Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sacred Commerce 2017

Sacred Commerce 2017
By: William A Rogers
About a year ago a friend Johnanne Winchester suggested that I read a book titled “Sacred Commerce” by Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle. Johnanne’s mission is to create a global awareness that health, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness are gifts that should not be limited to just a few in the world, but can be realized by greater numbers in the world populations.

 “Sacred commerce is the “party-cipation” of the community in exchange of information, goods, and services that contributes to the revealing of the divine (beauty, goodness, and truth) in all and where spirituality is the bottom line”; according to the research of Sawaf and Gabrielle. Profit is the only bottom line in commerce as we know it today. There are four bottom lines in sacred commerce, they are: people, planet, profit and spirituality.

Sacred commerce is not a new age concept its practice can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 1500BC where a Merchant Priesthood was developed under the reign of Queen Hatshepsut to practice and teach it. Similar to the wisdom in the 7 principles of the Kybalion (see the sacred commerce concept has been keep from the masses. Moving out of Egypt and carried to the East by the prophet Mohammad into Europe by the Knights Templar and preserved by the Freemasons for centuries.

As we continue our journey of human development many of the secrets and concepts of our past have started to reappear to guide us into the future. The ancient concept of reintroducing spirituality into commerce, creating goods and services  not only for self-profit, but to the benefit of people and the planet will again be taught to the masses by a new cadre of merchant priest. I believe the positive reinforcement of this new way of doing business will allow a greater number of people to experience the gift of abundance.

The gift of abundance is having access to resources you need; at the time you need them. It has nothing to do with stockpiling money or assets. Abundance can then open other avenues of expression such as positive relationships, creativity, and the pursuit of happiness and spirituality; as stated in the Sawaf/Gabrielle book.

The sacred commerce concept my seem unrealistic in today’s market place but keep in mind it was the concept that built the foundation of commerce as we know it today, it has taken a back seat to greed, power and material passion. Times are changing, if you are reading this perhaps you have been selected to become a merchant priest, that will learn to use and teach others the ancient concept of bring spirituality back into commerce for the betterment of humankind.

I believe the tremendous growth of the natural health wellness business is due to the return of the spiritual energy of sacred commerce. The ability to conduct a business that can positively affect people and the planet will provide abundance in profit because it will allow a new cadre of merchant priest a greater ability to tap into their spiritually driven powers of manifestation.

It was for this reason I created the Onuwon Wellness Group and became a licensed distributor of Nspire Network Wellness products. to learn more about my business which is focused on the concepts of sacred commerce visit my website at, or send an email to

Creative Mind 2017

Creative Mind 2017
By: William A Rogers
We are now in the age of creative mind, a time when the masses will learn to embrace their abilities to use thought manifestation to improve the quality of life for themselves and for others. It is important to understand that the human ability to use the power of thought to influence reality in the material world has been a well-guarded secret for centuries during the age of competitive mind which started to decline in 2000.
Competitive mind energy takes the form of a reality that makes use of fear and doubt to control human spiritual development. The appearance of limitations in the supply of resources has developed the desire to control material passions for thousands of years. In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote about how to improve one’s ability to obtain wealth by using creative thought in “The Science of Getting Rich”.
Wattles wrote over 100 years ago that “riches secured on the competitive plane are never satisfactory and permanent; to become rich one must rise entirely out of the energy of competitive thought. You must never think for a moment that the supply Is limited. When you think that money is being cornered and controlled by bankers and others you drop into the competitive mind and your power to cause creation is gone”.

Only a few adapted to the universal law of creative thought to improve their quality of life in the old age of competitive mind thinking. We are now in the age of creative mind and more of the masses will become aware of their ability to use creative thought as a method to improve their lives and the lives of others.
I believe the time has come for the following quote by Wallace D. Wattles to be adopted by the masses to allow the the human race to reach the next level of spiritual growth and evolution; “Wattles states that “your vision and faith will set the creative force in motion to bring it toward you, and your action will cause the forces in your own environment to move you toward the place you want. In order to do this, you must pass from the competitive to the creative mind and form a clear mental picture of the things you want, and hold this picture in your thoughts with the fixed purpose to get what you want, with the unwavering faith, that you will get what you want, closing your mind to all that may tend to shake your purpose, dim your vision, or quench your faith”.

Friday May 5th as part of Harlem Holistic Wellness Week I will host a workshop focused on the business of wellness at the New York Ki Energy Wellness Center 13 West 122nd Street (between Malcolm X Blvd. and Mount Morris Park West (5th Ave.) The workshop will be the first public introduction of The Onuwon Wellness Group, a wellness consulting and marketing company that will produce natural wellness marketing events like Harlem Holistic Wellness Week.

Onuwon Wellness Group is a licensed Nspire Network wellness product distributor and the for profit marketing arm of the New York Ki Center. The workshop will use the wattles “Creative Mind” concept as part the philosophical thought that will help interested individuals learn how to use their untapped gift of thought manifestation to improve their ability to realize financial success in the multi-billion dollar natural wellness industry.  

To RSVP for this workshop send an email to or call 646 329-6727

The Urological Effects of Aging

The Urological Effects of Aging
By: William A Rogers
Urology is a medical science focused on the male and female urinary track and the male genital track. Aging creates urological issues such as enlarged prostates, and lower levels of testosterone and impotence in males. Females will also experience lower testosterone levels as they age. Both men and women can also experience a difficulty with bladder control as they age.

In both men and women signs of low testosterone can be a lack of energy, a lack of motivation and a low sexual function. Hair lost and depression can also be attributed to low testosterone levels. The urological issues caused by aging are one of the major reasons for the growth of the natural wellness industry: baby boomers are looking for natural ways to address issues such as enlarged prostates, low testosterone and impotence.

African American males are three times more likely to have prostate cancer then white males. This is due in part to life still, diet and a higher overall stress factor. Black males are also less likely to get prostate examinations then white males. No matter race social, economic or environmental exposure after the age of 40 the prostate in all males start to enlarge. Prostate maintenance strategies should start at this time.

Impotency is an issue that has created millions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry for years but due to some negative side effects many man who suffer from erectile dysfunction and other issues related to impotency are looking for natural products that have no negative side effects.

What is not always talked about when the subject of impotency comes up is female sexual dysfunctional issues such as low levels of sexual response, desire and orgasm experience. Depression and pain can also be included in female impotency issues; these issues are often never discussed by women with their doctors.

If you would like to learn more about natural products created by leading Urologist that can address many of the urological problems caused by aging such as low testosterone, prostate management, sexual enhancement for both men and women visit my web site at

Women and baby boomers will continue to influence the growth of the natural wellness business. The growth and success of this year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Week is a testament to that fact. The Now We No ( famine hygiene awareness program was introduced during this year’s wellness week highlighting Cherish natural safe sanitary napkins the flagship product of Nspire Network, the response was very encouraging.

The Nspire Network wellness company is focused on the two groups (women and individuals over 40) that are driving the trillion dollar natural wellness industry. I invite you to visit my site and if you find that the information and products are interesting and would like to get involved as a distributor or a customer send me an email at

I would like to thank the wellness practitioners, businesses and organizations that participated in this year’s wellness week. I would also like to congratulate the individuals who took advantaged of wellness week events to explore new natural wellness options for improving their health and well-being.