Monday, July 11, 2016

The African Unconscious

The African Unconscious
A few weeks ago I was introduced to an amazing book by a business associate, who thought it would be of interest and he was correct. “The African Unconscious” by Edward Bruce Bynum is a well-researched scholarly work that follows the development of the early human race that began in Africa and migrated throughout the world.

The foundations for many of the cultures and religions that we know today can be traced to early Egypt. The Ta-Seti the world’s oldest known civilization for many years was considered the Mother of ancient Kemet(Egypt). There is now research that shows that there were twelve Nubian Kings who ruled in the Middle East before the first Egyptian dynasty.

When we talk about the golden years of ancient Egypt we now understand the great minds that developed the science, religion and technology were Nubian. This knowledge was erased from European history (or his-story) by scholars who Bynum describes as “sophisticated prostitutes” and during that time the big money was in capitalism, slavery and the expansion of Europe into Africa and the Americas.

In time according to Bynum it became inconceivable in the West that black Nubian Africans could have made the great accomplishments of early Egypt. To this day many still believe that the early Egyptians were white or mixed but not black. A fine example of this attempt to change history can be found in museums that have exhibits of ancient Egyptian art. The noses of many of the figures are disfigured or completely missing.

When Napoleon marched through Southern Egypt and discovered the Great Sphinx one of the greatest monumental sculptures of the ancient world; carved out of a single ridge of limestone he had his artillery shot off the Nubian nose. Even though it was suppressed for centuries the knowledge of ancient Egypt still holds an unconscious presents in the culture of the Western world.

As stated in previous articles ( the politics of religion forced this knowledge underground yet the majority of great minds in the arts and sciences were members of secret societies who studied Hermetic philosophies of ancient Egypt Da Vinci, Newton, Shakespeare, Jung, Marx even the Founding fathers of America were mostly Masons or Rosicrusians. Thomas Jefferson was a Rosicrusian, Benjamin Franklin was the grand master of the Philadelphia Masonic Lodge, and George Washington was initiated into a Masonic lodge in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

Washington D.C. our nation’s capital has many relics and references to the wisdom of an ancient society led by Africans who were Nubian even our American currency has symbols of ancient Kermit. Is it any wonder why this information until only in recent times was keep away from Africans in America. Some will read this a say so what?

Knowledge is power would be my first response. There is a conscious and/or unconscious relationship to Africa in all members of the human race. It is important for Africans though out the world to learn the wisdom developed by their Nubian ancestors; wisdom that has been used and kept secret for the purpose of control. The ancient Egyptian phrase “Know Thy Self” was considered the first step towards enlightenment.

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