Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Six Healing Sounds

There are many different schools of thought in Taoism, but most agree that sound plays an important role in healing. Taoists believe that there are six universal healing sounds that assist the human body to expel negative energy. Each sound has a direct relationship to a body organ and each organ can be affected by negative or positive thought. Mantak Chia, writes about the six healing sounds in his Taoist healing books. His book, Chi Nei Tsang, details how to use the six healing sounds for self-healing.

The Lung's sound is associated with the Large Intestine. The negative emotions that affect these two organs are Grief, Sadness, and Depression. The sound used to address this negative energy is “SSSSSSSSSS”. Standing with your hands over your head with the palms facing up and your fingers facing each other - inhale as you look up - exhale through your teeth while making the “SSSSSSSSS” sound.

The Kidney's sound is associated with the Bladder. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Fear. The healing sound is “WOOOOOO”. In making this sound, form your lips in an O shape has if you're blowing out a candle while contracting your Abdomen, pulling it in towards your Kidneys.

The Liver’s sound is associated with the Gall Bladder. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Anger. The healing sound is “SHHHHHH”. When making this sound your eyes should be open wide because they're the openings of the liver.

The Heart’s sound is associated with the Small Intestine. The negative emotions that affect these organs are Arrogance, Over Excitement and Cruelty. The healing sound is “HAWWWWWW”. Open the mouth, round the lips, and slowly exhale the sound sub-vocally without actually vocalizing it or vibrating the vocal chords.

The Spleen’s sound is associated with the Pancreas and Stomach. The negative emotion that affects these organs is Worry. The healing sound is “WHOOOOOO”. Unlike blowing out a candle, this sound starts from the depths of the throat rather than from the mouth; the vocal cords vibrate to make this sound.

The Triple Warmer refers to the three energy centers of the body: The upper section (brain, heart, and lungs) is hot; the middle section (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and spleen) is warm; and the lower section (large and small intestines, bladder and sexual organs) is cool. The sound “HEEEEEEEE” balances the temperatures of the three levels. You should exhale this sound sub-vocally also.

I use the healing sound “SHEEEEEE” when giving a Chunsoo stress management Ki Energy treatment, this sound originates from the lower abdomen. The sound allows me to remove toxins created by negative emotional stress. I'll continue to give Chunsoo treatments on Wednesdays at the Harlem State Office building located at 163 West 125th
street on the 8th floor, from 12noon to 3pm, until June 31. For more information call 646 329-6727.

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