Thursday, July 2, 2015

Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy
I first became aware of the healing power of urine when I was doing survival training in the Army. We learned that a person could live for an extended period of time without food or water by drinking their urine. Urine is also a natural antibiotic that can be used on burns, wounds and cuts. Years later while studying to become a certified Ayurveda (an ancient East Indian healing art) Practitioner I learn many ways to use urine therapy as a healing tool.

In his book “Uropathy” Martin J. Lara states that your urine contains over two thousand helpful ingredients making it a perfect personalized organic compound for both internal and external healing. Urine is not toxic body waste it is a by-product of blood. With a little research you can discover how during the first 50 years of the twentieth century urine was widely used to treat fevers, insect bites, skin problems, allergies, asthma, colds, diaper rash, and stomach problems. A urine and water fast is a popular Ayurveda detox strategy.
Martha M. Christy gives a number of detailed ways to use urine as a healing tool in her book “Your own Perfect Medicine”. 

The average person is not aware of the healing potential of urine mainly due to economic reasons. Millions of dollars are spent on products that address health issues that could be address by your own urine. Social programing may make it difficult for many to embrace the concept of drinking urine to improve health; but I suggest you read this dialog with an open mind it might be helpful to you or a loved one in the future.

If you are taking prescription drugs, use recreational drugs, or consume a great amount of alcohol you should detox before drinking your urine, it will not hurt you if you don’t but it might not be as effective. You can however take it in drops under the tongue. Taking a drop of urine under the tongue every four hours can be a natural way to address Asthma and Bronchitis. The Lara and the Christy books give detailed instructions on how to use urine as a wellness tool.

The proper use of Urine can increase blood-oxygen levels and promote healing and regeneration of all deteriorated organs and glands in the body. Hundreds of medical studies confirm that urine is sterile and contains large amounts of antibodies, antidotes, and anti-allergenic substances.
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