Monday, February 19, 2018

Muscadine the Super Grape

Muscadine the Super Grape
I recently learned about the health benefits of muscadine grapes, this might be old news to many reading this article but it is new news to me.  I am sharing this information because I am sure that I am not the only one that was not aware of why muscadline grapes are known as the super grapes. There are many reasons why this title is a scientific fact. Muscadine grapes have the highest rating on the ORAC Scale for fruit, and berries. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity.

The ORAC scale is an antioxidant rating of foods and beverages,  muscadine grape seed has a ORAC rating of 895, the next highest rating is Vinfera grape seed at 273. We all know apples are healthy because of their antioxdent content. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but apples have a rating of 30 on the Antioxidant Oracle Scale. One would have to eat 30 apples a day to match muscadine grape’s ORAC  rating of 895.

Most grapes have 19 pairs of chromosomes, muscadine grapes are the only grapes that has 20 pairs of chromosomes which contributes to the fact that muscadine grapes have 6 times the Resveratrol content of regular grapes and the only grapes that contain Ellagic acid. Scientists led by Dr. David Sinclair have proven that Resveratrol is the strong antioxidant found in red wine which provides the answer to the question as to why the French who have a diet high in fat and tend to smoke more than Americans have a very low rate of heart disease.

Dr. Sinclair’s research along with other researchers have concluded that resveratrol is a natural substance that can prolong life. Ellagic acid is currently the subject on numerous scientific studies due to its possible anti-cancer and tumor fighting effects. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) published the results of a study on September 1, 2007 concluding that laboratory experiments showed that the skin of muscadine grapes can inhibit growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. Is there any wonder why muscadine grapes are called supper grapes?

Muscadine grapes have a very thick skin and a lot of seeds which is why you don’t see them much in super markets, they grow in the SouthEastern part of the United States with some of the largest farms being in North Carolina. The harsh and unpredictable weather of states like North Carolina make the muscadine grape stronger than any  other grape, no other grape can survive in the climates that Muscadine grapes thrive in which is why these grapes are stronger and have more antioxidants and nutrients than any other grape.

Now you know that the healthiest wine you can drink is made from the muscadine grape I have yet to taste any so I can’t make any recommendations, if you find a good one please let me know. The Ki Center will have a supply of Muscqy by the end of this month. The Muscqy natural veggie caps are one of the best ways for young and old to experience the many positive health effects of muscadine grape seed.
For more information on the health benefits of muscadine grape seed google it there is a lot of information and studies online. You can also send me an email at or call 646 329-6727 if you would like to purchase a bottle of Muscqy from the Ki Center when the supply comes in at the end of this month

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