Leibnez, the German mathematician and philosopher was able to confirm his system of binary mathematics which served as the foundation for computer science; after being introduced to the I Ching in 1675. In 1953 Dr. James Watson and Francis Crick announced the discovery of the genetic code consisting of sixty-four binary triplet figures called DNA; that corresponds amazingly with the sixty-four binary triplet hexagrams used when consulting the I Ching. In 1949 Swiss psychologist Carl Jung wrote the foreword in one of the best known Western translations of the I Ching by C.F. Baynes and Richard Wilhelm. Jung theorized that consulting the I Ching allowed the subconscious mind to move past our understanding of space and time.

As part of the New City College Continuing and Professional Studies program starting Tuesday October 4th at 6:30pm I will conduct a four week workshop titled Consulting the I Ching I will use both the coin and the traditional yarrow stalk method to show how you can use this ancient oracle to assist in finding guidance to vital questions and decisions. If you would like to learn more about how the Taoist concept of energy can improve your health please contact me to make an appointment at the Harlem Ki Energy center at 646 329-6727. If you would like to be introduced to one of the world’s most profound sources of universal wisdom I invite you to register for my October CPS workshop on consulting the I Ching. You can register on line or call 212 650-7312.

C. G. Jung first used the term synchronicity in his foreword for the Wilhelm/Baynes book. Synchronicity meaning in short, that there are no coincidences all things have purpose perhaps that is why you are reading this dialog.

The Tablet of Destiny

Author Paul Carus, in his book “Chinese Thought” writes about a Babylonian tablet found in the Library of Ashurbanipal (700 B.C.E.) called the “Tablet of Destiny” which is said to contain the Mystery of Heaven and Earth. Carus speculates that the I Ching and the Tablet of Destiny are the same and since the tablet predates the I Ching by several centuries it is not difficult why many scholars now consider the foundation of the I Ching to have been developed in Africa.

Wayne Chandler also writes in Ivan Van Sertima and Runoko Rashidi’s wonderful text African Presence in Early Asia” that the I Ching was constructed by the Black Akkado-Sumerians of Elam-Babylonia and is dated circa 2800 B.C.E. Wayne goes on to say that this theory was substantiated by philologist Terrien De Lacouperie in his translation of West Asian language, Chinese cultural custom and various historical documents.

The Tablet of Destiny and the I Ching also known as the Book of Change connect the genetic patterns of DNA and RNA which according to Chandler links the past of the human family to its current expressions. I will conduct a four week workshop on consulting the I Ching starting October 4th as part of the City College of New York’s Continuing and Professional Studies program The workshop will introduce two ways of consulting this ancient oracle. The most common method using three coins and the less known traditional method of using fifty yarrow stalks.

The yarrow stalk method is not commonly used in the West because it takes longer about thirty minutes to obtain a response to a question presented. The advice is more accurate using the yarrow stalk method. Science is now becoming aware of the abilities of the intuitive powers of the human mind which is not bound by our understanding of space and time. Consulting the I Ching has provided universal wisdom to those who consult it for thousands of years; it has been use for centuries by some of histories greatest minds. I have a number of articles on my blog at about how the I Ching has influenced the advancement of health and technology in the world community.

If you would like to learn how to tap into your intuitive self-conscious mind to assist in making important decisions I invite you to register for my October 4th Consulting the I Ching workshop. I will also address how the Taoist Yang/Yin principle of polarity the foundation of the I Ching, can be used as a strategy to improve the quality of every aspect of your life. Your personal life, your career or business can improve by learning to use ancient methods that have survived the test of time. You can get more information about the October workshop by going online or calling The CCNY/CPS office at 212 650-7312

If you would like to understand how your health can improve by using ancient Taoist wellness methods call me at 646 329-6727 and make an appointment to visit the Harlem Ki Energy stress management clinic.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Search of Self

In Ancient Egypt the philosophy of self knowledge was the foundation for creating wonders that can not fully be explained today such as the ability to build structures that had an astronomically precise link to the movement of the planets in our solar system. How could a people have this type of Architectural and scientific knowledge thousands of years before the history of inventions such as the telescope? Perhaps the answer of this Egyptian mystery can be found in this well known Ancient Egyptian saying, “ The Kingdom of Heaven is within you; and who so ever shall know himself shall find it.”

