Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings
We are all spiritual beings a gift given to us at birth, most are not aware of their spiritual ability to manifest material objects from thought.  Social Programing teaches fear and doubt two major factors that force us to accept the illusion of limitations. Spiritual power emulates from the Super Sub-Conscious Mind.  The Super Sub-Conscious Mind is our connection to the Mind of the Universe.  We cannot truly use our spiritual abilities until we deprogram our Conscious Mind, a programed mind that traps us in the illusory matrix of the three dimensional material world that we live in.

A socially programed mind believes that happiness can only be achieved by acquiring external material things. Yet all material things are manifestations born from an internal thought. It is for this reason there is a great difference between a Spiritual Being and a Religious Being. Material gain has been the foundation of all wars created and supported by organized religious philosophies interpreted by socially programed leaders motivated by power. Spirituality is the energy of compassion and unconditional love.

The prophets and sages we read about had a common dialog “true happiness cannot be achieved by the acquisition of external things” it was for this reason most of the great prophets and sages were put to death, put in prison or forced into exile; by socially programed leaders who altered their teachings to suit their purposes.  It takes a great deal of deprograming for the Conscience mind to truly embrace unconditional love, compassion, the love of self and others; the foundation for becoming a spiritual being.

It makes no difference who or what you are, you have the capacity to become a spiritual being. This is when the mind, body and spirit can work in harmony, allowing creative thought to manifest health, wealth and peace of mind. When you can understand that you don’t need anything, faith in your spiritual abilities can bring you many things.  It has been said that “thinking is spiritual” it creates our reality. You must always be careful about what you think. Be aware of the internal and external dangers of negative thinking.

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