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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

Healing by touch is as old as mankind itself; the laying-on of hands was the first way humans provided healing care to each other. The earliest known reference to the therapeutic benefits of touch is an illustration taken from the Physician’s Tomb at Saqqara, Egypt. The illustration which dates back more than 4000 years, around 2,330BC shows practitioners manipulating specific points on the feet and hands of a patient. I was always fascinated by this ancient Egyptian healing illustration because the practitioners appear to be of African descent. If you Google Physician’s Tomb Saqqara Egypt, you will see what I mean.

In 1972 Dolores Whether Ph.D., R.N., conducted a controlled study that that proved that hemoglobin could be increased through the use of Therapeutic Touch. Krieger’s research is concerned with therapeutic Touch, which differs from laying-on of hands due to a focused intent to help or heal the person being touched. Krieger concludes that; “To be truly therapeutic, this act must be deeply motivated in the best interest of the person who is being touched”.

Clara Hale founder of Hale House, who was known in Harlem as mother Hale saved the life of many new born infants who had Aids or drug addicted parents by requiting volunteers to hold them in Harlem Hospital. Many babies died due to a lack of a loving touch; Mother Hale proved that a loving touch could be not only therapeutic but lifesaving. In their book “The Secret Life of Plants”, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird recorded how Cleve Backster proved without any doubt that plants respond if touched with affection.

While training to become a Taoist Ki Energy master in South Korea, I learned a therapeutic touch technique called “Chunsoo” or heavenly hands. This wellness/stress management technique is only effective if the master can generate an internal and external vibrated frequency of unconditional love. The master’s touch is only as powerful as the master’s desire to help the person being touched. 

The vibrated frequency of unconditional love is the foundation of your ability to heal by touch. We all have that ability; fear and doubt are the only two factors that prevent a person from using that ability with intent.


Your Three Minds

Your Three Minds

We all come into this world blessed with three minds, the conscience mind, the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind. Most are aware of the conscience mind it is who and what we think that we are. Our conscience mind gives us our concept of reality. Our conscience mind’s perception of who we think that we are has been programed into our conscience mind from a very young age. Our faith, fears, doubts and judgments are part of that programing. We are who we consciously think that we are.

Our subconscious mind controls all of the vital workings of our body. Our blood flow, heart beat and vital organ functions are controlled by our subconscious mind. You do not consciously think about breathing unless your breathing becomes a problem, your subconscious mind does this for you. The subconscious mind controls the body’s immune system it can keep us healthy or it can make us sick. It takes orders from the conscious mind which is why we should always be careful about what we think. Our intuitive thoughts are controlled by our subconscious mind it allows us to travel through time and space; it is also the link to our super-conscious mind.

The super-conscious mind is our connection to the mind of the universe; the source that created all things and is a part of all living things. The super-conscious mind represents that creative source in all humans. Humans are the only living creatures that have detached themselves from the super-conscience mind and I believe that is the main reason why most do not truly know who they are or why they are here. It is safe to say no matter who or what you think you are, if you are not aware of the three minds you are lost and life for you is just a game of chance.

The workings of the three minds was keep secret from the masses for centuries even now most people are still using the programed conscious mind to navigate the objective conditions of life. Let me give you an example, many will read this dialog and think it was due to chance. There is a reason for everything I did not know what I was going to write before I started to write it. If you are reading this it is not a message from me it is a message from the mind of the universe.

The message is this, it is time to learn and understand the use of the three minds it is time to truly “Know Thy Self”. The first step is to learn how to control the conscious mind and not allow it to control you. If you are unhappy for any reason it is because you truly do not know who you really are. Your conscience mind has programed you to be unhappy. Learning to control the conscience mind will allow your subconscious mind to open the door to your super-conscience mind which can allow you to be and do whatever you want as long as you are in balance with the mind of the universe.

At the Harlem Ki Energy Center we can help you with the second step which is learning to activate the powers of the subconscious mind through intent of thought. If you would like to make an appointment to learn more call my direct line at 646 329-6727 or send me an email at . Learning to use the first two steps will help you to open the door to your super-conscience mind learning to do this will allow you to create what many would consider to be  miracles.

The Spirtual Science Movement

The Spiritual Science Movement

While dusting of my book shelf I came across one of the first books that introduced me to the Spiritual Science Movement, the title of the book was; “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel. Haanel was a visionary that was way ahead of his time. The Master Key System was first published in 1912. The Theory that thought is spiritual, because thought is of the same energy as the Universal Mind, is an ancient one. The scientific research that confirms this theory only became popular to the masses a few years ago.

The major focus of this century plus year old publication is that “the laws governing in the mental and spiritual world are as fixed and infallible as in the material world. The law of Abundance for example is due to an individual’s ability to manifest reality though thought. According to Haanel “if you can acquire a thorough understanding of this law, and are able to control your thought processes, you can apply it to any condition.

The law of Abundance is the same as the law of Gravity, it will affect you whether you believe it or not. You can never manifest abundance if your thoughts are mainly focused on the difficulties caused by the lack of abundance. Thought manifestation is an ability that we all have and use that is why it is important to monitor your thoughts. Never dwell on limitations, positive, creative and constructive thoughts will manifest positive creative and constructive realities.