If you Google Know Thyself Egypt you will find a link to my blog at I posted an article in 2010 about the power in understanding self. Know Thy Self is a powerful message found on and in the same ancient Egyptian temples whose architectural wonders still remain a mystery to most of today’s leading experts in science and technology.

There are some who theorize that the wisdom and abilities to create such architectural wonders was given to the early Egyptians and other ancient civilizations by visitors from another world. I have a few articles about this on my blog also. There is a very good possibility that beings with a greater intelligence then ours have and perhaps still visit earth. The point is the message is the same. Know ThySelf. A message that I strongly believe is the foundation of the beginning of a new cycle in the continued evaluation of the human race.

We have all been socially programmed to believe that we are someone who we are not. The first step for those who are interested in the search for self is to acknowledge this programming. We are moving into a time where external human material motivation will become a self destructive frequency that many will sub come to. To truly know thy self is to understand the universal creative power of love and compassion for yourself and others.

The search for self has been measured by material equations for centuries; the power of internal motivating thoughts to bring about material manifestations was lost or became a secret. I will conduct a four week workshop on consulting the I Ching also known as “the Book of Change” in October as part of the New City College Continuing and Professional Studies Program .

The I Ching is the foundation for the Taoist Yin and Yang theory of energy. I have used this path in my search for self. It is a life long journey and there are many paths but to find one you most first acknowledge that you have been programmed to believe in the human limitations that your external environment has convinced you to accept.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Ageing is an art that we all have the ability to learn, but first we most learn to love the gift of life. It helps if we take care of ourselves eat the right foods, exercise, find ways to reduce stress and most of all find a way to be in the present. While the above things are important tools in learning the art of ageing the glue that holds everything together is unconditional love for self and others. The path of longevity is learning to accept the fact that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.

Learning to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit is the main objective one must focus on when searching for strategies that will address the aging process. It is necessary to try to find balance when we live in such a complex environment. It is easy to get lost in the matrix and allow our mind, body and spirit to become controlled by external illusions of truth. The first step in understanding the ageing process is learning to truly understand who you are not the image of yourself that you have allow others to create for you.

If you are externally motivated with the false belief that happiness can only come from and external experience you will age faster that a person who can learn to except the concept that true happiness is internal. Nothing outside of you can make you happy it is the value that you place on external things that will provide a short term sensation of internal happiness. You have the ability to learn the art experiencing that sensation of internal happiness without an external stimulate. Learning to do this will lead you to the path of longevity which is a life long but wonderful journey.

I was happy to get the support from those who read my article last week. I invited a number of you baby boomers to join me, family and friends on Saturday August 27th for the Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run and the NYC Family Health Walk part of the Harlem Week 2011 cultural/economic development festival. I will be the captain for the Harlem Ki Energy Center team (looking for boomers for a nice relaxed run) and co captain for the HNG health walk team. To register visit

I will start writing tips for the The walkers, runners and anyone else who might be interested. I was introduced to a medicinal mushroom call Ganoderma. If you goggle Ganoderma mushrooms you will learn that they have been used for over four thousand of years as a wellness tool in Taoist and Asian healing methods. The herb is also known as the mushroom of immortality at 64 I can use all the help I can get. I am drinking green tea with organic Ganoderma mushrooms as a base everyday as part of my training strategy. Visit my site at to learn more. Please visit the Ki Energy exhibit this Sunday July 31st at the Harlem Week Great Day festival at 122nd and Riverside Drive.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ki to a Fun Run

