Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Healing Power of Your Smile

The Healing Power of Your Smile
All healing begins inside your body and we are blessed with a wonderful tool for healing “our smile”. When you smile hormones are released  creating a relaxing state of being. Even if you fake your smile endorphins will be released and your mood will change. Try it now fake a smile hold it for a few seconds and take note how you feel. If you are frighten or nervous a smile will allow you to calm down; sometimes this happens involuntarily.

Smiling allows the muscles in the face to send signals to the brain that all is well. The brain will then send relaxing signals along the body’s nervous system. After taking a hard blow to the head, a fighter will often smile to regain focus. When I give Ki Energy stress management treatments at our Ki Center; I often suggest for clients to smile while receiving the treatment. Smiling during meditation allows for an enhance sense of oneness; it can also be very Therapeutic.

The Inner Smile is an ancient Taoist healing technique that allows the healing power of a smile to give a person the ability to self-heal internally. Taoist master Mantak Chia explains this technique very well in the “Chi Nei Tsang” his internal organs Chi massage manual; when he writes: “The Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique which begins at mid-eyebrow and eyes. It utilizes the expanding energy of happiness as a language to communicate with the internal organs of the body”.

Master Chia goes on to say: “By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, the body will feel loved and appreciated”. At the Ki Center we teach a Korean Qigong exercise called Heaven and Earth. The technique allows the student to focus on internal healing by visualizing and smiling at all of the internal organs in the body.

If you have an injury or soreness on any part of your body, focus on that area and smile at it. If you continue to do this, you will assist in your internal healing process. As many of you know, I have first had experience on the healing power of smiling at internal injuries; it worked for me. We might not realize the healing power of our smile but it is very real it works and it is very easy to do.

Smiling can also be contagious, if you smile at someone long enough they will smile back sometimes unknowingly. The smile can not only be used as a tool for self-healing, it can also be used as a tool to heal others. A smile can be very helpful in changing the mood of another.

One should also be aware that not all smiling faces have a foundation of love. Sometimes a smile can be used to manipulate. More often than not the energy of a smile can be healing. The next time you feel a need to change your mood smile; even if you feel you have nothing to smile about. The healing power of your smile is very powerful learn to use it to improve the quality of your life.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Harlem Holistic Wellness Week 2017

 The 2017 Harlem Holistic Wellness Week (HHWW) Celebration will focus  on holistic health and wellness options for woman. The event will bring awareness to the many natural and holistic options that can address health and the improvement of the quality of life. Due to the many questions surrounding health care, a number of people of all ages are looking for natural ways to maintain health and wellness. The Theme of this year’s wellness week is “Discovering Wellness Options for Women: Now You Know”.

HHWW always begins on the last Saturday in April to coincide with World Tai Chi Day an international wellness movement where thousands of people in cities throughout the world start practicing breathing and energy movement exercises at the same time in relationship to the time zone in each country. During the wellness exercises and programs on that day the meditative focus is on universal awareness of wellness and world peace.

Research has shown that when large numbers of people focus on the same concept around the same time, the possibility of the manifestation of that concept into reality is greatly increased. On every last Saturday in April the universal energy of wellness and world peace is very strong and continues to develop each year as the collective consciousness concerning health and wellness grows on that day.

The universal mental energy of wellness provides a spiritual foundation for the annual start of the week-long holistic wellness awareness campaign that takes place in Harlem the most well-known urban community in the world.  Saturday April 29th is the starting date for HHWW 2017.

The Harlem Community News and WHCR 90.3FM/  will be the lead media partners for this year’s week-long wellness celebration promoting the wellness events and the participating organizations, businesses and practitioners who provide holistic wellness options for individuals seeking a holistic approach to health and well-being.
For further information on the 2017 Harlem Holistic Wellness Week celebration send an email to or call 646 329-6727

Monday, January 16, 2017

Negative Ions Wellness Gifts from Heaven

Negative Ions Wellness Gifts from Heaven
Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron charge. Negative ions are created in sunlight, running water and by the radiation of the earth. When the warm running water in your shower creates steam it is also creating Negative ions. High concentrations of Negative ions can be found near beaches, waterfalls, by strong winds and rapidly running water in mountain streams.

The feeling of relaxation you get at a beach, a waterfall or after a nice hot shower; comes from your body being exposed to large amounts of Negative ions. Research has shown that Negative ions can positively affect moods, pain management, body temperature, focus and attention. Research also shows that Negative ions can relieve feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

There is a growing market for machines that can produce Negative ions. Ionizers will soon be used in hospitals and many other public spaces because Negative ions can kill airborne, germs, bacteria, smells and dust. This happens when they attached themselves to positively charged ion particles in large numbers. The germs, pollen, mold and other allergens become too heavy to remain airborne and drop to the floor.

The Positive ions are the bad guys and are all around use. Electrical equipment, televisions, computers, cell phones, air conditioning, clothes dryers and inner city pollution gives use high exposures of Positive ions. That is why the market is growing for ionizers. You can by a $20.00 ionbox desk ionizer on Amazon to clear Positive ions from your workspace. Larger ionizers can be helpful in other parts of the house to decrease airborne viruses and bacteria.

In 1956 Japanese researchers developed a high tech fiber called Teviron; a fiber that could create Negative Ions. This discovery was the beginning of a phase of negative ion technology that focused on the development of clothing that could generate negative ions through movement. Both the military and the athletic industry have been exploring methods to produce clothing that generate Negative Ions for the improvement of performance, health and overall well-being. There are a few brands of active wear that use Negative Ions technology but you have to do your research on Negative Ion products and remember that all that glitters is not gold. 

