Monday, June 6, 2011

The Art of Aging

The Art of Aging

All things that exist in our material world is in the process of returning to the non-material, invisible world of energy.  Living creatures return to the invisible world of energy faster than objects, but all solid energy returns at some point in time to non-solid energy.  Humans, the highest form of life on earth, have developed many concepts to explain the process of aging.  We all age differently, but your concept of aging - or getting old - will determine how you deal with the blessings of aging.  There is an art to aging well and the foundation of that art is learning to balance the mind, the body and the spirit.

The mind controls our thinking, and we are what we think.  And we also attract that on which we think about often.  If you say to yourself,  “I am too old to exercise”, then your mind will convince your body to make you feel that you are too old.  If you say, “I am going to find a way to exercise my body”, the universal law of attraction will attract an internal thought (idea) for developing a way to exercise.  That thought will also attract an external opportunity that will assist you in getting the exercise you need.

 More than ever, learning to be in the present is an important element found in the art of aging.  If our thoughts linger too often in the past, or in the future, your ability to appreciate the beauty of the now can be lost.  It will also bring on depression and other stress-related health issues.  Ki Energy Treatments and classes will often give one the ability to experience being in the present.

The body is often neglected as we grow older.  We need to exercise.  As the saying goes - “If you don’t use it you lose it”.  We also have to be careful about what we eat.  I often recommend Peter D’Adamo’s book Eat Right for Your Type.  Understanding that foods can be helpful, or not helpful, to different blood types is important to master the art of aging.  If you are like me it is important to know the foods that are beneficial to my blood type, which is O.  It is important because the foods that I like are usually not good for me.  Over the years, knowing what not to eat a lot of has improved the quality of my life.  At the Harlem Ki Energy Center  an Energy Constitution Analysis, that is based on blood type, is used to help improve our client's health.  Call 646 329-6727 for more information.

The spirit, I believe, is the most important element in the art of aging. Gratitude and unconditional love are the two pillars of the human spirit. We all have a purpose in life.  Unconditional love will always allow one to find that purpose by influencing others - perhaps many, or perhaps only one. Gratitude allows use to be thankful for having the opportunity to do so.     

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