The Harlem Ki Energy Wellness Center will have a team in the Harlem Week 2011 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run Saturday August 27th 2010. I'll be the point person for what I'm calling a “fun run” team - great people who are only looking to get in shape and have a good time jogging through Harlem. The only goal for our group is to cross the finish line. I'm placing a special focus on getting the baby-boomer crew out. If you've thought about getting into shape and feel up to a challenge - then register online at

Those who want to get their mind, body and spirit in balance, but don’t want to run, can take part in the NYC Family Health Walk-A-Thon, which will take place right after the run. To be on our team, check the Harlem Ki Energy Team when registering. If you just want to do the walk, check the HNG team when registering. For baby-boomers who really are up for a challenge, I'm looking for a few good people to do both the run and the walk that day. That is not as hard as some people might think.

The brave boomers who decide to do both the run and the walk with our group will be rewarded with special discounts at the Ki Energy Center, plus special VIP tickets to Harlem Week 2011 events, and a host of other perks. The Harlem Ki Energy Wellness Center is located at 13 West 122nd Street. We provide energy training, Ki energy stress management treatments, DNA diet and natural Homeopathic consultations.

Even if you don’t want to run or walk you should call the Center for an appointment at 917 806-1801, or call me directly at 646 329-6727. Now is the time to make a decision to start getting your body ready for next year. I turned 64 years old on June 19th 2011 and I can assure you that if you take steps to balance your mind, body and spirit - age will be just a number.

The Ki Center will have Harlem Week exhibits at the following locations: July 31st - A Great Day In Harlem in the plaza of U.S Grant National Memorial Park 122nd and Riverside Drive - this event will be a Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron; August 20th - Summer in the City - on 135th Street between Frederick Douglass Blvd. and Adam C. Powell Jr. Blvd.; Sunday August 21st Harlem Day - we'll be in the Health Village at 135th Street between Adam C. Powell Jr. Blvd. and 5th Avenue. If you would like more information on Harlem Week events visit, or just pick up a copy of Harlem News - a key media partner to the Harlem Week 2011 festival.

The body will follow the mind, and the mind will follow the spirit. If the spirit is strong you have the ability to do what a weak-spirited person would consider to be impossible.

So let's run. And walk.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

                            Alkalinity and Disease

When the body has an alkaline/acidic imbalance the immune system becomes weak, creating a foundation for disease. Low energy, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, joint pain, premature aging and hormone concerns all stem from a high degree of acidity in the body. Most healthcare and wellness experts are now looking at Alkalinity as being the best way for the body to address the health issues caused by acidity. That is why Alkaline water and Alkaline water-producing machines are becoming very popular.

The body’s pH (potential of hydrogen) is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the pH the more acidity, the higher the pH the more alkalinity. A major function of our immune system is to maintain a pH balance. Stress and high acidic diets are the two major reasons for high acidity in the body.

The theory of an acid/alkaline imbalance being the root cause of disease is currently a popular one but not a new one. According to Herbal Doc, on the website, William Howard Hay published a ground-breaking book in 1933, “A New Health Era”, which maintained that all disease is caused by autotoxication (or self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body. Foods such as wheat, white flour, pastries, pork, homogenized milk, beer and soft drinks have the most acid. If you live in a stressful environment, and have a high acidic diet, your ability to fight off disease will be compromised.

I was recently introduced to a product out of Korea called Bamboo salt It was created over one hundred years ago by the legendary herbalist Insan Kim. I have been asked to assist in introducing the Insan Bamboo product line into the American wellness market. I truly believe that Insan Bamboo salt products are one of the best ways to restore the natural alkaline balance in the body. I have an excellent antioxidant water ionizer made by . It costs over $1,000.00 and is well worth the price. But when I tested a small amount of Bamboo Salt in tap water the pH was 10, compared to a pH of 8.0 from my machine.

