Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ki to a Fun Run

The Harlem Ki Energy Wellness Center will have a team in the Harlem Week 2011 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run Saturday August 27th 2010. I'll be the point person for what I'm calling a “fun run” team - great people who are only looking to get in shape and have a good time jogging through Harlem. The only goal for our group is to cross the finish line. I'm placing a special focus on getting the baby-boomer crew out. If you've thought about getting into shape and feel up to a challenge - then register online at

Those who want to get their mind, body and spirit in balance, but don’t want to run, can take part in the NYC Family Health Walk-A-Thon, which will take place right after the run. To be on our team, check the Harlem Ki Energy Team when registering. If you just want to do the walk, check the HNG team when registering. For baby-boomers who really are up for a challenge, I'm looking for a few good people to do both the run and the walk that day. That is not as hard as some people might think.

The brave boomers who decide to do both the run and the walk with our group will be rewarded with special discounts at the Ki Energy Center, plus special VIP tickets to Harlem Week 2011 events, and a host of other perks. The Harlem Ki Energy Wellness Center is located at 13 West 122nd Street. We provide energy training, Ki energy stress management treatments, DNA diet and natural Homeopathic consultations.

Even if you don’t want to run or walk you should call the Center for an appointment at 917 806-1801, or call me directly at 646 329-6727. Now is the time to make a decision to start getting your body ready for next year. I turned 64 years old on June 19th 2011 and I can assure you that if you take steps to balance your mind, body and spirit - age will be just a number.

The Ki Center will have Harlem Week exhibits at the following locations: July 31st - A Great Day In Harlem in the plaza of U.S Grant National Memorial Park 122nd and Riverside Drive - this event will be a Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron; August 20th - Summer in the City - on 135th Street between Frederick Douglass Blvd. and Adam C. Powell Jr. Blvd.; Sunday August 21st Harlem Day - we'll be in the Health Village at 135th Street between Adam C. Powell Jr. Blvd. and 5th Avenue. If you would like more information on Harlem Week events visit, or just pick up a copy of Harlem News - a key media partner to the Harlem Week 2011 festival.

The body will follow the mind, and the mind will follow the spirit. If the spirit is strong you have the ability to do what a weak-spirited person would consider to be impossible.

So let's run. And walk.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

                            Alkalinity and Disease

When the body has an alkaline/acidic imbalance the immune system becomes weak, creating a foundation for disease. Low energy, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, joint pain, premature aging and hormone concerns all stem from a high degree of acidity in the body. Most healthcare and wellness experts are now looking at Alkalinity as being the best way for the body to address the health issues caused by acidity. That is why Alkaline water and Alkaline water-producing machines are becoming very popular.

The body’s pH (potential of hydrogen) is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the pH the more acidity, the higher the pH the more alkalinity. A major function of our immune system is to maintain a pH balance. Stress and high acidic diets are the two major reasons for high acidity in the body.

The theory of an acid/alkaline imbalance being the root cause of disease is currently a popular one but not a new one. According to Herbal Doc, on the website, William Howard Hay published a ground-breaking book in 1933, “A New Health Era”, which maintained that all disease is caused by autotoxication (or self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body. Foods such as wheat, white flour, pastries, pork, homogenized milk, beer and soft drinks have the most acid. If you live in a stressful environment, and have a high acidic diet, your ability to fight off disease will be compromised.

I was recently introduced to a product out of Korea called Bamboo salt It was created over one hundred years ago by the legendary herbalist Insan Kim. I have been asked to assist in introducing the Insan Bamboo product line into the American wellness market. I truly believe that Insan Bamboo salt products are one of the best ways to restore the natural alkaline balance in the body. I have an excellent antioxidant water ionizer made by . It costs over $1,000.00 and is well worth the price. But when I tested a small amount of Bamboo Salt in tap water the pH was 10, compared to a pH of 8.0 from my machine.

It is not common to equate salt with healing but Insan Bamboo Salt products have been used to detoxify vital organs such as the kidneys, intestines, liver, bladder and to address diabetes, arthritis, fibroids and a host of other issues for over a century. I will join grand master Mantak Chia and a growing number of Taoist wellness practitioners in promoting the use of Insan Bamboo Salt products as an option for a natural wellness strategy.

If you are interested, please give me a call at 646 329-6727, or visit the Insan USA Bamboo Salt web site. You can use my discount code, 20110615ny, to get a 10% discount on your order. There are a lot of Bamboo Salt copies on the web, so make sure you only use the Insan products.
Hearts of Fire

We are now in the season of summer. My students and those who follow my articles know that each season is related to one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Fire is the element of summer. In addition to fire, two vital body organs (one Yin and one Yang), a planet energy, a direction and a number of other summer-related natural resources have been used by Taoist wellness practitioners for over 3000 years as part of a wellness treatment strategy given to those who seek their help.

South is the direction, the heart is the Yin organ, and the small intestine is the Yang vital organ associated with the summer season. The emotional temperaments associated with summer are love and joy on the positive side, and impatience and hate on the negative side. Hearts of fire is summer Yin. When in balance it can be a beautiful thing - but it can be explosive when imbalanced.

Emotional stress can greatly affect the heart in the summer. This, along with the fact that our blood vessels and vascular system are also very sensitive to summer energy, means that keeping cool should be a wellness strategy for both internal emotions as well as external comfort. The small intestine is the Yang organ associated with summer. We tend to eat and drink foods and liquids that can prove toxic to our digestive system if not controlled. If the intestines become too crowded with toxins the speed of digestion will be impaired.

A weak small intestine in the summer will create back pain, hemorrhoids, as well as hormonal and menstrual disorders in women. Many will experience breathing problems in the summer because of the relationship between an impaired small intestine (due to toxins) and the lungs and the lymphatic system. It is important to find natural ways to detoxify in the summer.

You will find a number of products at, such as Jukma Healing Tablets, that can help detoxify organs naturally. When ordering, use my code - 20110615ny - to get a 10% discount.

A summer Chunsoo treatment at the Harlem Ki Energy Center will always focus on small intestine detoxification through massaging techniques that help the digestion process and opens emotional blockages. You can learn how to do this yourself at the Ki center, or with Taoist grand master Mantak Chia’s best selling book “Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage”.

The Harlem Ki Energy Center is located at 13 West 122nd Street. If you would like more information on Ki treatment and training call my office at 646 329-6727. You can also learn more about the Taoist approach to wellness by visiting my blog at

It is always best to be proactive. Make sure you pay attention to how the fire energy of summer, influenced by the planet energy of Mars, can work for you and not against you. Watch your emotions and your diet to keep the heart and small intestine in balance this summer.