Monday, January 16, 2017

Negative Ions Wellness Gifts from Heaven

Negative Ions Wellness Gifts from Heaven
Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron charge. Negative ions are created in sunlight, running water and by the radiation of the earth. When the warm running water in your shower creates steam it is also creating Negative ions. High concentrations of Negative ions can be found near beaches, waterfalls, by strong winds and rapidly running water in mountain streams.

The feeling of relaxation you get at a beach, a waterfall or after a nice hot shower; comes from your body being exposed to large amounts of Negative ions. Research has shown that Negative ions can positively affect moods, pain management, body temperature, focus and attention. Research also shows that Negative ions can relieve feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

There is a growing market for machines that can produce Negative ions. Ionizers will soon be used in hospitals and many other public spaces because Negative ions can kill airborne, germs, bacteria, smells and dust. This happens when they attached themselves to positively charged ion particles in large numbers. The germs, pollen, mold and other allergens become too heavy to remain airborne and drop to the floor.

The Positive ions are the bad guys and are all around use. Electrical equipment, televisions, computers, cell phones, air conditioning, clothes dryers and inner city pollution gives use high exposures of Positive ions. That is why the market is growing for ionizers. You can by a $20.00 ionbox desk ionizer on Amazon to clear Positive ions from your workspace. Larger ionizers can be helpful in other parts of the house to decrease airborne viruses and bacteria.

In 1956 Japanese researchers developed a high tech fiber called Teviron; a fiber that could create Negative Ions. This discovery was the beginning of a phase of negative ion technology that focused on the development of clothing that could generate negative ions through movement. Both the military and the athletic industry have been exploring methods to produce clothing that generate Negative Ions for the improvement of performance, health and overall well-being. There are a few brands of active wear that use Negative Ions technology but you have to do your research on Negative Ion products and remember that all that glitters is not gold. 

April 29th to May 6th are the dates for the Fourth Annual Harlem Holistic Wellness Week. The theme this year’s wellness week is “Discovering Wellness Options for Women”.  I am currently researching an exciting new natural wellness product that will use Negative Ion technology to provide health and well-being for women. I plan to introduce the product during this year’s wellness week; I will keep you updated.

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