Thursday, October 27, 2016

Power of Suggestion

 Power of Suggestion
Our conscious mind controls the actions of our subconscious mind, we are what we think, and our world is what we believe it to be. The subconscious mind can also function independently from our conscious mind, it works 24/7 all of our internal body functions work without our conscious thought. What is not commonly known is the influence that external suggestion can have on our subconscious mind.   
A hypnotic suggestion to a person can harm or heal that person. “Almost any disease can be induced in hypnotic subjects by suggestion” writes Dr. Joseph Murphy in his wonderful book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. Many have experienced the miraculous phenomenon of faith healing. The reason way one should be careful about their thoughts is due to the power of suggestion.  

Print and electronic media can provide both positive and negative suggestions to the subconscious minds of individuals who may not be aware that a form of social programing takes place in some of the music we listen to, the papers we read and what we see on large or small screens. There is a belief by many in the world of media that there is a greater market for negative news then it is for positive news. 

I have tremendous respect for Pat Stevenson the publisher of four community newspapers, who for years has only printed “good news that people can use”. That has been a very difficult business decision but she has shown by example that there is a market for positive news that can provide positive suggestions to the subconscious minds of the readers.

Music can also be a tool to convey negative or positive suggestive thoughts to the subconscious minds of listeners. On October 15th 2016 a number of organizations called for a national boycott of radio stations that played music which glorified violence and a negative view and treatment of women. Just as Pat Stevenson’s newspapers have shown that there is a market for positive news, there is also a market for positive music many of you old schoolers know what I am talking about. 

Unfortunately many younger individuals are not aware that some of the music that is popular maybe sending negative suggestions to their subconscious minds that can consciously be acted out as part of their reality.  I have been told by many young artists that if their music is too positive they find it difficult to get record deals and air time.

It is important to understand the power of suggestion and how it can influence our subconscious minds, more importantly it is necessary to make our children aware of how media can have a negative or positive influence on how that see themselves and how they see others. Becoming aware of how media can influence our subconscious minds is the first step towards deprogramming. 

We are all socially programed to view ourselves and the world in a certain way. Fear and doubt seems to be the formula for much of the news we are exposed to. I recommend paying attention to the news you read, the music you listen to and what you view on the large and small screens.

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