April 29th to May 6th are the dates for the Fourth Annual Harlem Holistic Wellness Week. The theme this year’s wellness week is “Discovering Wellness Options for Women”.  I am currently researching an exciting new natural wellness product that will use Negative Ion technology to provide health and well-being for women. I plan to introduce the product during this year’s wellness week; I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 A time of Awakening

2017 A time of Awakening
According to the Chinese zodiac 2017 will be a Fire Rooster Year; the last Fire Rooster year was 1957. Awakening is a characteristic of a Fire element year. The growth of the Civil Rights Movement was escalated in 1957 it was a time of collective awakening. Astrology and Numerology are important tools used by too few for the understanding of how to interface with the mysteries of the universe. I consult with Astrologist Gale Armstead and Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn at the beginning of each year to get advice on what to expect in the coming New Year. They both agreed that 2017 will be a time of awakening.

Gale Armstead suggested that 2017 might also be a time of re-awakening. It is a number 1 year (2+0+1+7=10=1) a time for new ideas it is the beginning of the first universal cycle 2016 was the end of the 9th universal cycle. 2017 will be a time for personal revelations individuals will develop a greater awareness of who they are. Gale also suggested that a collective awakening will occur due to the influence of the planet Uranus being in the sign of Aries. Uranus is known as the planet of collective awakening and Aries is a fire element sign.

Both Lloyd and Gale see 2017 to be a time of opportunity, a time for inventing new things and a time of insight. From an astrological point of view Gale suggest that the signs of Aries(fire), Leo(fire), Sagittarius(fire), Gemini(air), Libra(air) and Sagittarius(air) will have a greater ability to experience intuitive growth and personal awakening in the coming year. From a numerological point of view Lloyd Strayhorn suggests that individuals born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and the 28th will have the best opportunity for growth and development in 2017; they are all number 1 persons.

Lloyd also wanted to make it clear that your thoughts and actions in a number 1 universal year will set the stage for the next 9 universal years so if you don’t want to be doing what you are currently doing for the next 9 years it would be wise to start a new strategy for change. 

Creative thinkers have entertained the advice of Numerologist and Astrologist since the time of ancient Egypt. The growth of religious political power structures made the practice of many ancient Egyptian concepts and wisdom unholy.

Secret societies were developed and only a few had the opportunity to continue to explore and learn from the ancient mysteries of Egypt. The value and wisdom of Numerology and Astrology are still not appreciated by many due to social programming.

I will interview Lloyd Strayhorn and Gale Armstead on my Tuesday January 17th Urbanology radio program. My Urbanology radio show airs on WHCR 90.3FM/ every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.
I invite you to tune in on January 17th to learn more about how you can benefit from the advice of a numerologist or a astrologist or both. If you would like to contact Gale Armstead to learn how you can navigate 2017 based on your astrological birth sign give her a call at 212 410-6755. If you would like to learn more about numerology contact Lloyd Strayhorn at 1 800 581-4401 or visit his website at

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde
The Planet Mercury rules the energy of communication, clear thinking, truth, travel, computers and electronics. Mercury moves slower around the earth about three or four times a year creating an illusion that it’s moving in retrograde. Illusion or not most astrologers will tell you that the things that move under the influence of Mercury will have issues. “As above, so too below” is an ancient Egyptian saying.

We are currently in the last cycle of Mercury retrograde for 2016. It started on December 19th and will end on January 9th. During this time communication, travel, computers, electrical devices and clear thinking seem to not work well. It is believed that new contracts, relationships and businesses opportunities should not be pursued while Mercury is in retrograde.

With Mercury retrograde taking place during the holiday season, travel maybe more stressful than usual. It is wise to make sure you have a warranty on any electrical devise you purchase. If possible it might be a good idea to wait until after January 8th before entering in any type of contract or binding commitment.

Astrologers believe that no one is immune to the unsettling influence of Mercury Retrograde but individuals with a Gemini or Virgo Sun and those who have a Gemini, Moon or Ascendant, will feel the discomfort somewhat more than others. I happen to be a Gemini so I decided to schedule my dental and medical procedures to after January 8th. I find it best when you have the opportunity to err on the side of caution.  

I know that there are many who have no faith in astrological predictions or advice. I also know that wars have been won and lost based on advice given by astrologers. Since its beginning in early Egypt, astrological readings and advice have influenced many of the great leaders of history. After conquering Egypt Alexander the Great used astrology to help guide his military campaigns.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin who were all freemasons studied early Egyptian wisdom they also studied astrology and used astrologers as advisors. Signs of the Zodiac can be found on the landscape and walls in many of the federal buildings in Washington D.C.  During World War II the British hired astrologers to attempt to figure out what Hitler’s astrological advisors were telling him.

The great psychiatrist Carl Jung integrated astrology into his practice when questioned about this Jung gave a very simple explanation “We are all born at a given moment, in a given place and like vintage wine, we have qualities of the year and season in which we were born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more”.

When you hear talk about Mercury being in retrograde it might not be a bad   idea take notice of your actions and when possible err on the side of caution. There will be three more cycles of Mercury Retrograde in 2017 April 9th to May 3rd, August 12th to September 5th, December 2nd to the 22nd.

Astrological advise to take caution during Mercury Retrograde may seem nonsensical to some but great minds have used astrological advise for centuries and like many other hidden secrets the masses have been keep in the dark and encouraged to be non-believers of ancient wisdom.