Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Bridge

The Bridge
I have now been in rehab for 45 days and it has been a very enlightening experience. It has allowed me to test my internal healing abilities. During my years of martial arts training and during the time I trained to become a Taoist master in South Korea I learned techniques that allowed me to improve and bring balance to my mind body and spirit. My past training has been a major factor in my ability to address this current experience but I am not sure if anything could have prepared me for the last 45 days.

“The mind is the bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world”, a powerful statement made by my friend Astrologer Gale Armstead during a recent visit. The cast on both my legs are off and now the really hard work will begin; learning to walk again. This is a very painful therapy because after having both legs straight for so long they become stiff and very hard to bend. The mind can entertain thoughts of darkness or thoughts of light. Thoughts of positive light will allow the healing spiritual energy to pass though the mind to strengthen and heal the body.

I am sharing this experience with you because I have been able to put theory into practice. Positive thoughts are healing; negative thoughts block spiritual energy and can be destructive to the healing balance of mind body and spirit. If you are reading this article you might be experiencing some type of emotional or physical pain; you might also be wondering why you, why is this happening to you. I suggest that you embrace your pain as an opportunity for mental and spiritual growth.

Try to keep your thoughts positive allow your mind to become a bridge between the spiritual world of the universal mind and your physical body. Do not allow fear and doubt to attract negative low frequency dark thoughts. If you can do this you will find ways to overcome you physical or emotional pain. Not only will you become a better person but you will be able to become a positive influence to others without trying to.

There is a saying that all things are beneficial, a very difficult concept to embrace but with faith you can allow your mind to become a bridge for spiritual and physical development and healing; if you can do this your ability to embrace this concept will be less difficult; take it from someone who is not just talking but will soon be walking, it works.                                                                                                     

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