Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Three Minds

The Three Minds
A common belief among many Taoist wellness practitioners is that we have three minds the Conscious Mind, the Sub-Conscious Mind and the Super Sub-Conscious Mind. The conscious is the mind of identity it is how we see ourselves, others and external things. The sub-conscious mind controls the inner workings of the body; its understanding of the external world is influenced by the conscious mind. The super sub-conscious mind is our connection to the mind of the universe it is our spirit it is also the source of manifestation.   

The conscious mind interprets reality, a reality influenced by social programing and the power of suggestion. From early childhood the conscious mind is programed; right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, your self-image, are judgements and opinions resulting from social programing and life experiences. The emotional experience attached to negative thoughts created by a socially programed conscious mind is a major factor in stress related illness.

The major function of the sub-conscious mind is to keep the body safe and well. The sub-conscious mind responds to the thoughts of the conscious mind. All healing is influenced by the sub-conscious mind. Positive thoughts towards healing can make a tremendous difference in the healing process and wellness. Negative thoughts fueled by fear and doubt will have a negative effect on the healing process and over all wellness.

The super sub-conscious mind is connected to the mind of the universe, when conscious thought has the energy to pass the sub-conscious mind and influence the super conscious mind, manifestation can occur. It is for this reason both negative and positive thoughts can be manifested into your reality. It is wise to be careful about what you think.  Psychic Spiritual Wellness Therapy is a deprograming system that I have created to address options for the replacement of negative socially programed thinking with positive thinking.

When the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super sub-conscious mind can work as one with intent influenced by positive thoughts, one can enhance their quality of life with their power of thought manifestation.  The reason I use the word intent is because our thoughts always create our reality. Many feel that they have limited control of the reality which they unknowingly create. Your health and quality of life depends greatly on your thoughts. If your health or quality of life needs improving perhaps deprograming can help.

There are many options available that can be used in the deprograming process which will be the focus of my next book “Psychic Spiritual Wellness Strategies. For further information call 646 329-6727 or send an email to  

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