Monday, March 7, 2016

Your Will

Your Will
In his book on spiritual healing (Being Centered) Romen Oleh Yaworsky writes “Your will allows you to function in the world according to your intentions and in harmony with your feelings”. It is not always easy to accept the fact that if you would like to change your internal or external environment your greatest asset is your well to do so. We all too often allow other people or situations interrupt our ability to use the manifestation power of our will. There is a great deal of truth in the saying “Where there is a will there is a way”.

If you follow my articles you know that for the past few weeks I have been in The Amsterdam House rehabilitation facility recovering from an accident, my situation has provided me an opportunity to practice my theory of mental healing. The will to heal is the first step in the healing process, a process that always starts internally. When you use your will with intent the healing process improves faster. This ability is a gift that we all have but you must have faith. You must never allow fear and doubt rob you of this gift.

It is always important to believe in your ability to use your will power to heal, never allow anyone to take that ability away from you even your doctors or wellness practitioners. In my personal experience I have seen a doctor tell a patient, that there is nothing else that can be done; but the will of the patient proved the doctor to be wrong. Never allow anyone to take away your will to overcome health or any type of condition. Never give up the fight.

While doing my Taoist master training in South Korea I was told a very old story that speaks to the truth of the above statement. Once there was a famous Korean Taoist master healer, people came from far and near for his advice and healing skills. One day two men were among the many waiting to see the master healer one had a terminal illness the other had a very bad cold.

The master healer’s aids got the two patient’s reports mixed up. When the master healer read the report of the person with the cold he told him that he had a terminal disease and would only live a few more months he gave the patient a few herbs to allow him to live out his few months in peace. When the master healer reviewed the report of the patient with the terminal disease he assure him that if he took the special herbs he prepared he would be well in a few weeks. 

A few months letter the master healer had a surprise visit from the patient who had the terminal illness. The patient was very happy and full of gratitude. The master healer was shocked but after discovering the mix up asked his aids about the patient who had the bad cold; only to learn that the patient had died not long after the last visit. Never let anyone take away your will to live, was the moral to the story

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