Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Life

For the past 20 years people have discovered methods to create new ways of living by participating in The NewLife Expo, which returns to New York Friday, March 26th - Sunday March 28th . The NewLife Expo is the largest Mind, Body and Spirit event in New York City. If you’ve ever wondered about the best wellness/holistic approach for you and yours, this is the place to be. Over 150 exhibitors and speakers will be at The Hotel New Yorker, at 8th Avenue and 34th Street, this weekend.

The New York Ki Energy Center will have a Ki Energy stress management exhibit at booth # 530. We’ll give Ki treatments that address back pain, high blood pressure, stress and a host of other health issues. Laura Abadsantos-Rogers (Master Ji) will also give energy constitution analyses that can help address the root cause of most health issues. Other exhibits will focus on areas like Aromatherapy, Energy medicine, Herbology, Vibrational healing, Ayurvedic medicine, Holistic Cardiology, and a number of exhibits focusing on other holistic medicines and products.

This Expo is famous for presenting some of the best known speakers in the wellness community, such as Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, and Lisa Vandeboom from the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). As many of you who read my articles know, I write a great deal about this organization - which was featured in Dan Brown’s new bestseller The Lost Symbol. IONS is providing very interesting research that’s closing the gap between science and ancient wellness knowledge and practices such as energy medicine and vibrational healing. Visit the NewLife web site for a complete listing of speakers and presenters.

Mark Becker, the person behind the success of the NewLife wellness Expo brand, has been around for many years. Baby Boomers who remember the Tree of Life bookstore that was on 125th Street and 7th Avenue know it was the center for the birth of Harlem’s wellness movement in the 60’s and 70’s. The lectures and programs there was a training ground for Mark Becker and others who’ve become international leaders in the wellness movement.

America will truly benefit by having new health legislation that focuses on preventative health care. Events like the NewLife Expo will become more popular as the collective consciousness of America becomes aware of the value of being proactive rather then reactive when addressing healthcare issues. I predict a greater interest in natural ways to stay in good health to address most, if not all, health issues.

I agree with Mark Beck when he states: “After 20 years, the NewLife natural wellness message’s time has come.” I invite you to stop by booth # 530 for an energy treatment - or to just say hello - and to experience three days of the most innovative speakers and wellness exhibits in the country. For more information call 516 897-0900. For media inquiries and passes call Tracy Henry at 212 226-3175 or fax 516 897-0585.

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