It is not common to equate salt with healing but Insan Bamboo Salt products have been used to detoxify vital organs such as the kidneys, intestines, liver, bladder and to address diabetes, arthritis, fibroids and a host of other issues for over a century. I will join grand master Mantak Chia and a growing number of Taoist wellness practitioners in promoting the use of Insan Bamboo Salt products as an option for a natural wellness strategy.

If you are interested, please give me a call at 646 329-6727, or visit the Insan USA Bamboo Salt web site. You can use my discount code, 20110615ny, to get a 10% discount on your order. There are a lot of Bamboo Salt copies on the web, so make sure you only use the Insan products.
Hearts of Fire

We are now in the season of summer. My students and those who follow my articles know that each season is related to one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Fire is the element of summer. In addition to fire, two vital body organs (one Yin and one Yang), a planet energy, a direction and a number of other summer-related natural resources have been used by Taoist wellness practitioners for over 3000 years as part of a wellness treatment strategy given to those who seek their help.

South is the direction, the heart is the Yin organ, and the small intestine is the Yang vital organ associated with the summer season. The emotional temperaments associated with summer are love and joy on the positive side, and impatience and hate on the negative side. Hearts of fire is summer Yin. When in balance it can be a beautiful thing - but it can be explosive when imbalanced.

Emotional stress can greatly affect the heart in the summer. This, along with the fact that our blood vessels and vascular system are also very sensitive to summer energy, means that keeping cool should be a wellness strategy for both internal emotions as well as external comfort. The small intestine is the Yang organ associated with summer. We tend to eat and drink foods and liquids that can prove toxic to our digestive system if not controlled. If the intestines become too crowded with toxins the speed of digestion will be impaired.

A weak small intestine in the summer will create back pain, hemorrhoids, as well as hormonal and menstrual disorders in women. Many will experience breathing problems in the summer because of the relationship between an impaired small intestine (due to toxins) and the lungs and the lymphatic system. It is important to find natural ways to detoxify in the summer.

You will find a number of products at, such as Jukma Healing Tablets, that can help detoxify organs naturally. When ordering, use my code - 20110615ny - to get a 10% discount.

A summer Chunsoo treatment at the Harlem Ki Energy Center will always focus on small intestine detoxification through massaging techniques that help the digestion process and opens emotional blockages. You can learn how to do this yourself at the Ki center, or with Taoist grand master Mantak Chia’s best selling book “Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage”.

The Harlem Ki Energy Center is located at 13 West 122nd Street. If you would like more information on Ki treatment and training call my office at 646 329-6727. You can also learn more about the Taoist approach to wellness by visiting my blog at

It is always best to be proactive. Make sure you pay attention to how the fire energy of summer, influenced by the planet energy of Mars, can work for you and not against you. Watch your emotions and your diet to keep the heart and small intestine in balance this summer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



If you are African-American chances are you know of a family member, a friend, or an associate who has had a stroke. The reason is alarming: according to the National Stroke Association African- Americans are more impacted by stroke than any other racial group in America. Statistics tell us that one half of all African-American women will die from stroke or heart disease. African-Americans between the ages of 20 and 44 years old are 2.4 times more likely to have a stroke compared to Caucasians in the same age group.

High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and obesity are four of the major causes of a stroke. Each of the four can be addressed, and education on ways to address these Big Four health issues can save lives. For the past three years The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) and Harlem Week Inc. have coordinated community-based programs and activities addressing health issues that lead to stroke.

On Sunday, June 12th, the directors, members and friends of GHCC

and Harlem Week hosted a benefit for Marko Nobles, vice

chairperson of Harlem Week Inc. Marko is in his early forties and

suffered a stroke a few months ago and is now in rehabilitation

therapy. It was a great event. If you know Marko and couldn't

be there you can still help by calling 212 862-7200 or visit

On Tuesday July 12th, Harold Sharp, a stroke survivor, will host

the first Harlem Stroke Survivors support group meeting, from 4-

6:30pm at the Harlem State Office Building, located at 163 West 125th Street. This will be the first of a series of meetings to provide stroke survivors and their families with information, speakers, and a network of support options.

