Saturday, September 21, 2013

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

Healing by touch is as old as mankind itself; the laying-on of hands was the first way humans provided healing care to each other. The earliest known reference to the therapeutic benefits of touch is an illustration taken from the Physician’s Tomb at Saqqara, Egypt. The illustration which dates back more than 4000 years, around 2,330BC shows practitioners manipulating specific points on the feet and hands of a patient. I was always fascinated by this ancient Egyptian healing illustration because the practitioners appear to be of African descent. If you Google Physician’s Tomb Saqqara Egypt, you will see what I mean.

In 1972 Dolores Whether Ph.D., R.N., conducted a controlled study that that proved that hemoglobin could be increased through the use of Therapeutic Touch. Krieger’s research is concerned with therapeutic Touch, which differs from laying-on of hands due to a focused intent to help or heal the person being touched. Krieger concludes that; “To be truly therapeutic, this act must be deeply motivated in the best interest of the person who is being touched”.

Clara Hale founder of Hale House, who was known in Harlem as mother Hale saved the life of many new born infants who had Aids or drug addicted parents by requiting volunteers to hold them in Harlem Hospital. Many babies died due to a lack of a loving touch; Mother Hale proved that a loving touch could be not only therapeutic but lifesaving. In their book “The Secret Life of Plants”, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird recorded how Cleve Backster proved without any doubt that plants respond if touched with affection.

While training to become a Taoist Ki Energy master in South Korea, I learned a therapeutic touch technique called “Chunsoo” or heavenly hands. This wellness/stress management technique is only effective if the master can generate an internal and external vibrated frequency of unconditional love. The master’s touch is only as powerful as the master’s desire to help the person being touched. 

The vibrated frequency of unconditional love is the foundation of your ability to heal by touch. We all have that ability; fear and doubt are the only two factors that prevent a person from using that ability with intent.


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