Monday, February 19, 2018

The Black Man Prostate Health Dilemma

The Black Man Prostate Health Dilemma
The decline in prostate health in all American males starts by the age of 50. Studies show that 50% of males start to experience issues after the age of 50 and 75% after the age of 80. The American Cancer Society estimates that 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer will be reported this year and 26, 730 deaths will be from prostate cancer in 2017.
More American Black men (African-American Caribbean-American) will die from prostate problems than any other American male. While 6 in 10 prostate cancers are found in American men older than 65, more than twice the number of black American males under the age of 65 will die from prostate problems than White American males.

Another interesting fact is Black males living in Africa and the Caribbean have a lower prostate cancer death rate than their African- American and Caribbean-American brothers. There many theories that try to address the reason for this dilemma including; social economic issues, diet, lifestyle and the conscience and sub-conscience stress factors attached to being a Black male in America.

If you are a Black male in American you should start paying attention to your prostate health by the time you turn 40, because the statistics are not in your favor. From a wellness point of view pro- active stress reduction options should become a part of your life style, Meditation, Qi Gong Tai Chi, Yoga Ki treatments and training are excellent ways to reduce stress.

I always suggest taking natural prostate care supplements rather than pharmaceutical prostate care drugs. All natural prostate care products are not equal many carry very low doses if any of the major natural extracts from vegetables and fruits that research shows are best for prostate health and maintenance. The natural prostate care supplement product that I recommend is the one that I use “Maxlife:Prostate Care Plus”.

Maxlife has high doses of Beta Sitosterol for the reduction of swelling, Saw Palmetto a natural extract from the berries of the Palmetto Plant that can reduce swelling and inflammation, Quercetin a natural anti-swelling and anti-inflammation antioxidant found in plants and Lycopene a natural extract from vegetables and fruits that is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

Maxlife is a Nspire Network natural wellness product, you can learn more about this product and purchase a two month supply on my online wellness store at It is very important for American Black males to pay attention to the statistics if one male in your family is diagnose or has had prostate cancer you have an 80% chance of getting it.

Two males in your family give you a 97% chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Being proactive rather than being reactive to this issue can and would lower the death rate of American Black males. Signs of prostate enlargement will start to develop in males around 40 when a bladder urinary disorder and control issue begins to slowly develop. Erectile Dysfunction can be another sign.

Prostate inflammation and prostate cancer can begin in Black American males in their early to mid 50ths at a greater rate than all other American males in the same age group. Drink lots of Alkaline water to lower the acidity in the body which will reduce inflammation, lifestyle changes might also need to be considered. Send an email to call 646 329-6727 or visit for additional information.

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