Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Three Powers

Ancient Korean folk-lore gives credit to Taoist Immortals such as Jabu and Pok Hee Si for developing the Taoist philosophy and introducing it to China. The Taoist concept of the dynamic interface between Yang (positive) and Yin (Negative) being the universal foundation (energy) for all things is now a scientific fact.  We now know that everything in the universe vibrates and has its own frequency.  Over 6000 years ago Korean and Chinese Taoists considered the three powers, Heaven, Earth and Humanity the principle of human existence.

While training to become a Taoist Ki Energy master in the mountains of South Korea I was taught that the essence of the Tao (also known as The Way) within the human being is The Three Powers.  The Three Powers designate the tri-tai chi which is considered the principle of creation.  An old Taoist saying expresses the concept this way: “There was heaven, so it made the earth, on which I (humans) stand”.

Noted historian Way B. Chandler described this concept in the ground breaking study African Presence in Early Asia this way:  The electromagnetic field of heaven and the bio-psychic field of earth envelopes each individual human.  The major point here is that the positive flow of energy (Ki, or Chi,) will bring balance and good health.  Heaven and Earth is an ancient Taoist ki training movement exercise developed to allow heaven and earth energy to reduce stress in the human body.

Heaven and Earth will be one of a number of energy circulation movement exercises taught in the Ki energy training classes that will be offered every Wednesday, from 6:30pm to 7:45pm, at the Harlem Ki Energy Center located at 13 West 122nd Street starting in May, 2011.

Ki training classes will provide students with ancient Korean Taoist stress management techniques that improve health by balancing the circulation of energy in the body.  The City College of New York’s Continuing and Professional Studies Program (CPSP) will also offer an Introduction to Ki Energy Training class in the personal development section of its summer programs starting in June, 2011, in conjunction with the Harlem Ki Center. For more information call me at 646 329-6727 or the City College CPSP at 212 650-7312

Saturday April 30th is World Tai Chi and Qigong Day.  Internal energy practitioners around the world will lead free group internal energy stress management exercises, treatments and demonstrations from 10AM to 12 noon in the name of world peace.  I will again join Dr. Robert Woodbine
and a host of wellness energy practitioners in Harlem’s St. Nicholas Park at 135th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue to celebrate this event.  The Harlem Ki Center will provide Chunsoo stress management treatments and give Heaven and Earth exercise demonstrations.  For more information call 951 262-3673. 

We are moving into a universal frequency shift, where understanding how to bring balance to the Three Powers will become a major factor in improving the quality of your life.  Visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers.com for more information.

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