Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Prince of Peace

The Prince of Peace
Hippocrates has long been considered the “Father of Medicine” the Hippocratic Oath is an ethical code that each new physician pledges to uphold, in tribute to the spirit of the founding father. Scientific research now shows that the origin of the recorded history of medicine can be dated over one thousand years before Hippocrates was born.
There are about eight major ancient medical papyri that show the scientific approach to medicine in ancient Egypt, the Edwin Smith papyrus for example entails details focused on surgery, a medical practice that early European religious political laws considered a crime.

The discovery of these ancient Egyptian texts written on papyrus gave details on medical knowledge in the areas such as surgery, dentistry, gynecological conditions and migraines. The first recorded founder of Egyptian medicine was Imhotep also known as the Prince of Peace.

Imhotep was not only considered the father of medicine he was an astrologer and chief Vizier to the Pharaoh. Imhotep was also the father of Egyptian architecture he built Egypt’s first pyramid. The Djoser Step Pyramid in Saqqara Egypt still stands and is considered to be the world’s first monumental stone.

An illustration taken from the Physician’s Tomb which is also in Saqqara shows practitioners using the therapeutic benefits of foot and hand manipulation; (what we now call reflexology or chunsoo Ki treatments). This was more than 4000 years ago. Ann Gillanders has a picture of this illustration in her book “The Joy of Reflexology”. The practitioners were dark skin with short wooly textured hair.

Imhotep used medicine from plants and herbs, practiced meditation, energy healing techniques, diagnosed and treated over 200 diseases, 2000 years before Hippocrates was born. The early Greek temples dedicated to Imhotep whom they called “Imouthes” were centers of medical teachings. History also tells us that the Third Dynasty and the court of Pharaoh Zoser were Nubian decedents from the Kingdom of Kush; this was the time of Imhotep a high priest and the advisor to the Pharoh.

The true father of medicine was a “Black Man” yet when we think of brilliant medical professionals many do not see a person of African descent although there are many. There is a strange and sad story about a leading African American surgeon who was rushed to a southern hospital’s emergency room in the mid 50’s due to a heart attack. When word that this famous doctor was in the hospital’s emergency room, the operating room was set up with the hospital’s best doctors ready to go.

Two attendants were sent to bring this famous doctor to the operating room; they found two patients one a well-dressed Blackman and a white homeless drunk; guess who they brought up to the operating room. As we move into this current time of change it is important to understand many of the things we have been programed to believe about ourselves and others are illusionary.

Holistic and natural wellness options like energy treatments and movement exercises are now becoming accepted options in many of today’s medical communities yet the true father of medicine and inspiration to Hippocrates understood their benefits thousands of years ago.

I wonder where the world would be today if the advance science and technology practiced during the time of Imhotep could have proceeded and advanced uninterrupted. I have no doubt that there is a reason for this cycle of relearning during this current stage of the human evolutionary journey

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
We often hear the term unconditional love and like the word love we often have different interpretations of the meaning. We have all been socially programed to view ourselves, others and the world in a certain way. Many are not aware that much of what they believe to be good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly about themselves and others have been socially programed into their subconscious minds from a very young age.

This is why the concept of love can be confusing to many and the concept of unconditional love is even more difficult for many to understand and appreciate. Conscious and unconscious conditions are often placed on our feeling of love for another. The right man or the right women has to be, act or look a certain way. Many lost opportunities for a meaningful relationship have been a result of this socially programed mis-interpretation of the right person to embrace as a partner or sometimes even a friend.

That is why loving someone unconditionally is not easy. It is first necessary to admit that you have been socially programed to see things in a certain way, then with an open mind you have to allow your conscience and unconscious mind to accept a person for who they are and for who they are not. There are no “Ifs” in a relationship based on unconditional love, it is what it is and that’s it; this of course takes courage.

In a socially programed society we are often motivated by what we believe others think of who and what we are; “one man’s heaven is another man’s hell” as the saying goes. There are many lonely people who are not in relationships because that can’t find that right person. One most also use common sense loving someone unconditionally does not mean you should subject yourself to abuse, physical or psychological.

In the society that we live in there will always be certain conditions in most relationships, it is rare to have a relationship that is based on a foundation of unconditional love, it is usually a process that takes time, and a large degree of self-awareness. 

The motivational energy to have an unconditional love for another must be internal not external. In Taoism healing, we learn that unconditional love is the greatest healing energy humans possess. Clara Hale founder of Hale House proved that the unconditional loving touch of any human can heal.
During Harlem’s crack epidemic many of the lives of infants of addicted parents in Harlem Hospital were saved by strangers recruited by Mrs. Hale to volunteer to visit the hospital’s maternity ward to hold and show unconditional love to the crying crack babies who had no one to love and hold them.  
The healing power of the Chunsoo Ki treatments that we give at our center is based on the concept of unconditional love, it takes time to develop the ability to provide unconditional love to those that you know, and it’s even more difficult to provide this energy to strangers. When this can happen however it provides healing energy to both the giver and the receiver.