Harold found Ki Energy treatments helpful in his rehabilitation

therapy strategy. He invited my wife, Laura Abadsantos-Rogers,

a Ki master, to speak at the July 12th event. I have treated a

number of stroke survivors at the Harlem Ki Energy clinic, located

at 13 West 122nd Street. For information on Ki treatments and

energy training call 646 329-6727.

Ki treatments can improve blood circulation and remove energy

blockages. A stroke occurs when the arteries that carry blood to

different parts of the brain become blocked or burst. Energy

moves blood through the body and energy treatments and training

exercises help balance the flow of energy.

There are a number of Holistic approaches that address the

prevention and treatment of stroke. Homoeopathy is an option

many turn to. Laura will also speak about the Homoeopathic

approach to stroke at the July 12th meeting. Laura is a

homoeopathic practitioner. You can learn more about this

approach if you visit You can also find

holistic approaches to strokes at

If you remember the word FAST - which stands for face, arms,

speech and time - you can save a life. If a person cannot smile, or

lift both arms or has slurred speech call 911 fast. Let's all learn to

educate and help each other.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Energy Movement

The transformation of the movement of earth energy can be easily seen by the trained eye, and can be experienced by the opening of ones heart. What many consider tragic events in nature and economics are the most visible signs of a major shift in the frequency of the earth and the beginning stage of the next level of human evolution. Learning to change one's internal energy frequency provides a strong foundation for staying on the positive side of the change in the universal energy shift we're now experiencing.

Internal energy movement exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong and Ki training are important vehicles for those interested in learning to control the movement of the body’s vital energy. The Harlem Ki Energy Center is now conducting Introduction to Ki Training Classes on Wednesdays from 6:30- 7:45pm. To learn more, or to make an appointment call: 646.329.6727. Ki Energy training is divided into three parts: vibrational chanting, energy movement exercises and meditation training.

The universal energy shift we're now beginning to experience will become more profound as we move into 2012. We have been living in an externally motivated world for centuries. We are returning to an energy frequency where internal motivational abilities will become necessary to maintain health, wealth and a balanced mind.

We all know that stress is the root cause of over 80% of most illness in the Western World. Understanding how to address and control the movement of vital body energy, also known as Ki, Chi or Prana, will be a key factor in health strategies as we move further into the 21st century. Nature is selective. Perhaps that's why you are reading this dialog. Many will not be able to make the adjustment from external to internal motivational living.

Love is the key to internal motivational living. Ki training can allow an individual to learn how to understand the power of unconditional love for oneself. It is a healing frequency. To have the ability to love others it is necessary to understand the human cultivation process of loving oneself. Most people have no idea of the amount of control they have over their internal body functions. Thus, they often allow the external environment to control their emotions, desires and thinking.

Every thought triggers an emotional energy charge that is directly connected to our vital organs. Negative thoughts also attract and shape our external environment. Our ability to manifest our reality through thought will become greater in this new universal energy shift. Which means you will get more of what you think about - and give.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power of Smiling

The Power of Smiling

Smiling is a very powerful and effective way of addressing stress and a wonderful way to improve your health.  The next time you feel depressed try smiling.  You will be surprised how this simple but powerful action can change your mood.  It takes 17 muscles to smile compared to 43 muscles to frown.  You can test this concept right now.  Frown for ten seconds then smile for ten seconds - you will feel a difference.

Research has proven that people who smile often are healthier than people who do not smile often.  Studies show that smiling helps boost the immune system; it can also lower your blood pressure.  If you have a blood pressure monitor at home, take a reading.  Then smile for about five minutes and take another reading while still smiling.  You will see a difference.  The human body is programmed at birth to relax when the muscles form a smile.

When I give Ki Energy stress management treatments I often suggest smiling as a way to get the most out of the treatment because smiling will release endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin, three natural energies that will allow you to relax and feel good.  Smiling is also contagious.  If you smile at someone long enough they will smile back.  Which means the power of smiling can also allow you to help others become healthy as well.

