Monday, August 1, 2016

Fear and Doubt III

Fear and Doubt III
There is an ancient wisdom that tells us that learning takes place with repetition; it is for that reason I often right about the danger associated with Fear and Doubt. Fear and doubt have been major tools used by a few to manipulate and control the mental, spiritual and creative development of the masses for centuries in every developed society in the world. The true concepts of faith and compassion have not been practiced by the majority of modern day society.

We all were born with the gift to change our reality using thought manifestation. There are many theories that try to explain why this gift was kept secret from the masses for so long. Most agree that control was a major factor. Ancient Egyptian and Mayan calendars predicted that 2012 would be the visual beginning of the next cycle of human development; the beginning of the end, to the illusory concepts of limitation. Fear and doubt will slowly be replaced with faith and compassion.

Compassion for others and faith in one’s ability to change reality using positive thought manifestation will become necessary survival tools in this new cycle of universal energy. With all that is happening in the our local, national and international communities many of my left brain thinking readers will not embrace my belief that those who rule by fear and doubt will in time self-destruct; to be replaced by a universal energy of faith and compassion. Health and wealth will be two major reasons that will influence this change in many.

The concept of improving ones health and wealth by having faith in one’s ability to manifest a positive reality with focused thought; a reality that also is focused on improving the quality of life for others(compassion) will never be accepted by some. Nature has always been selective those who learn to adept will move on to the next level of human evaluation. Fear and doubt will keep you from becoming all that you can be.

The social programed matrix of fear and doubt has been injected into your psychic from early childhood. There are many reasons why the major news networks concentrate on news that create fear and doubt; control is one of them. Unless you can find ways to step outside of the matrix you will in time self-destruct. Many have no idea that they are living in a matrix, a major reason why stress is the foundation of most illnesses.

Fear and doubt keeps us from learning how to step outside the matrix, to deprogram ourselves and discover who we really are. We have this gift of thought manifestation we us it, but all too often in nonproductive ways. What you think about often will come to you. If you always focus you’re thinking on perceived limitations and the lack of power to determine your future; that will be the reality that you manifest for yourself.

There is a reason for all things including your reading of this dialog, remember nature is selective do not allow fear and/or doubt prevent you from learning new ways of thinking about self and others; thinking and actions that can improve your quality of life and perhaps the quality of life for others.

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