Saturday, January 16, 2010

Know Thyself

If you Google the phrase Know Thyself you’ll get a lot of information that could lead you to believe the term was created by the Greek philosopher Socrates. But if you Google Know Thyself Egypt you get a whole different story. The phrase was used in Egyptian Temples thousands of years before Socrates. Many of the famous Greek philosophers studied Egyptian mysteries and assimilated the knowledge they learned. What’s not as well known is that, in their day, these Greek philosophers were criticized for teaching this knowledge by the same people who later immortalized them. George G.M. James writes in his famous book Stolen Legacy that Socrates was put in prison and later executed. Aristotle was forced into exile and Plato was sold into slavery.

Know Thyself was a phrase that was a foundation of early Egyptian philosophy which viewed man as the microcosm of the universe. According to Stolen Legacy, this next Egyptian thought captures this meaning by stating that: the Kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it. History has shown that many philosophers have been put to death for preaching this power within philosophy to the masses. I believe the human race is slowly moving to the next stage of evolution, where this knowledge of human potential is no longer perceived as a danger by the powers that be…because it will no longer be a secret. This may not be obvious if you only read the dailies or watch TV news, but we’re in a time of change.

Life is what you make it. And to truly Know Thyself is to truly understand how important the above statement is. You have the power to change both your internal and external environment, and you’re doing it whether you realize it or not. Organizations like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) are conducting scientific research on human abilities and potential, creating scientific acknowledgement of ancient wisdom thousands of years old.

The human mind has the ability to manipulate matter through thought manifestation. Why is this important to you? It’s important because if you do not understand this ability you have - the power of your thoughts – you’ll never understand who you are, who you can be, and who you don’t have to be.

Too often, we allow our environment and what others think of us to be an obstacle on our journey towards freedom and happiness. We’re often our own worse enemy because we don’t have faith in our ability to improve the quality of our lives through focused thought and action. Life has its peaks and valleys. When we’re at our lowest point it’s our faith in ourselves that allows us to understand our tremendous God-given ability to reach the mountaintop again - to change our reality. We’ve been blessed with a gift that can only be realized by understanding the power within. Faith and knowledge of self can create miracles. Maybe that’s why this knowledge has been a guarded secret for so long.


  1. Very well said. May I share your words over the internet with those I know?

    Baba-Kundi Ma`at-Shambhala