Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Human Energy Field

I would like to thank all the people, old friends and new friends, who came to the New York Ki Energy exhibit last Sunday, July 26th, at the Harlem Week “A Great Day in Harlem” event at U.S. Grant National Park. For the many who experienced a Ki Energy “Chunsoo” treatment for the first time - as promised - here is a little more information on how and why you felt relaxed and lighter after treatment.

Modern science has proven what many have known for thousands of years, that everything in existence vibrates. According to the philosophy of Taoism, the foundation of all vibrations is the dynamic interface between yin and yang. I explained this concept to my six year old daughter Kia (named after the vital energy of Ki) by using a flashlight battery. Yin and Yang is the same as plus and minus, or positive and negative. Only the interface between yin and yang creates light, and light is energy.

If all things in existence are in constant movement, or vibrational energy, the foundation of all things is something called universal energy fields(UEF), better known to mystics and sages of old as Prana, Chi, Ki or God. Energy is in all things, and all things are energy. Science has proven that humans have what is called a Human Energy Field (HEF), also referred to as the human Aura. We’ve known for some time that humans generate electromagnetic energy that can be measured using ECGs for the heart, and EEGs for the brain.

Dr. Leo Kim writes in his book Healing the Rift: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality, that Dr. Valerie Hunt, a professor of Kinesiology at UCLA using a machine she developed called an electromyograph (that measured electrical activity in muscles) found verifiable electrical fields outside the body that correlated with what many ancient cultures called chakras. Dr. Kim proposes that Dr. Hunt’s research gives scientific evidence to the ancient knowledge that a flow of vital energy in the human body (Chi, Ki, Chakras) can dictate the degree of our well-being.

When the flow of vital energy in our bodies is balanced we are well. When there is an imbalance of the flow of vital energy, or Ki, in our body, we become ill. Stress is the major factor in more then 80% of human illness. A great deal of our stress is emotional. That story in our head that never turns off, probably the same voice that’s talking to you now. We’re often experiencing thoughts of anger, frustration and grief from the past, or fear, worry and anxiety about the future. We’re rarely in the present. A Ki Energy treatment allows you to experience the relaxing, healing feeling of being in the present. Starting in August you will be able to get Ki Energy Treatments at Toni’s Touch Day Spa,, located at 2364 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. between 138th and 139th Streets, on Wednesdays by appointment only. If you’re interested call 212 234-1455.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Power of Forgiving

I’ve started to consult the I Ching (Book of Change) more often lately, partly because I plan to conduct an introduction workshop on the I Ching at the City College of New York Adult and Continuing Education Program this Fall (ACE 212 650-7312). I say partly because the workshop is my way of staying on track with my lifetime commitment to study the mysteries of the Taoist concept of causality and change. The best way to learn is to teach.
I consulted the I Ching for insight on what to write about this week and the eighth hexagram Accord came up. Association with one another and learning from one another is how the I Ching explains Accord.

It took me some time to understand how this would relate to an article but the advice one gets from the I Ching is always personal. I realized that the power of forgiving was the advice I needed to give two of my family members who were not in accord with each other. I also realized that the power of forgiving is an important concept to talk about. There’s no power in seeing yourself as a victim - a major reason that stands in the way of forgiving.

I interviewed Jamillah Shabazz, a spiritual channeler and founder of the Healing Center ( on my Urbanology radio program last week. In appreciation she sent me an interesting CD entitled Imprints of the Soul, where her Spiritual guide talked about the loss of power one experiences when one considers themselves to be victims. You must lose yourself to find yourself, only then can you understand the power and freedom of letting go. Somebody did something to you, you consider yourself to be the victim, and you carry the emotional pain and the story
with you long after the action that caused the emotional or physical pain.

Emotional stress builds if you cannot forgive and let go of the past. Eckhart Tolle writes in his bestselling book, A New Earth, that “Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now; and if the past cannot prevent you from being present now, what power does it have?”
Some may view forgiving as a sign of weakness, but the negative emotional pain they carry is self destructive and a primary source of many illnesses. Being in accord with oneself is being in harmony. To be truly in harmony you must be in the present, not in the pain of the past, or the fear of the future.

I invite you to join me next Sunday, July 26th, at the 1st Harlem Week 2009 outdoor festival ( at U.S. Grants National Memorial Park, located at West 122nd Street and Riverside Drive. I’ll be giving Ki Energy Chunsu treatments from 12 - 7pm. Chunsu treatments help your body to address stress by giving you the opportunity to experience being in the present. If you bring this article to my booth I’ll give you a free treatment.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Five Elements

Last week I wrote about the Eight Gates, which form the foundation of the I Ching, better known as the Book of Change. The permutations of the eight trigrams, which are combinations of the yin broken line and the yang unbroken line, form the 64 trigrams used in the Book of Change. The Book of Change has been used for over 2000 years by enlightened ones interested in unlocking the mysteries of life. The concept of yin and yang can also be viewed as negative and positive. All things in the world we know vibrate at different frequencies - which means there is a yin and yang in everything.

Centuries ago Chinese and Korean naturalists developed the theory of the five elements - Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal - as guiding principles for wellness diagnosis and therapy. This dynamic interaction of yin and yang
in the human body is divided into two groups of five yin organs and six yang organs. Each of the yin and yang organs is identified with one of the elements. The heart (yin) and small intestine (yang) are associated with fire, the spleen (yin) and the stomach (yang) with earth, the lungs (yin) and large intestine (yang) with metal, the kidney (yin) and bladder (yang) with water, and the liver (yin) and gall bladder (yang) with wood.

Energy treatments and training make use of the vibration of yin and yang by using sound, movement and touch to bring balance and harmony to the body. In Tai Chi, each of the fundamental movements represents one of the five elements. A step forward is identified with metal, withdrawal with wood, looking left is associated with water, looking right with fire and central equilibrium is connected to earth. Ki Energy treatments, such as Chunsu, use sound vibration and touch to balance internal organs and promote equilibrium in the entire body.

As part of the Harlem Relieve the Stress program, a four week project to get as many people started on paths of a healthier lifestyle, the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and the New York Road Runners will conduct four Relieve the Stress sessions at Historic Parks in Harlem. Dr Robert Woodbine will give Introduction to Tai Chi lessons, I’ll give Chunsu treatments, and there will be demonstrations of walking and running tips from NYRR coaches. The four sessions will lead up to the August 22nd Harlem Week Family Walk-A-Thon and the first annual Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run. For more information visit or, you can also call the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce at 212 862-7200.

I will also conduct a four week workshop entitled Introduction to the I Ching starting at 6pm on Tuesday, October 6th, at the City College Adult and Continuing Education program. To register call 212 650-7312. The yin and yang concept represents the dynamic interaction that creates all of reality. I invite you to learn how the basic understanding of this concept can improve the quality of your life.