Monday, July 28, 2014

A Greater Power

A greater Power

Is there a greater power, and if it is how do you tap into it? Many of the great prophets said we should look inside of self for the answer. Most of those prophets, were put in prison, put in exile, or put to death by the powers that developed philosophies based on controlled versions of their teachings.  After a time the philosophies became a religion, and in time many of the religions became more political then spiritual.  
Know Thy Self, was a statement the early Egyptians used to provide a clue to the question we still cannot answer concerning their scientific and architectural accomplishments.  In ancient Khemet (today known as Egypt) every academic and scientific learning center had the phrase Know Thy Self placed on the entrance.  
I now firmly believe that there is a greater power, I call it the mind of the universe, it is a part of us and we are a part of it. Taoist Master and author Wu Wei explains this clearly in the following statement: “It is of utmost importance that you become aware that you and your Universe are in constant communication. Some of us communicate knowingly, others unknowingly”.

You most have faith to knowingly communicate with the Mind of the Universe. You most first believe that you have the ability and that you are a part of a greater power. You most also believe that this power within you can manifest a material reality from your thought.You cannot truly communicate with the Mind of the Universe, without deactivating the matrix energy of the material world. You can only tap into the energy of the Mind of the Universe internally.  Meditation, Tai Chi, Ki Training and treatments are vehicles that can help you tap into the energy of the Universal Mind.

I am optimistic about the idea that the next stage of human development has begun. All things move in cycles, day to night, young to old, summer to winter.
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