Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Special Gift

Your Special Gift

We are born with many gifts, life itself is a gift. The ability to create reality from a thought is a special gift we all were born with, but most people are not aware of its power. I often write about the special gift of thought manifestation because it is a very important part to the Taoist approach to wellness consultations. What one believes to be true, will become true for that person. If you truly believe that you can heal yourself you can. This special gift will work even if you are not aware of it. Many people have died because a doctor told them that they would, and they truly believed it.

While training to become a Taoist Ki master in the mountains of South Korean an old master told me a story to explain our special gift I will always remember it: “There was a well-known Taoist master in a small Korean village where people would travel long distances for his healing advice. One busy day two men can to see him, one was terminally ill with stomach cancer the other had an upset stomach.

The two men wrote about their problem on a paper and gave to the master’s helper who examined the two men and developed reports for the master. The two reports got mixed up and when the master talked to the terminally ill man, he told him not to worry, he would give him a few special herbs that will cure him in a few days. If the pain continues keep taking the herbs until it stops and it will stop, in a month come back to see me. The master told the man with the upset stomach that he should have come to him sooner. The master gave the man a few herbs to relieve the pain, but advised the man that he only had a few weeks to live.

A month later the terminally ill man came to see the master and happily told him that the herbs worked his illness was cured.  The master realized the mistake and later learned that the man with the upset stomach had died not long ago”.I have learned from experience never to let anyone make you lose faith in your ability to create your reality with your special gift that was given to you at birth. 

You must have faith; your special gift will only work if you truly believe it can. My late wife was told by doctors that she had a short time to live. She did not believe it was her time to die. This began my journey into holistic wellness options. Wellness options that allowed my wife to live three and a half years longer than the doctors had predicted. Her last words to me were “I understand why this is happening; it is to prepare you for what you most do”.  My current wife influenced me to travel to South Korea to train to become a Taoist Ki master; where I was told a story about our special gift, a story I know to be true.

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