Monday, March 7, 2016

The Bank of Positive Action

The Bank of Positive Action
Many of you who read my articles may have noticed that they have been absent for the last two weeks. The reason is an unfortunate mishap; I had a strange fall that left both legs in a cast from thigh to ankle and four fractured toes on my right foot. Yesterday I was able to get into a wheel chair today I am writing my first article since my accident. Most of the doctors that have treated me have been amazed on the uniqueness of my situation. Some might view this to be a terrible experience I must confess those “why me” thoughts crossed my mind a few times.

My journey towards recovery started when I chose to use this experience as a vehicle to improve my mind, body and spirit. All healing begins internally, I realized this was an excellent opportunity to work on my self-healing techniques; abilities that we often take for granted. The same mental thought that we use to raise our arms can also be used to influence the internal workings of our body. It makes no difference how good your external health care regiment may be, if your mental and spiritual healing abilities are not working your overall healing will be negatively affected.

I came up with the title of this article after reflecting on a conversation I had with a close friend Carrie Robinson. I was explaining to Carrie how moved I was with the many calls visits and well-wishers from friends, associates and relatives; Carrie’s response was that’s because you have made so many positive deposits to others. After thinking about that conversation for a while I realized it came to me that there are many deposits and withdrawals in the bank of life.

Helping others can be viewed as a positive action or a deposit, thinking only of self at the expense of others can be viewed as a negative action or a withdrawal. If you have more withdrawals then deposits your account will become bankrupt in the bank of life. I am grateful for all the well-wishers I will be in rehab for the next four to six weeks. 

My rehab facility is the Amsterdam House located at 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. I have no doubt that I will leave this place a better person.  The next few articles will focus on my development and insight in this new journey send me an email at , with any thoughts you might have that will help me along the way. All things happen for a reason; I am sure in time I will understand why  the mind of the Universe decided should be here.

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