While studying Kendo, the art of Japanese fencing, I learned that many samurai would often smile in combat, and not for the sinister reasons one might think.  They smiled to relax the body and stay focused.  The legendary Japanese actor Tomisaburo Wakayama often smiled in his samurai fighting films.  It is said that Miyamoto Musashi, one of Japan’s greatest samurai, often smiled in the heat of battle.  And Musashi never lost a duel.

Mantak Chia describes a wonderful exercise called the Inner Smile in his book Chi Nei Tsang.  According to Master Chia “The inner smile is a powerful relaxation technique that utilizes the expanding energy of happiness as a language to communicate with the internal organs of the body; because a genuine smile transmits loving energy that has the power to warm and heal’.  I teach the inner smile technique at the Harlem Ki Energy center’s Ki training classes every Wednesday evening.  For more information on the classes call 646 329-6727

Smiling is a very powerful tool that we all have, even babies who are born blind smile.  The best time to smile is when you feel unhappy or stressed. Use your God given tool to improve the quality of life, not only for you but for the people you interface with, especially the people you love.  Studies tell us that adults smile about 15 times a day while children smile about 400 times a day.  Which suggests that perhaps adults can have a less stressful life if they allow themselves time to remember what it is like to have a child’s mind.

The Art of Aging

The Art of Aging

All things that exist in our material world is in the process of returning to the non-material, invisible world of energy.  Living creatures return to the invisible world of energy faster than objects, but all solid energy returns at some point in time to non-solid energy.  Humans, the highest form of life on earth, have developed many concepts to explain the process of aging.  We all age differently, but your concept of aging - or getting old - will determine how you deal with the blessings of aging.  There is an art to aging well and the foundation of that art is learning to balance the mind, the body and the spirit.

The mind controls our thinking, and we are what we think.  And we also attract that on which we think about often.  If you say to yourself,  “I am too old to exercise”, then your mind will convince your body to make you feel that you are too old.  If you say, “I am going to find a way to exercise my body”, the universal law of attraction will attract an internal thought (idea) for developing a way to exercise.  That thought will also attract an external opportunity that will assist you in getting the exercise you need.

 More than ever, learning to be in the present is an important element found in the art of aging.  If our thoughts linger too often in the past, or in the future, your ability to appreciate the beauty of the now can be lost.  It will also bring on depression and other stress-related health issues.  Ki Energy Treatments and classes will often give one the ability to experience being in the present.

The body is often neglected as we grow older.  We need to exercise.  As the saying goes - “If you don’t use it you lose it”.  We also have to be careful about what we eat.  I often recommend Peter D’Adamo’s book Eat Right for Your Type.  Understanding that foods can be helpful, or not helpful, to different blood types is important to master the art of aging.  If you are like me it is important to know the foods that are beneficial to my blood type, which is O.  It is important because the foods that I like are usually not good for me.  Over the years, knowing what not to eat a lot of has improved the quality of my life.  At the Harlem Ki Energy Center  an Energy Constitution Analysis, that is based on blood type, is used to help improve our client's health.  Call 646 329-6727 for more information.

The spirit, I believe, is the most important element in the art of aging. Gratitude and unconditional love are the two pillars of the human spirit. We all have a purpose in life.  Unconditional love will always allow one to find that purpose by influencing others - perhaps many, or perhaps only one. Gratitude allows use to be thankful for having the opportunity to do so.     

Wood Energy

Wood Energy

If you were born between March 20th and June 21st, you were born under the energy of spring.  Ancient Taoist sages created a healing system that reflected the energy of each season.  The foundation of this healing system were the Five Elements: Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth.  Each element had a direct connection with a season and vital organs in the human body. Wood is connected to the season of spring.  The vital organs influenced by the spring energy of wood are the Liver (a Yin organ) and the Gall Bladder (a Yang organ).

