Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Awakening of the Third Eye

The Awakening of the Third Eye

Taoist masters of old considered the third eye, ones guide through the invisible world. Human vision is limited and three dimensional; the third eye provides intuitive insight and vision into the fourth dimension which is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment. The material world can be very stressful and illusory; the awakening of the third eye is the first step in seeing past the matrix.

The mind must be in an Alpha state for the third eye to be awakened. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Ki Training are avenues one can take to reach an Alpha mental state, where the brainwave frequency is 9 to 14 cycles per seconds. Ki Energy Treatments will allow an individual to experience a high Alpha brainwave frequency between 12 to 14 cycles per seconds.  A fifteen minute Ki Treatment is the equivalent to a thirty minute meditation session.   

It takes a period of deprogramming to reach the point where the benefits of energy exercises like Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi can be appreciated. The first stage of deprogramming is to acknowledge the fact that most if not all of your beliefs are programed.  How you view yourself and how you view others is based on programed thoughts that began at a very early age. I always recommend Ki Treatments as an opportunity for some to begin deprogramming by trying something different.

After a Ki Treatment you will feel in the present, relaxed, and balanced, you will be in Alpha. Many who try Meditation and other energy exercises become discouraged and stop before they learn to use the exercise to reach the Alpha state. Ki Treatments provide the opportunity to experience oneness, a step towards opening the third eye and being in tune with the mind of the universe.

The Mind, Body and Spirit must be in balance to understand the intuitive visual insights of the Third Eye. Life does not always have to be stressful; something that living in the Matrix will never allow you to understand.  The Third Eye will allow you to see past the Matrix of the material world. Energy training and treatments will put you on the path.
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