In 2004 millions of individuals internationally became aware of the Spiritual Science Movement after the world wide success of the film “What the Bleep Do We Know”. This groundbreaking film provided scientific research in quantum physics that supported Haanel’s early 1900’s writings. Around that same time I had not long completed my Korean Taoist Ki Energy master training. I was fascinated by the similarities in the theories of the spiritual science movement and ancient Taoist teachings.

Science has now proven that all things in our universe are made of vibrating energy including our thoughts. This supports the Taoist Yang/Yin philosophy about all things in life. Energy is produced by the interface of negative and positive forces.

Thousands of years ago an Egyptian by the name of Tehuti who the Greeks renamed Hermes developed the famous Seven Hermetic Laws. The third Hermetic law of vibration (see is the foundation of Taoism, Haanel’s work, and todays Spiritual Science Movement. In his book “Ancient Future” Wayne B. Chandler provides scholarly research to support this.

One might wonder why it has taken this long to provide this information that originated in ancient Egypt to the masses, according to Chandler it probably is the same reason why no current scientific research can explain how early Egyptians were able align pyramid stones within 1/1000 of an inch of mathematical perfection, a perfection achieved today only by jewelers cutting gems under a microscope.

An answer to this question may be found in the 2006 Prime Time Productions film The Secret, which later became an international best seller. Only a chosen few have had access to this ancient knowledge, until only a few years ago.

Your Special Gift

Your Special Gift

We are born with many gifts, life itself is a gift. The ability to create reality from a thought is a special gift we all were born with, but most people are not aware of its power. I often write about the special gift of thought manifestation because it is a very important part to the Taoist approach to wellness consultations. What one believes to be true, will become true for that person. If you truly believe that you can heal yourself you can. This special gift will work even if you are not aware of it. Many people have died because a doctor told them that they would, and they truly believed it.

While training to become a Taoist Ki master in the mountains of South Korean an old master told me a story to explain our special gift I will always remember it: “There was a well-known Taoist master in a small Korean village where people would travel long distances for his healing advice. One busy day two men can to see him, one was terminally ill with stomach cancer the other had an upset stomach.

The two men wrote about their problem on a paper and gave to the master’s helper who examined the two men and developed reports for the master. The two reports got mixed up and when the master talked to the terminally ill man, he told him not to worry, he would give him a few special herbs that will cure him in a few days. If the pain continues keep taking the herbs until it stops and it will stop, in a month come back to see me. The master told the man with the upset stomach that he should have come to him sooner. The master gave the man a few herbs to relieve the pain, but advised the man that he only had a few weeks to live.

A month later the terminally ill man came to see the master and happily told him that the herbs worked his illness was cured.  The master realized the mistake and later learned that the man with the upset stomach had died not long ago”.I have learned from experience never to let anyone make you lose faith in your ability to create your reality with your special gift that was given to you at birth. 

You must have faith; your special gift will only work if you truly believe it can. My late wife was told by doctors that she had a short time to live. She did not believe it was her time to die. This began my journey into holistic wellness options. Wellness options that allowed my wife to live three and a half years longer than the doctors had predicted. Her last words to me were “I understand why this is happening; it is to prepare you for what you most do”.  My current wife influenced me to travel to South Korea to train to become a Taoist Ki master; where I was told a story about our special gift, a story I know to be true.

The Awakening of the Third Eye

The Awakening of the Third Eye

Taoist masters of old considered the third eye, ones guide through the invisible world. Human vision is limited and three dimensional; the third eye provides intuitive insight and vision into the fourth dimension which is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment. The material world can be very stressful and illusory; the awakening of the third eye is the first step in seeing past the matrix.

The mind must be in an Alpha state for the third eye to be awakened. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Ki Training are avenues one can take to reach an Alpha mental state, where the brainwave frequency is 9 to 14 cycles per seconds. Ki Energy Treatments will allow an individual to experience a high Alpha brainwave frequency between 12 to 14 cycles per seconds.  A fifteen minute Ki Treatment is the equivalent to a thirty minute meditation session.   

It takes a period of deprogramming to reach the point where the benefits of energy exercises like Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi can be appreciated. The first stage of deprogramming is to acknowledge the fact that most if not all of your beliefs are programed.  How you view yourself and how you view others is based on programed thoughts that began at a very early age. I always recommend Ki Treatments as an opportunity for some to begin deprogramming by trying something different.

After a Ki Treatment you will feel in the present, relaxed, and balanced, you will be in Alpha. Many who try Meditation and other energy exercises become discouraged and stop before they learn to use the exercise to reach the Alpha state. Ki Treatments provide the opportunity to experience oneness, a step towards opening the third eye and being in tune with the mind of the universe.

The Mind, Body and Spirit must be in balance to understand the intuitive visual insights of the Third Eye. Life does not always have to be stressful; something that living in the Matrix will never allow you to understand.  The Third Eye will allow you to see past the Matrix of the material world. Energy training and treatments will put you on the path.
If you would like more information on energy training or treatments please call me directly at 646 329-6727 for an appointment and tour of our Ki Energy Wellness center or visit our website at  .