Wednesday, April 27, 2011

                                                    We All Fall Down

Have you ever watched a child learn to walk? They fall down a great deal but they keep getting up, until one day they start walking more than falling. One can say that falling down is part of learning to walk. As we grow older falling down can become a part of learning to live. We often set goals for ourselves and all too often become discouraged if we fall short of them. Sometimes it seems as if there was no bad luck we would not have any luck at all. This is the time where our faith is tested. We all fall down - but faith allows us to keep getting up.

The universal transformation period we are currently experiencing can become very difficult to adjust to, even if you are aware that the energy of the mind of the universe is moving from competitive mind energy to creative mind energy. This concept isn't new. Wallace D. Wattles wrote about it in 1910 in his groundbreaking book “The Science of Getting Rich: Financial Success Through Creative Thought. His book inspired Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book “The Secret”.

The bottom line here is: we have more power to control our life than we fully understand. What you think about often will manifest itself in your reality over time. The power of attraction is very real, even if you don't believe it is. Take a minute and look around. Everything that you see in your material environment was first a thought in someone’s mind. Wattles used this universal law as a means to generate wealth. But the law of thought manifestation can be applied to anything. You are already doing it. This ageless secret is now becoming common knowledge because it has to. We're moving into the frequency of truth.

It is important that you understand this because your ability to create reality from your thoughts is becoming stronger as the universal creative mind energy grows stronger in this transformational period. We are the new pioneers and will become the example to help others to understand. That is why you are reading this dialog. To be aware of the concept of thought manifestation is the path to belief. You will become discouraged, but do not give up. We all fall down. Just get up and continue to focus on what you want in your life. Develop a clear picture of it in your mind - and the mind of the universe will attract the support you need to accomplish your goal. But you must have faith.

I invite you to join me and a number of wellness and energy practitioners this Saturday, April 30th, to celebrate world Tai Chi and Qigong Day in St. Nicholas Park at 135th Street and St Nicholas Avenue, from 10AM - 12Noon. Millions around the world, in 60 countries, will focus on energy wellness at the same time. This can be a wonderful opportunity learn how to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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