Monday, July 28, 2014

The Iron Staff Immortal

The Iron-Staff Immortal
In August of 2000 I found myself in the mountains of South Korea training to become a master in an ancient Taoist healing system that I now call Kido (Ki meaning energy and Do meaning the way) The Way of Energy. The Taoist concept of the principles of polarity can be traced back to the ancient Xia Dynasty (1900-1700 BC) which was one of two early Chinese dynasties founded by black tribes from West Africa living in ancient China.
The Shang/Yin Dynasty (1700-1050 BC) was also founded by black tribes from West Africa according to many scholars if you Google Bak Tribes you will find a great deal of research information on this subject. Noted historian and scholar Wayne B. Chandler often writes about Tieguai one of the eight immortals of Taoism who played a major role in disseminating the I Ching and Taoism philosophy throughout China. The popular picture of Tieguai also known as the Iron-Staff Immortal was a hand painted silk design from the early thirteenth century Yuan Dynasty.

The African Presence in Early Asia by Runoko Rashidi and Ivan Van Sertima and the Ancient Future by Wayne B Chandler has excellent research on the journey of Taoism from West Africa to China. The picture of Tiguai can be found in both texts. Tieguai was a martial artist and a Taoist energy healer. I understand better now why many of the elders would tell me that doing my master training was no coincidence. My master training involved many hours of ancestor training; where you learn to connect with the energy of your ancestors.

It is the lifelong journey of a Taoist master to learn how to control and use the power of their ancestors to positively affect the lives of the people that they encounter. .
Following the guidance and energy of my ancient African ancestors I write articles such as this as well as the articles on my blog at  as part of an ongoing movement to address historical exclusions of the African influence to the Taoist philosophy.   For further information on the Taoist Kido stress management/wellness treatments and training at the Harlem Ki Energy Center call 646 329-6727

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