While everyone is affected by the energy of the seasons, those born in each season should pay attention to the vital organs connected to the element of that season.  In the spring we all should pay attention to the Liver and Gall Bladder.  The Liver stores and filters the blood; it also regulates the blood supply and stores the body’s toxins.  The gall bladder aids digestion and stores bile produced by the liver.  A weak liver can cause problems with
eyesight, and issues with fingernails, toenails and muscles.

Extreme anger and depression can also be a sign of an imbalance of liver energy.  A balanced liver is conducive to kindness, creativity and clear mindedness.  Two excellent books that have helped me better understand this Taoist healing concept are Mantak and Maneewan Chia’s Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage and Daniel P. Reid’s The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.  I also write about the five elements in my new handbook Reflections on Self Empowerment: By An Urban Taoist Ki Master.  You can get the above books at

I will also start Ki Energy training classes on Wednesdays, from 6:30pm to 7:45pm, starting Wednesday May 4th.  The Ki training classes will focus on balancing internal energies and the vital organs connected to each of the five elements.  The classes will be held at the Harlem Ki Energy Center located at 13 West 122nd Street.

Spring is the time for new beginnings.  The time to create a better reality for you and yours - by developing your internal energy, reducing stress and improving the quality of your life by learning vibrational energy chanting, energy balancing movements and meditation skills in a Ki energy training class.
We also provide Ki Energy treatments at our center, which is another way to address negative physical, mental and spiritual issues caused by stress.  
For more information and appointments call 646 329-6727.  You can learn more about Ki Energy training and treatments by visiting or my blog at .

I would like to thank everyone who participated in last Saturday’s Harlem celebration of World Tai Chi and Qigong day.  Over one hundred people participated in this event, along with hundreds of thousands of people around the world in 60 countries, at the same time.  Energy movement for peace was the theme.  This 4th annual Harlem event, organized by Dr. Robert Woodbine, was a great success thanks to you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

                                                    We All Fall Down

Have you ever watched a child learn to walk? They fall down a great deal but they keep getting up, until one day they start walking more than falling. One can say that falling down is part of learning to walk. As we grow older falling down can become a part of learning to live. We often set goals for ourselves and all too often become discouraged if we fall short of them. Sometimes it seems as if there was no bad luck we would not have any luck at all. This is the time where our faith is tested. We all fall down - but faith allows us to keep getting up.

The universal transformation period we are currently experiencing can become very difficult to adjust to, even if you are aware that the energy of the mind of the universe is moving from competitive mind energy to creative mind energy. This concept isn't new. Wallace D. Wattles wrote about it in 1910 in his groundbreaking book “The Science of Getting Rich: Financial Success Through Creative Thought. His book inspired Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book “The Secret”.

The bottom line here is: we have more power to control our life than we fully understand. What you think about often will manifest itself in your reality over time. The power of attraction is very real, even if you don't believe it is. Take a minute and look around. Everything that you see in your material environment was first a thought in someone’s mind. Wattles used this universal law as a means to generate wealth. But the law of thought manifestation can be applied to anything. You are already doing it. This ageless secret is now becoming common knowledge because it has to. We're moving into the frequency of truth.

It is important that you understand this because your ability to create reality from your thoughts is becoming stronger as the universal creative mind energy grows stronger in this transformational period. We are the new pioneers and will become the example to help others to understand. That is why you are reading this dialog. To be aware of the concept of thought manifestation is the path to belief. You will become discouraged, but do not give up. We all fall down. Just get up and continue to focus on what you want in your life. Develop a clear picture of it in your mind - and the mind of the universe will attract the support you need to accomplish your goal. But you must have faith.

I invite you to join me and a number of wellness and energy practitioners this Saturday, April 30th, to celebrate world Tai Chi and Qigong Day in St. Nicholas Park at 135th Street and St Nicholas Avenue, from 10AM - 12Noon. Millions around the world, in 60 countries, will focus on energy wellness at the same time. This can be a wonderful opportunity learn how to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.