Power of Suggestion

 Power of Suggestion
Our conscious mind controls the actions of our subconscious mind, we are what we think, and our world is what we believe it to be. The subconscious mind can also function independently from our conscious mind, it works 24/7 all of our internal body functions work without our conscious thought. What is not commonly known is the influence that external suggestion can have on our subconscious mind.   
A hypnotic suggestion to a person can harm or heal that person. “Almost any disease can be induced in hypnotic subjects by suggestion” writes Dr. Joseph Murphy in his wonderful book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. Many have experienced the miraculous phenomenon of faith healing. The reason way one should be careful about their thoughts is due to the power of suggestion.  

Print and electronic media can provide both positive and negative suggestions to the subconscious minds of individuals who may not be aware that a form of social programing takes place in some of the music we listen to, the papers we read and what we see on large or small screens. There is a belief by many in the world of media that there is a greater market for negative news then it is for positive news. 

I have tremendous respect for Pat Stevenson the publisher of four community newspapers, who for years has only printed “good news that people can use”. That has been a very difficult business decision but she has shown by example that there is a market for positive news that can provide positive suggestions to the subconscious minds of the readers.

Music can also be a tool to convey negative or positive suggestive thoughts to the subconscious minds of listeners. On October 15th 2016 a number of organizations called for a national boycott of radio stations that played music which glorified violence and a negative view and treatment of women. Just as Pat Stevenson’s newspapers have shown that there is a market for positive news, there is also a market for positive music many of you old schoolers know what I am talking about. 

Unfortunately many younger individuals are not aware that some of the music that is popular maybe sending negative suggestions to their subconscious minds that can consciously be acted out as part of their reality.  I have been told by many young artists that if their music is too positive they find it difficult to get record deals and air time.

It is important to understand the power of suggestion and how it can influence our subconscious minds, more importantly it is necessary to make our children aware of how media can have a negative or positive influence on how that see themselves and how they see others. Becoming aware of how media can influence our subconscious minds is the first step towards deprogramming. 

We are all socially programed to view ourselves and the world in a certain way. Fear and doubt seems to be the formula for much of the news we are exposed to. I recommend paying attention to the news you read, the music you listen to and what you view on the large and small screens.

The Agreement of Truth

The Agreement of Truth
What we understand and believe to be true today is based upon an agreement. When the agreement of what is true changes what we understand and believe to be true today may not be true tomorrow. There was a time in Europe where there was an agreement that the world was flat. The truth was based upon an understanding and belief of an agreement. When it was proven that the world was not flat. The agreement changed and so did the understanding of the truth about the world.

Governments create laws based upon agreement, when the numbers of individuals that disagree with a current law is greater than those that agree; the laws will change, because of the change in agreement of the majority which will also create a change in what is understood to be true. Trying to change an agreement of truth in organized religion was always a dangerous business though-out history.

During the time of Galileo the leaders of the Catholic Church were in agreement that the sun revolved around the earth. This agreement was understood and believed to be true. Galileo tried to change the agreement about the earth and the sun. Even after the agreement changed and the truth about the sun and the earth changed, it took the church 300 years to forgive Galileo for trying to change their agreement of the truth.

When we reflect upon the truth of who we are, is it based on an internal agreement of our self-worth or is our truth based on an external socially programed agreement of who and what we are. If you desire to change your life chances and opportunities but feel stuck; you must change your agreement of what you believe is true about yourself and your abilities.

We are moving into a time of clarity and a change in many of the agreements that people considered to be true. I may seem overly optimistic by many when I say that I believe a greater number of individuals throughout the world are starting to embrace a spiritual oneness within themselves and their external environment than ever before in modern history.

I believe the future will bring a change in many agreements that have long been considered true about, wellness, politics, religion, wealth and humans as an evolving species in this universe. We all know what’s true for some may not be true for others. It is all about the agreement.

Agreements are hard to change but the truth about anything is based on an individual or group agreement. Some will never change what they agree to be true individually or as a group. Nature is selective adapting to change is the key to survival.

What does all this mean to you? What you understand to be true about yourself, your environment, your abilities are agreed upon truths that can change if the agreement changes. It is important to understand that you most have faith to change your agreement of truth about yourself and others.  It is important to see what you believe is true for what it really is, an agreement; an agreement that can be changed.