Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Urological Effects of Aging

The Urological Effects of Aging
By: William A Rogers
Urology is a medical science focused on the male and female urinary track and the male genital track. Aging creates urological issues such as enlarged prostates, and lower levels of testosterone and impotence in males. Females will also experience lower testosterone levels as they age. Both men and women can also experience a difficulty with bladder control as they age.

In both men and women signs of low testosterone can be a lack of energy, a lack of motivation and a low sexual function. Hair lost and depression can also be attributed to low testosterone levels. The urological issues caused by aging are one of the major reasons for the growth of the natural wellness industry: baby boomers are looking for natural ways to address issues such as enlarged prostates, low testosterone and impotence.

African American males are three times more likely to have prostate cancer then white males. This is due in part to life still, diet and a higher overall stress factor. Black males are also less likely to get prostate examinations then white males. No matter race social, economic or environmental exposure after the age of 40 the prostate in all males start to enlarge. Prostate maintenance strategies should start at this time.

Impotency is an issue that has created millions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry for years but due to some negative side effects many man who suffer from erectile dysfunction and other issues related to impotency are looking for natural products that have no negative side effects.

What is not always talked about when the subject of impotency comes up is female sexual dysfunctional issues such as low levels of sexual response, desire and orgasm experience. Depression and pain can also be included in female impotency issues; these issues are often never discussed by women with their doctors.

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  1. For sure, the issues like this described above would tell a lot about your body state and what diseases you should be ready to prevent. So I had the urinary test last year and it showed that something gone wrong with the hormonal balance of mine... But I had no clue about what was that mean, because I felt myself as usual as well as the public clinic therapist didn't explain me anything. So glad that later I found out about the HRT clinic, where the therapist described me how bad it could be for my health and given me some materials on normal hormone levels of women So I had started the hormonal replacement therapy, which ended not so long ago and now everything is fine!