Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Life Principle

The Life Principle
In 1926 Robert Collier published a book titled “The Secret of The Ages”, Collier’s book continues to influence readers seeking to understand the power of thought manifestation. I hope someone reading this dialog will discover Collier’s book and explore ways to improve the quality of their lives by learning wisdom that has been keep secret for ages.  Collier described an energy that is responsible for the development and survival of all living creatures on Earth from the beginning, as our life principle.

According to Collier the Life Principle is your principle to survive it is behind your every act. Its ingenuity and resource are without limit. It is Mind. It is thought. Whatever is necessary for you to know, and whatever is necessary for you to do; you can know and you can do it if you but seek this gift given to you at birth and learn to work with it in the right way.

Your health, wealth and peace of mind are controlled by the way you think. The only reason you have not been able to achieve these things is you have not correctly used your life principle that is always with you and is activated by thought.
Everything around you was first a thought in someone’s mind. You have the ability to change your life if you truly believe that you can. It is necessary to remove fear and doubt from your creative thinking. You are what you think that you are, never let negative thoughts of limitations keep you from being all that you can be.

The power of positive thinking is what will allow humans to participate in the next phase of human evolution. We are continuing to evolve and nature is selective if you continue to allow external material energy to define your existence your health, wealth and peace of mind will suffer and your ability to move to the next level of consciousness will be blocked.

Only those who learn to use their life principle in a productive and creative way will positively influence their lives and the lives of those around them. Do not allow your life principle to work against you because of negative thinking.  Your external environment can and will be determined by the energy of your thoughts. If you would like a deeper understanding of this dialog visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers , or call the Ki Energy Center at 646 329-6727 to schedule a visit, you can also send me an email at    

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