Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power of the Cosmic Chant

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia ( defines chant (derived from the old French word chanter) as a rhythmic speaking or singing of words. Many cultures of the world have different forms of chanting in their spiritual and religious evolutionary development. Quantum physics has provided scientific proof of what is ancient wisdom: Everything in our universe is in constant vibration. It's now a known fact that different types of sound vibration will have different affects on solid mass vibrations - the human body included.

Ceremonial chanting has been used over the ages to allow humans to change their external and internal environments, whether it be for courage to do battle or communicating with the invisible world. The spiritual/science movement has now provided both scientific and spiritual proof of the healing power of sound. Cosmic chanting is a self-healing sound vibration ability that we all possess and can be taught to use.

Taoist sages have used different forms of sound vibration as a healing tool for centuries. Mantak Chia, the renowned Taoist author, writes about the six universal healing sounds in his book Chi Nei Tsang. Each sound has a direct relationship to different vital body organs. If you visit my blog at you'll find an article on the six healing sounds and how they work.

Members at the New York Ki Energy Center learn a number of cosmic chants that are used to cultivate the mind, body and spirit. Chants like Gi Do Chon Mun are used to influence a person's spiritual and physical environment. Chanting is a vehicle that allows the human spirit to use an ability that was a gift of birth: the ability to manifest through the power of intentional directed thought. Like the power of prayer, chanting can allow a believer to utilize an internal power that has often been misinterpreted and used for the politics of religion.

We all have the power to connect with the mind of the universe, but we must believe we have that ability. The important thing to understand is that no one system of cosmic chanting or prayer should be considered superior to the other. I do believe, however, that the powerful frequency of unconditional love is a major factor necessary to connect with the frequency of the mind of the universe. This, I admit, is my personal belief. but I'm convinced that without the ability to truly find love within - you cannot truly tap into the frequency of our creation. The universal frequency that can make all things possible.

Taoist chants provide a vehicle to nurture that ability. The sound vibration experienced in cosmic Ki chanting at the New York center, which is now in Harlem, can provide both groups and individuals an opening to the universal vibrational frequencies that will assist in self healing and, in many cases, manifestations of reality from thought.

For more information about cosmic chanting sessions at the New York Ki Energy Center call 917 806-1801, or call me directly at 646 329-6727.

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